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007 Legends screenshots » 007-legends-wii-u-screenshot-4


  • Matthewmc685

    Not too bad but polygons and textures on the world map show easily at close range. I don’t think the game will be bad but I don’t see much so far to make it stand out from other games other than it being based on the bonds.

    • NightºƒCore

      Might as well stick with COD

    • MujuraNoKamen

      The graphics don’t look great but at least it doesn’t look BAD either. Since we’ve got a while before its release they might improve the graphics more, and maybe these screenshots aren’t great quality.
      You’re right these screenshots don’t make it stand out from other FPS games but after playing Goldeneye on Wii, it does differentiate in a few ways: Firstly, there’s some cool melee attacks when you confront/sneak up on enemies which to me was nice after enduring the repetitive knife-slashing move that’s stuck with CoD for years. Also in Goldeneye you could use some Bond gadgets to hack things and use it to turn machine-gun turrets on your enemies as well as a few other things which, well I’ve forgotten 🙂 I assume they’ll carry these features over to 007 Legends (it’ll be a mistake if they don’t) so it will be a little different to other FPS games as well as a great bit of fan-service for 007 fans.

  • Nintendude

    I’ve played a modern 007 game before. It played a lot like CoD. By the looks of it, this maybe will too.