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Tons of new Wii U box art designs » black-ops-w-wii-u-box-art


  • Phrog

    They took this pic of me just a few months ago.

  • Michel

    No Nintendo Network logo on the box?

    • Bob Singh

      yeah. thats missing


      Keep Calm and Carry on, there was a demo at nintendos NYC Show of the game and they said that muitiplayer:)

  • Dan

    Yeah, where’s the Nintendo network logo??!!

  • Joesatmoes

    guys calm down! we all know the game will have online!

  • Shankovich

    I really hope Nintendo has a head set…

    • Derek

      if not, there’s a mic on the controller.

  • Neo_Nitram

    donĀ“t you see the information below? at the bottom? it says “online interactions not rated by the esrb”