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Wii U accessory boxes revealed » screen-protector


  • Neonridr

    Having owned an iPad, this is a must buy for me. Screen protectors are the way to go!

  • nano

    im getting that day 1

  • Ben

    Wow, readig the coments from people that need this.
    Wtf do you do with these things they get all scratched? Also, glass looks more scratch resistant then this plastic sticker over your screen. :/

  • Super Paper Rye

    Only first party accesory I’m getting. I’m getting Wiimote pluses at Tmart though. Splendid. I’m getting the screen protector cause I don’t want my Wii U to look like my Ipod.

  • Nintendork28

    ive had my iPod touch since December, and there’s no problem with screen and I’ve never had a screen protector all this time. I would still like to have this set though as it includes a cleaning cloth and extra stylus.

  • TAWOG carrie

    Available 11/18/12