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Wii U accessory boxes revealed » wii-u-black-wiimote


  • Naterman

    Looks like a regular wii Controler

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Uhhhh, da it is a regular Wii Remote, don’t mean to be rude but, have u been reading the news on here, or are u new?

  • Cheepcheepgeek

    Repackaging must be costing Nintendo a lot of money on this

  • Neonridr

    The only thing different Naterman is the packaging says Wii U on it. Otherwise it is EXACTLY the same as a regular Wiimote.

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    But the Wii U Packaging looks way much better then the Wii Packaging.

    and the Wii U Packaging makes the Wii Remote Plus look better then that plain old White Wii Packaging. :p

    i could star at all these accessories for hours xD

  • zeldabecrazy

    Its the same, except it has built in motion plus so you dont have to buy that thing to attach it on the bottom of the wiimote

    • meliza

      So we can still use the regular ones. Because I have 2 regular controllers with the accessories.

    • cloud Windfoot Omega

      accually…. i already have this exact model i dont see a thing diffrent

  • Dutchymvl

    These are repackaged Wii remotes for if you don’t already own a wii or in this case if you want matching black Wii remote