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Stunning Metroid Wii U concept art » metroid-wii-u


  • Indoctrination

    amazing art

  • will_rkr


  • jhon rivas

    amazing art metroid prime 4.. from venezuela

  • Gary Moscheles

    this is stunning work. i hope to see a metroid prime 4

  • A7XEric

    Is there a link saying this is supposed to be a Metroid concept? If I didn’t know better this would much more obviously be a Halo concept. Notice the shield bar at the top and also the Helmet silhouette mimics what we saw in Halo 3.

  • Richnj


    You’re right, that is Halo 3’s visor and health bar. Still looks amazing but why would an artist need to rip that from Halo when Metroid Prime exists and any other artist would be able to create their own.

  • Riley Nichols

    Halo 4 art

  • wii u fan

    Wow Im really wishing that this will be the game.

  • 6a6w6m

    well i see that this is clearly from halo, looks like this would be halo 4 art work, but notice how halo stole ideas from the metroid series, (HUD) and the dotted lines on the left side where it says 38, samus has that in her helmet…not the 38 but the lines!

  • Heck, it looks amazing.