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007 Legends screenshots » 007-legends-wii-u-screenshot-3


  • Smokey cheese

    The visuals seem reasonable enough,some screens are more impressive than others.
    SUre amazing graphics are not an indication of a great game but if the company is lazy and is only chasing a quick buck then they usually don’t put a lot of effort into visuals..or game play . The great studios put their all into all aspects of their products.
    The problem that I have experienced with next gen is that the new powerful machines can show case some amazing visuals but underneath the glitz there lurks a turd of a game. This game I feel is such a game.then again I might be wrong and it’s not just a shameless Bond 50th anniversary cash in.

  • mikey

    If I was to give an example of a turd of a game with great graphics it would be skyrim. It’s so boring, almost every dungeon is identical. The fighting is too easy and way too repetitive, I was bored after like 2 days and yet it does have amazing graphics. That was one of the main reasons I bought the game, won’t make the same mistake next time.