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Wii U pre-production version photos » Wii U pre-production version

Wii U pre-production version

  • Sikora

    Notice the 3D sticker. Are the games gonna be 3D capable?

    • Nekine

      Time ago they said the U is 3D compatible but it’s not what they’re focusing in.Anyways a Cryengine 3 game is coming and we all now C3 has 3D compatible.

  • Lazyboy88

    it’s gonna be a bad console, look they are drinking on the job man xD

    • dojo

      lol this is e3 there showing there product if they were drunk it would look like a poodle lol

      • Lazyboy88

        Maybe they really tried to make a poodle xD and when they got drunk, they didn’t care about the machine anymore and went into town and got even more drunk xP

        Just kidding haha.. but why is there a bottle on the table?