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Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U version will be the best looking one

We’ve heard plenty of good things about the Wii U from developer Gearbox, and the praise continues. In …

Aliens Colonial matines Wii U
We’ve heard plenty of good things about the Wii U from developer Gearbox, and the praise continues. In a recent interview with Gamespot, Gearbox’ Randy Pitchford talked about their upcoming game Aliens: Colonial Marines, and he said that the Wii U version of the game will be the best looking one. He said:

“The Wii U is a next-gen system, so it’s natural that it’s a very powerful system. It’s up to Nintendo to talk about their system and they have not revealed all of the details yet. So far we have been thrilled with it [the Wii U] and it’s clear to us that the best looking console version of the game is going to be on the Wii U.”

Aliens: Colonial Marines was one of the first Wii U games to be showcased last year. Details about Wii U specific features and controller additions remain unknown, but Gearbox is expected to unveil everything at E3. The developer has previously praised the Wii U, saying it has a lot to offer that no other platform can do. Lats month, Gearbox confirmed that the Wii U was more powerful than the current gen systems, according to the dev kit they were working on. It’s rumored that the dev kit hardware has since gotten even better, and is able to run the Unreal Engine 4.

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  • Adam

    Hell yes. Finally confirmation that the wii u is a powerful machine. I will be getting this version for sure

    • Wildman

      Can’t wait to see the console in action!
      Oh, I just can’t wait for E3!


      • Joaquim

        Me too

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    I saw the video interview with this guy. He said the controller has functionality as a motion detector radar and also as a score keeper for multiplayer battles. Also more, but they needed to not make it a totally different game, so that people with Xbox and ps3 will be able to play the same full game

  • uPadWatcher

    Aliens: Colonial Marines is a MUST BUY for the Wii U!!!!

  • alienfish

    I just looked up that interview as well, here’s the link:


    It really sounds like a cool game and also like I’m going to buy it for WiiU. ;)

  • david6

    Yay! I like this one. I want a wii u but i still want different color and im go:a name mine nintendo ulttra or something, cause i hate wii name!

    • david6

      But can i play wii mote? I dont wan play shooter with tablet.

      • someSHET


        • nathant16

          Thats just how we like to add something in. Weve always done that even on other forums. ¿? if they want us gone, fine well leave, but were the only real fans on here most likely. But I keep getting the feeling nintendo doesnt like fans. Only puppets.

        • david6

          @someshet, Thats not a handel name.

          • nathant16

            david6 will you use your wii mote on me…..

      • http://www.installation4.com Fuzunga

        Classic controller, probably.

      • T002Tyrant

        They’ll probably have several configs including that zapper attachment so you can wii-mote it with the motion tracker attached……

  • nathant16

    Yah, ill get a wii u now. This should be cool. Ill just paint my machine, and also rename it myself too.

    • nathant16

      on second thought I’m not gonna get a wii u, unless my mummy gets it me for Christmas I cant have one, my birthday is not for ages either, so unfair, why do I have to be 10!!!!

      • david6

        Dont use his handel.

  • Ryu

    Wii U here I come! (Change the stupid name aready sheesh! I want it to call it “Nintendo Ultra”

  • Swic11

    We can use wii motes with the console, idk if you can pick and choose to use the wii mote or the tablet.

    Why would you assume you two are the only real fans?

    I read an article on this a few days ago, I’m glad the machine is definitely better than current gen.

    • david6

      Im fine with wii mote, actually ill probly not use tablet ever. And cause other sites fans are honest say what like dont like, but most people on here just say they love everything, its not natural. Im a real fan, like if its good, i just buy nintendo. Played it my whole life. I use to be excited nintendo, but this time im cry or bored or mad.

    • david6

      And yesterday they said nintendo wasnt getting unreal engine 4, now today we are, and just like the black pad, now show white again, again. But ill buy it at least, but will get it customed red and taged new name.

    • alienfish

      Being able to use a Wiimote will be purely up to the developers and will have to be in the game code, but yes they are compatible.

      Oh, and it’s probably just better not to pay any attention to people who try to draw attention to themselves. Plus, if david6 is autistic, I don’t want to be the douche that picks on him.

      • david6

        Actually I am autistic, you dont realise that I am typing these comments during my lucid moments off my meds, thanks for telling everyone, also I like men

        lots of love and kisses david6 xx

    • david6

      We are the only real fans becuase you lot are all multi-console noobs, so hush puppet.

      • david6

        Dont use me or my friends handel, and i already said that there not all fans, but i am and nathan.

      • david6

        Everyone who does forums or online gaming are noobs.

      • nathant16

        Their not called noobs, its online party.

  • http://Wiiudaily.com Meleemaster64

    David6 is a buttmunch

    • david6

      I sure am. Also I am a homosexual pre-op transvestite. Problem?

      • david6

        I am not,

        • david6

          as you can see i have multiple personality disorder, now stop with all the voices, IM TRYNA PUT MA LIPSTICK ON!!!!

  • david6

    Oh and the domain name is reddsite.com its everybodys site, to use and design for nintendo fans.

    • david6

      6 week probly before new public site avail. and grows.

  • supersmash

    Well of course its the best looking console version… But the question is… Does it look better than the PC version….

    • Smurfman256

      Definately not. But will it look AS GOOD as the PC version with Max textures and native 1080p? Maybe…

  • david6

    I think I really need to evaluate my life =(, I mean I’m living in my moms basement yet I am focusing all my energy on some stupid childrens console, which if I’m honest I dont even want, I’m gonna go out into the fresh air and get a job, you all take note, I’m gone, if I ever comment again it’s because I have failed miserably in life.

    • david6

      Really really not cool to use my handel, thats crossing the line and should be against the rules.

      • david6

        Dont use my name, your just mad because im a real person that is not a puppet bodysnatcher who probly gets paid to spam for nintendo, its pretty bad that nintendo has to pay for fans.

        • david6

          And i dont live in a basement, i live like a prince, thats my nickname, prince david.

          • david6


        • david6

          You dont think i dont know about fake fans, i learned that during the boycott,

  • xaywhat

    I LOL’ed to david6 is autistic

    • david6

      dude it’s not cool i cant help it you know

  • david6

    Whoever is dissing me using my name is to coward to use their own handel.

    • david6

      I like to jerk my own handel at night

      • david6

        Whats your real name

  • Suffer

    If it can handel the unreal engene4 then the wii u is a beast of a system.