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New Nintendo Land details and mini games revealed » Metroid Nintendo Land mini game

Metroid Nintendo Land

  • TheUNation

    This looks incredibly HOT!!!!

    • just NINTENDO


  • AKA-Link77

    Love the glowing visuals! 😀

  • power of life

    wow good game so far

  • SteampunkJedi

    That pic looks awesome! I only wish we could see the other images in the thumbnail. They look amazing as well.

  • Nils


  • Nils

    Wow… I must buy this game

  • Grodus

    Wish I could see the other pics. Oh well. Anyway, awesome! I’m guesing the Wii U player makes the robots, and if not, (s)he helps them.

  • Collected

    Anyone want to guess what suit design the Mii will be put in, looks like the design from Metroid: other m; which is not to say a bad thing. However I would think the Metroid mini-game should feature the Varia suit design from the Prime series of games. They’re seen to be the most iconic, and more relevant to the series in modern times