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Miiverse, Wii U Chat, and browser screenshots » wii_u_browser-2


  • TheUNation

    Better than Internet Explorer 10!

    • Guhtere

      I actually don’t agree, the Wii U browser will most likely not be as good as IE. Not trying to say anything bad, but, be realistic.

      • Bill Cosby

        According to, the Wii U browser scores higher than IE10.
        The Wii U browser is built in Web Kit, so it will be like Google chrome, but on Wii U.

      • Johny

        yea.. if you go to HTML5 benchmark tests, the wii u has HUGE scores

  • bezem

    I just want the browser to support and other streaming options available to DirecTV/Cable subscribers. They need to make sure online streaming video works! Youtube works OK on Wii but isn’t ideal and hiccups due to the small buffer. I hope these issues were addressed.