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Tons of new Wii U box art designs » nsmb-u-box-art


  • Nano

    A masterpiece

  • Oopjm

    Looks greate!! Can’t wait until November!

  • Nintedward

    what the hell is blue toad doing to that poor blue yoshi ????

    • Gabe Hoffman

      You aren’t thinking what I am thinking are you?

      • XDLugia

      • Nintedward

        yes , unfortunately I am 🙁 . he’s mollesting him

      • Me

        Look at Yoshi’s face…

        • Grodus

          Am I the only one who sees what Luigi is doing!?

  • jeenaud

    it’s in french

  • Deadmansam

    Awesome! Shows off lots of things you can expect in the game.

  • Grodus

    Great way to show off everything new in they game. I like it. (Not sarcastic. It looked it to me, so I said this.)

  • Crapcake

    man the textures in the game are gonna look so awesome