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New Rayman Legends screenshots hint at 1080p game resolution » rayman-legends-wallpaper-1


  • venomjamaica

    WOW!!!! I knew it would be in full 1080p I can’t wait to get this game on my spanking new wii u and 50inch Sony Bravia…… oh the wait is KILLING ME!!!

    Get N or get OUT!!!!

  • TheRealChappy

    They’re cute. I want one.

  • Nintedward

    this looks really awesome. the wiiu gets better by the day.
    come on now nintendo. i calnt w8 much longer , i am going to cry myself to sleep now thinging about how awesome the wiiu is .
    come on and take my money already!

  • Adilson

    I think it should be in 1080p because nowadays any game below the 720p can no longer accept and Nintendo would not commit this unforgivable blunder.
    If this is the new generation console it should support 720p and 1080p anyway.

  • Welikethemango

    Amazing. Can’t wait for HD games!