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  • AKA-Link77

    i always asked my self how a little enemy like dry bone be impossible to kill… yet huge ass bosses at the end are so easy to kill.
    oh well i guess its one of those questions like: “What the heck happens in a pokeball?”

    • Vehdrehl

      I think it’s the whole ‘reanimated koopa’ thing. That said, a Starman’ll kill ’em. 🙂

    • Braulio500

      Dry bones can be killed with fire-based attacks…

      Or bomb-based attacks, I don’t remember well X3

  • Braulio500

    The fire looks so… beautiful… =’3

  • Alienfish

    That close to the flame? Mario’s buttcheeks are cookin’.

  • smashninja22

    Only now am i noticing the greater texture quality up close looks pretty good truth be told

  • goginho

    Wow are the next Mario game’s graphics gonna top these, i mean it doesn’t get much better than that in a Mario game.