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Final version of Wii U dev kit has shipped to developers?

Wii U dev kit
According to a posting on forum NeoGAF — which tends to post lots and lots of rumors, some true, most not — Nintendo has shipped the final version of the Wii U dev kit to developers. This Wii U dev kit, known as “V5”, is said to be the final production version of the Wii U hardware, i.e. the hardware has been finalized and what the developers have now will more or less ship to consumers. According to the post, the newest kits offer a slight increase in performance, and that the Wii U system specs are “closer to “2X the performance of the Xbox 360 than 5X”. Developers now have about 1 month to finalize and optimize their games before the E3 showcase in early June.

We don’t have much to say about this rumor other than it sounds plausible. Console makers usually have to ship the final production hardware to developers several months before release, in order to give developers enough time to optimize their software. The Wii U is rumored to launch in November, which is about 6 months away. Another note is that this supposed V5 Wii U dev kit is a mass produced one, meaning that Nintendo will be shipping out a lot more of these to a lot more developers around the world.

Via NeoGAF.

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  • me

    2X more? i call bull crap on that.
    The kits are around 5-7 times more all round performance than current gen.
    How do i know? NDA= lifted 😉

    • swic11

      I hope that your right, but I cant see it happening. Nintendo has always been price cautious when it comes to their hardware, and Nintendo has stated itself that they don’t focus on specs. I think that 2x more powerful will be great. The PS360 are capable of great graphics, so 2x more than that will be glorious.

    • JONNY

      really? well will it run Unreal Engine 4????

  • BlueFalcon

    I can’t wait til E3!

  • swic11

    I am stoked as well, This years E3 is going to be insane. Sad to think that we wont get a release date or price for the system though. But Its nice to even hear a rumor that the system is 2x more powerful than current hardware.

  • mkdhdh

    hmm i want a convention wich they will be attending in europe 🙁 i’ll just stream the showcase

    • swic11

      I’m sure it would be nice to have something there, but I live in the US and I never get to attend E3, you have to be with some type of press, and its expensive to attend as well.

      • mkdhdh

        well yess thats true… but we’ll probably see a nintendo tent at some conventions in my country (we had a lot of them with the 3DS last year an thats what has got me hyped on that (i havnt bought one because otherwise i would not have enough money for wiiU plus my mom doesnt want me having both)

  • alienfish

    Sounds good to me. And we all should remember that this is a huge leap for Nintendo since 2X an Xbox = about 12X a Wii.

    • swic11

      regardless, I think that Nintendo should beef it up as much as possible to compare with the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. I will be MORE than happy with what they give me, but I want the combination of best innovation/game play AND graphics and Nintendo could do that.

      • alienfish

        2X IS good for the probable price point. What I want is all of the functionality of an Xbox or PS3 controller like analog triggers and buttons on the circle pads. Expecting high end PC graphics in an affordable console is just plain ludicrous though.

        • swic11

          I’m not asking for high end PC graphics, I just want the best graphics Nintendo can give me. And I think I said this in another post, but if that is going to cost me an extra $50-$100 then so be it.

          • Marq

            I’m willing to pay an extra $50-100 to get all the same non-exclusive games the other next-gen systems get, so I just hope the Wii U is in their ballpark in terms of performance.

  • Matt

    I really hope that 2x as powerful rumor isn’t true but everything I’ve heard is kinda makin it sound that way. I know Nintendo would obviously probably lag a little bit behind Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles but I was hoping it could be in the kind of way the PS2 lagged the GC/Xbox

  • I posted this comment on the Unreal Engine 4 story, but I think it’s more appropriate here:

    Okay, sure, people may be disappointed with the power of the Wii U (which we don’t even know the final specs of yet), but I honestly think we’ve gotten to a point technologically where it doesn’t matter that much. I mean, look at the Witcher 2 on the 360 vs the PC. Yes, the PC version looks better. But is it that much better? Not really. If you’re not a PC gamer that also plays console games, you won’t even know the difference because you don’t know what you’re missing. That might be what we’re looking at here. I think that, even if the Wii U is less powerful than the next Xbox and PlayStation, the difference will be minimal compared to the Wii vs the current gen. We’ve come very far in that time but things are starting to level out. I don’t think graphics are going to get that much more realistic. When you have games that already look nearly photorealistic, where else is there to go?

    • brumik

      Power isnt just for graphic !