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Photos of the final Wii U hardware » wii-u-final-hardware-2


  • Nintendude

    That is one small console!

    • Kirbymon123

      good, I can easily take it to Brazil and back.

      • Warren Minoin

        doesn`t it have religoin blocking

    • ssb4


    • Madmagican

      actually they said it’s about the size of the Wii; it’s just the controller that’s fairly large

      • dojo

        agreed and its good they can pack more power for less power then a ps3 or xbox360 and still be a smaller console saves space

  • Shankovich


  • frank

    Anybody else see the reflection on the console?

  • somebody

    GAMEPAD SIZE, PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elite

    Being small allows the the big n to use less materials. Meaning better on the eco. =D


    I really like the size of it! Just like the Wii but a bit longer and looks a little more sleek. Easy too take on a trip or vacation… SHINEY! 😀 lmao!

    • Elite

      Ya i took the gamecube on vacations all the time rofl.