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  • Ninjafish

    What’s the bottom of the gamepad for?

    • WiiUFan

      Is the Accesory Conector, allows new accessories that would be introduced by Nintendo and third parties to work with the gamepad.

    • frank

      There are also those special connectors that are on the back of the 3ds that allow the charging craddle to work without directly plugging something in to the gamepad.

  • Cheezr

    I wonder if it will run as hot as the wii?
    there seem to be more vents.

    • dojo

      most likly its one powerful console but we know it wont break like crapbox(xbox)
      and pee shit 3(ps3)

      • Chris

        Actually I’ve had my PS3 since day I got it (1 year after the launch) and it hasn’t broken on me once.

        Xbox 360 on the other hand… I’ll give a clue as to why people shouldn’t bother with it… I had over 3 Xbox 360s and all of them broke, I’m on my 4th one now and again something is broke which is the Wifi and ethernet connector… Yeah Microsoft sucks at making consoles.

        • TheWholeTruth

          It’s not the only reason why I wouldn’t go with an Xbox.
          They charge people for Xbox Live 60$ a year to access free-to-access apps like Facebook and YouTube…
          Wtf? Seriously?!
          Why would I need to pay to access something I can access anywhere else for free? It doesn’t make any sence.
          At least Microsoft knows how to make money, ripping their fans off and treating them like crap, with rrods, forcing players to buy an add-on fan of 100$ with promises it won’t have rrods and still did. Released Halo 3 in 1080p when most Xbox didn’t had an HDMI “wich is required to play in 1080p” forcing them to either buy a new console or some sort of adapter sold separately.
          Then they released hd dvd add on that didn’t last a year, another waste when everybody knew blu-ray would win.

          And then they released an 4Gb Arcade edition that forces you to buy their Internal HDD at a high price of 100$ (some people say they can spot it for 60$, I haven’t seen it at that price, but even then it’s still far too expensive for it’s price).
          The shocking part of that is that you HAVE to buy THEIR hdd, I’m like, why?
          The PS3 is compatible with Any Internal HDD on the market, you just place one in it, install them, format it with the lastest update and you’re good to go.

          Don’t come and tell me that Microsoft, the company who owns the monopoly of all things PC, can’t have the option of using Any hdd and just format them when Sony can with the PS3 and their own Windows PC can?
          If they can’t do it, well their noobs. I know they could do it.

          But the reality is that Microsoft just love making money.
          They make much more money selling you multiple times the same console than just selling it once. And charging people for something that’s free is basically just stealing from the clients.

          Xbox fans needs to realize that it has nothing to do with a “console war”. People are revolted against Microsoft because they were being treated sh!*.
          People started to say PS3 was better because it didn’t break as much as the 360 did. They looked at PS3 as their mortal enemy, when in reality, they were only fighting Ex-Xbox 360 owners who were tired of getting troubles with their Xboxs and were fighting amongst themselves.

          Has for anyone who says the Wii or Wii U is bad, well, they are just ignorant, kinda like I was the first month of the Wii’s released. But when you go off and play a Wii, you realize that it’s fun to play. Sure graphics of the Wii aren’t as good, but the point of playing games is to have fun. And Nintendo has that to the core, fun.
          When you’re playing an Xbox360 and it breaks, it’s not fun at all for the person who has it. Yet, whenever something bad happens to either Sony or Nintendo, the Xbox Fanboy Mob jumps in the air in Joy and Excitement that their “opposition” are having difficulty and a lot of them died…
          There’s nothing to rejoice in any tragedy, just goes to show you how cruel and heartless Microsoft wants their fan base to be.

          When Nintendo was loosing their stock value (when they released info on the wii u), I felt sad and wished they would get back on their feet, because I’m a human being, I care. When my cousin’s Xbox 360 had 6 rrods in 4-5 month back in 2007 when rrods were rampant, I was outraged for him that Microsoft treated my cousin this way, even if didn’t really seemed to care, as if he’s stuck with them… Kinda sad, he did bought a Wii, so I’ll convince him of getting a Wii U.

          Anyway, it’s time to put the Fanboyism to a rest and simply just state the facts.
          Love is Louder.
          That’s why the Wii U will sell a lot.

          • Thisguywiththesheep


  • Christian

    Cannot wait for this system!! It’s really awesome! Just looking at the system makes me excited for November 18!

  • JumpMan

    pure. beauty. :,)

  • ceramicsaturn