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007 Legends Wii U

007 Legends is a Wii U first person shooter developed by Eurocom and published by Activision. It’s a James Bond game that features all the classic action set pieces from six Bond movies, including Moonraker and Die Another Day. The missions will be based in an overarching narrative, and will end with a mission from the upcoming 007 movie Skyfall. The 007 Legends Wii U version will be released in early 2013, according to the latest reports, and will include various GamePad features, improved visuals, and more.

007 Legends Wii U features

007 Legends on the Wii U will feature improved visuals and some extra gameplay mechanics, according to rumors. The game will fully utilize the Wii U GamePad controller, but will also be playable on the more traditional Wii U Pro controller. The game will feature a leveling system based on XP earned throughout the missions. Each mission in 007 Legends Wii U will be based on a particular set piece from a James Bond movie, although Daniel Craig will be playing Bond throughout the game. Many of the cast of the original movie will reprise their roles in the game as well. The game will be released to coincide with the latest Bond film, Skyfall. However, the 007 Legends Wii U version will be delayed until early 2013.

007 Legends Wii U screenshots

The screenshots below show some of the classic Bond moments re-created in the game.

007 Legends Wii U trailer

The introduction trailer showcases some gameplay and some of the 007 back story.