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Burger King Wii U toys revealed » wii_u_toy-1


  • YawanShimuel

    Funny how it’s modelled after the prototype gamepad…

    • Chris

      It was probably cause the toys where being made during time when Nintendo announced the Wii U last year

  • redclow

    Is that a moustache? ME NEED! D:

  • Kirbymon123

    Too bad I hate burger king….

  • shawn

    I took my twins to bk yesterday they both got those little Wii molds after you open them they have a mold inside for vampire teeth and come with a black tube of stuff says contains wheat gluten is it safe for kids to eat that stuff after you make a mold they put it in their mouth alotta the black play doh stuff stays on their teeth is that safe or should I just throw the play doh stuff in trash?

  • ThePkmnMaster

    Shawn, that is not Vampire teeth. That’s a Mario mustache .

    Thanks, The Master