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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U screenshots » Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate screenshot

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate screenshot

  • The incredible sandwich

    so sexy

  • alex

    mmm…this look like gamecube or wii to me…i hope is the resolution of the camera cuse if not i will cancel my preoder and get the ps3 i will not put money down for shite graphic like this…i want to see games more realistic in acction

    • baal03

      It a port, it says nothing about the abilities of the wii u. The graphics will be much better than ps3 or xbox, just look at the fact that the system can take ports that were fine tuned for other systems and run them at a higher resolution. Imagine what a custom engine that has been tweaked to pull maximum performance from the wii u will look like.

    • Josh_gold

      Remeber Alex that this game was not made from the ground up in HD. Capcom have simply ported it over and put it into HD. This means that it will not be the best looking Wii U game. Have faith in the Wii U.