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Rabbids Party Land hinted in developer CV

We’ve previously reported that Ubisoft might be working on Rabbids Party Land for the Wii U, and now …

Rabbids Party Land rumor
We’ve previously reported that Ubisoft might be working on Rabbids Party Land for the Wii U, and now there’s a bit of validation to the rumor. According to an Ubisoft developer’s LinkedIn profile, he has worked on a “party game project” for the Wii U. However, his CV has since been updated and the mention of the game and Wii U has been removed. Someone managed to snag the above screenshot of the developer’s profile before it was changed. Due to Nintendo’s NDA agreements, developers can’t disclose the details of their projects or the Wii U console. This NDA is expected to be lifted after E3, where Nintendo will reveal many of the final Wii U features.

The first time we saw Rabbids Party Land mentioned was during the Blockbuster Wii U games leak, where it was one of the 25 titles rumored to launch for the console this year. Ubisoft is the biggest third party supporter of the Wii U so far — the company has announced that they will bring 7 games to the Wii U launch this year, 2 of which are core titles and 5 of which are casual. Rabbids Party Land definitely sounds like one of the casual titles. The other casual titles include Just Dance 4, Rayman Legends, Your Shape 2013, and one more unannounced project as well.

Thanks for the tip, Roark!

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  • saria sage of the forest

    iam wondering when there going to make another legend of zelda game i have already played ocarina of time’wind waker skyward sword and all the games form nintendo that are zelda based.

  • saria sage of the forest

    no more rabbids more classic games like metroid or zelda

    • alienfish

      This is an Ubisoft article..

  • andrew chavez.3

    more classic games like zelda and metroid

    • alienfish


  • Swic11

    These games are not made by Nintendo, Zelda and metroid are nintendos own personal franchises

    • alienfish

      THANK YOU!!!!

  • Jat

    True Swic. True. Get educated people!

  • Hafid

    Dont give a Damn shit about “lapins crétins ” !!!
    Seriously …
    Need more Mario Zelda and other Nintendo franchises !!!

    • alienfish

      This article is about Ubisoft, not Nintendo. No one forced you to click on this article and neither did anyone force you to comment.

  • saria sage of the forest

    iam not hating on nintendo but i know but like 4 or 5 of them were on the wii and it started to get irrating about it and iam starting to think nintendo might be out of good ideas and now there getting ps3 and x box on the wii u the spirits of the forest aren’t very happy nintendo

    • alienfish

      Ubisoft is the spam king, not Nintendo.

  • andrew chavez.3

    iam not totally agrring with u saria but ur accutaly kinda of right

  • saria sage of the forest

    iam a girl of course u can tell by the name but at least u know how saria is someone at least’s plays zelda video games

  • http://wiiudaily.com andrew chavez.3

    what with the moderation thing up on top

  • Swic11

    Well regardless of these games, with announcements at E3 we will know If Nintendo is aiming at the hardcore or not

  • david6

    Thanks for valium doctor,
    Ill have more fun dealin with rabbies rabbits in our front yard. Ouch one bit me, hope dont turn into res evil zombie.