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FIFA 13 Wii U screenshots » fifa-13-wii-u-3


  • Nintedward .

    These graphics are immense!!!! My bro has fifa on 360 and rest assured everything looks better on these shots!!! especialy that grass 😛

  • theBALLANCEDopinion

    #9’s head looks so real.

    • Wildman

      It is…. O.o

  • Marioravesto3d

    What the hell thats fantastic look at the blades of grass.I can’t wait.

  • some gUy

    Valencia, nice.

  • MEJM

    Too bad it doesn’t have the new physics engine, thanks to it being rushed for launch. Also, boycott EA for unethical action in releasing last year’s games as new on Vita and Wii!