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Tons of new Wii U box art designs » nintendo-land-box-art


  • mdog


  • BluChuChu

    How in the world is this rated E10+?… What has the rating system gone to?

    • TheUNation

      I assume it has to do with throwing ninja stars… Shinobi style!!!!!

      • Crapcake

        metroid game has shooting but your still right

  • Nano

    I’m so happy I pre order my deluxe edition

  • ThatBoingGuy

    This looks like a mess I actually liked the cover with just the Nintendoland logo tower thing here it looks like they wanted to see how much they could put on the box art.

    • Mariokartfann

      I acually like the “mess” they have… makes me look at the case for a while, unlike CoD Blops 2…

  • TheUNation

    I’ve pre-ordered the Wii U Deluxe Set including Nintendo Land.