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New Darksiders 2 screenshots » darksiders-2-wii-u-screenshots-6


  • Levi Anthony

    The graphics don’t look that impressive. I was expecting more from that game. I have seen quite a few of the wii u games and they all have really gorgeous graphical environments.

    • Dragon Master

      That’s because it’s the 360 version, maybe the wii u one will look better

  • Nintengoth

    Your right Levi, it does look abit shoddy, but i loved the first game and cant wait to buy this one, it looks awesome, it looks like you can customize Death’s look too! thats great news for me.

    i wont be getting this on my WiiU though, its coming out way before the WiiU comes out so no point.

    It would not bother me even if the WiiU version looked better still wouldnt buy it as i have already finished it lol