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New Super Mario Bros U screenshots
  • AKA-Link77


  • ridley vs. samus

    does anybody know what that little pie-chart bar a-la super mario galaxy health system is for? i’ve never seen it in screenshots before.

    • Tubba Blubba

      Probably a counter for how many apples yoshi has eaten. Once he fills the chart he gets a mushroom or 1-up

    • Alienfish

      Maybe it’s a meter for Yoshi when he eats the fruit. Get all six pieces and something happens? That’s my best guess.

    • dubYA

      If I had to guess, I’d say it represents the berries Yoshi has eaten. In SMW and NSMBW, Yoshi lays an egg that hatches into a 1 Up or a Power Up after eating five berries. Looks like this guy has 2 more berries to collect before he can claim his prize.

  • Goofy Man

    i’m not sure. but i believe its purpose is to show how much fruits yoshi has eaten?

  • xiupfm

    It’s for showing how many of those fruit yoshi has eaten