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  • Efthymis

    When it comes to the close-to-final design of the WiiU, I have a few objections from an industrial design point of view.

    On the console:
    1) The LEDs for Power On/Off and Disc should not be above the buttons. I mean, what’s with that? Just place them underneath the buttons themselves and make the buttons semi-transparent at the spot the LED is. Or better, place a transparent ring around the buttons and iluminate that.

    2) The Reconnect red button is plain ugly at that spot. Hidden (like on Wii) would be much better.

    3) The little door for the SD cards? Ugly, too.

    Now that I think of it, my ideal faceplate for the WiiU would be a piece of glass or acrylic, with a cut-out disc slot to load the games, another cut-out slot for the SD, and then touch sensitive Power, Eject, Reconnect “buttons”. Add a single LED underneath the glass to make it light up (for notifications, etc; not too bright, just “ambient” light effect) and there you have it.


    • dojo

      ok really no one cares how pretty the console is its about its gaming power all those things would just add unneeded expenses sry but i think its just fine

  • 007 1/2

    Normally u don’t look at the console.