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Wii Mini is official: new Wii retails at $99

Wii Mini

We’ve just opened our Wii Mini forums!

It turns out the rumor was true: Nintendo has just announced the Wii Mini, a complete redesign of the Wii console. The new console was first leaked by Best Buy, and later Nintendo caved in and confirmed it. The new Wii carries a new price: $99.

After Nintendo sold 400,000 Wii U consoles and 300,000 Wiis last week, it was clear that the old Wii was still a strong seller, especially with the casual crowd who have yet to try out the original console. While the Wii U is on everyone’s mind these days, Nintendo reminded everyone that the Wii is still the best selling current-gen console, and they intend for it to stay that way with the Wii Mini.

However, there are some interesting aspects with the Wii redesign. For one, so far it’s announced only for Canada, where it will launch on December 7. Secondly, it lacks many features found in the original Wii. One is that it cannot play GameCube games, which isn’t a big surprise, but what is a big surprise is that the Wii Mini doesn’t have any online connectivity.

As revealed in a press release, Nintendo clearly intends the Wii Mini for casual gamers and first time Wii owners, not those looking to replace their existing Wii with the Mini. The new design is radically different from the old, it even appears to look like an external hard drive or DVD drive. Check out some images of the new console below:

Nintendo has opened a new web page for the brand new console. You can find it here. Of course, those who have the new Wii U won’t really need the Wii Mini — the Wii U is fully backwards compatible with all Wii games (but not GameCube games).

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  • Zackary Bruley


  • Laud

    Looks pretty sexy, although, I already have a Wii U so….

  • Superstick

    Cool. I shall now ask mother to buy bro and sis this. (I already have a wii u :) )

  • Just nin10do

    good but i have a wii why should i buy it?,!!! but its beautiful

  • Dat Guy

    Darn, this console looks so cool and I would want to replace it with my old wii, but since it has no online connectivity and can’t play gamecube games I won’t replace it :(

  • Leeroy

    no online?

    • Clem

      Yeah, what’s that all about? Seems a little odd to nix the Shop Channel (and by extension Wii Ware and Virtual Console), among countless other things…

    • Captain Falcon

      Reminds me of when Sony released the PSP E1000 (no wireless connectivity)

    • MujuraNoKamen

      ¬†I don’t get why they dropped so many features, the E-Shop, Virtual console and Gamecube compatibility were great features on the original model so why get rid of them. I’m not against them releasing hardware revisions late in a consoles life (or at the end in this instance what with the Wii U just coming out) especially since Wii is still a highly profitable product for Nintendo but I can’t help but feel it’s a little unnecessary, I mean 6 years after Wii’s release no gamer is sat on the fence about buying one who is going to be persuaded to buy one because a version that’s lacking half the features of the original model. If some people aren’t taken by Wii U and instead want to try an original Wii they’d buy an original Wii, since it’s still fairly cheap and has more features or if someone’s Wii breaks and they want to replace it, they’d A: buy a normal Wii with all the features or B buy a Wii U since it does everything the Wii can and more. I also think this might add to confusion about Wii U (sadly there are still people dumb enough to think it is a version of the Wii) and this may draw attention away from Wii U which is exactly what no one wants to happen.

  • Lazara the Last

    Awesome. Although, 100 million people already have a Wii, so I don’t see a big market for it. Maybe that’s why only Canada get’s it.

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    I hope the netherlands get it too, I have to get is as a huge nintendo fan ūüėõ

  • Super Buu

    I kinda really like the design of this console. It is kind of old school. Great to know that,for once, we, Canadians, get something the others don’t! Proud to be Canadian!

    • Dustin Kidd

      yea cause every one wants a system to connect to the internet so enjoy

  • JVAN

    Can you hear a kid screaming “I wanna wee Wii!”

  • Master

    If they added online it’d be a good system, but why limit customers…Glad I got a Wii U at launch…

  • GameNChick

    I’m probably the only one that thinks this. But I think it looks pretty sexy XD

    • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

      It looks like a set of weighing scales to me lol!

      • GameNChick

        lmao it does

    • Captain Falcon

      It’s the Gameboy Micro all over again!

    • Sylux

      You’re not the only one I too think it looks kinda sexy :)

  • RyuNoHadouken

    thats sexy!

  • D2K

    I guess they know what they are doing. Nintendo knows how to squeeze every last drop out of a console. The redesign this holiday season might be enough to push the Wii to number 4 on the all time best-selling console list.

  • Kyle Berger

    I think they should have kept online. btw I am 007 1/2.

  • Clem

    As a friend pointed out to me, a wii remote plus and a nunchuck controller will cost you $70 here in Canada, so really this deal means that you’re getting that plus a $30 Wii console!!! I think most of us can agree that $30 is more than a fair price.

  • Dragonxoft

    Excellent for South America where economics is a catastrophic. I hope Nintendo release it also on Center America and the Caribbean.


    It has a great design, but my question is why? It is limited in what you can do, then add in the fact that the original Wii price is down to like what $130.00 dollars now. That is a lot of marketing hours and development to make this when the WiiU just came out, plus the regular Wii’s are still selling great. I think this is a waste of time and resources. They should’ve took all that man power and put it into making the U even better.

    • Donald

      The WHY is simple – it’s a lot cheaper to make and still profit from it. ¬†It happens at the end of every console’s life cycle.

  • Mickey Mouse

    It instantly reminded me of the Famicom disk system, I think it’s the colour red and texture that does it.

  • Sylux

    I want the red wiimote+ and the red nunchuk, own wait I saw the red wiimote+ and red nunchuck at intertoys last weekend when I bought NSMBwii. But seperate it costs ‚ā¨44,- and this mini Wii costs only ‚ā¨99,-
    Maybe I’ll get one aswell IF it get’s released in the Netherlands ūüėÄ

  • Jonas

    I like the marketing strategy of nintendo. Because tabled or mobile phone gaming is becoming more popular they are making a perfect example of competing in that part of gaming.
    They take part in the change of gaming, while still satisfying the other type of gamers, that are more into hardcore games.
    Thats how they will win, not mattering how the WiiU will be against the other new consoles. They still try to sell the wii which this article perfectly describes.
    And not to forget: they succeed with it.

  • Weston Nutter

    So it’s a top loader, eh? Interesting.

    The design is decidedly old school, but I don’t see myself ever getting one. I’m happy with my original red Wii and its online and GameCube support.

  • Destiny64

    no component cable??? ¬†aiaiai nintendo….

    • doubledare

      Probably no USB port either…


    Mother of God…

  • SoulSilverZero

    Hey, I want the red Wii remote and Nunchuck

  • Osama Saeed


  • Osama Saeed

    Seriosly, aweshum

  • Death47

    What happened Nintendo :O

  • SoulSilverZero

    I want a red wii remote+ with a nunchuck with a black wii remote jacket with my Wii U

  • Luis Duran

    will they make
    new games for it? if not whats the point of geting it

    • Michael Wakeman

      They’re making it for poor people in south america, theyll probably buy used games that there parent give them and say are new. :)

  • smurfman256

    Reminds me of a NES mixed with a GameCube.

  • Duke Togo

    why izit only gettin released in canada?

  • Michael Mullins

    Lack of internet kills the whole idea. Sure, there weren’t a lot of good online games, but this also kills Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more.

  • Michael Wakeman

    Kinda a bummer that I got tuck with white and Nintendo makes this new sexy cherry red console.

  • Michael Wakeman

    Wait by online connectivity does that mean they will not get to enjoy the wii shop????

    • AlienFanatic

      Yes. ¬†Without Wi-Fi there is no way to access the shop, period. ¬†Just a bizarre choice. ¬†I understand the need to save money, but it can’t cost Nintendo more than a couple bucks for a cheap b/g/n radio in the thing.

  • Pangolin_user

    I Think, its a good idea, for third world countries where pirated copies of game easily found, modded wii is common, and its lack of internet connection. because when in online and update firmware automatically the mod will be broken, so theres no hulu neflix n nintendo e shop on that wii. 
    Nitendo make a profit of every wii they made, if they want to break record of ps2 (which still being sell in here) they need to make the wii cheaper and the internet connectivity is nnot needed.

  • LukeBlackburn

    i want a wii u and ill stick to my normal size wii

  • Narciso Abraham Rodriguez

    If,IF it was to come to america it will have Wifi and sd card. it wont come to america. can we wall quit complaining on something ment for Canada. Seriously I feel bad for Canada.

    • SoulSilverZero

      I think they may be still selling the bigger Wii even after this one…

      • Hero_of_Skyloft

        The larger Wii will be able to play games from all consoles!

  • AlienFanatic

    I can’t for the life of me figure out why they removed Wi-Fi. ¬†That’s such a miniscule cost that enables so many useful features (Netflix, VC, game previews, etc.). ¬†Really, what a foolish, short-sighted, limited product.

    EDIT: OOF! And I just noticed the thing comes with standard composite AV cables, not component, for the absolute worst-quality picture you can get. Yes, it has the widest compatibility but man the picture quality royally suffers.

  • Johan Lohmann-Bond

    I think it looks great! although all those bells and whistles from the original wii gone is enough to deter me from actually buying it
    if they redesigned the normal wii or the wii u to look like this I would buy it in a heartbeat.

    also I don’t know why they felt the need to make the already small wii even smaller, what’s the point?

  • ReckoningReckoner

    I’m not going to lie, but this is a waste of money. As a Canadian, I know you can easily spend 30 bucks more to buy a normal Wii that has internet and gamecube capabilities as well as a free game. It’s pretty much a brick. A sexy one, might I say.

    Plus, imagine the heart break of some kids who ask for the “new wii” and get this.

  • Lord Fuse

    I really like the design, but it’s killed by the lack of online. If this was coming out in emerging markets, then I would see why there was none. I wonder if it will support VC/WiiWare games through SD cards?

  • Linskarmo

    Interesting design. The lack of online connectivity could be a bit of a bummer, but it looks great for people that want a Wii but don’t want the online.

  • Night0fCore

    Bitch please

  • C√©sar Antonio Arias Velarde

    Are you 12?

    What you call a 360, well… isnt, the 360 doesn’t have hdmi, doesnt have 720p graphics, in fact is just an old regular xbox with a redesign, the thing they sell as 360 today is something else, almost as powerful as a ps3, but is not a 360, that is what we call A FRAUD! yes, a fraud, they changed the console, they upgraded it in every aspect without changing the name, telling people its the same console, but in fact the first 360 cant run the new 360 games (while my fat 60gb ps3 can play new ps3 games), and you say the Wii is not current generation….

  • doubledare

    Me Tonto…me speakum Rectumese!

  • sonicfan1373

    Your console makes you feel grownup, which is funny because the last time I played COD:MW3 and Mass Effect 3 on the 360 with voice chat, I got nothing but 12-16 year olds and in one case someone who I think was over his 20s acting immaturely (by immaturely I do not mean swearing when you lose or joking around, I mean randomly screaming into the headset and saying random gibberish).  By the way, Nintendo never lied about anything they never called the Wii an HD console and they never said it was as powerful as its competitors. Unlike Microsoft, who sold early Xbox 360s with AV cables and called the system an out-of-the-box HD experience (you should know that AV cannot output HD), Microsoft even sold some early 360s without the capability to output HD (the one I had only accepted AV cables). Lastly, you are called the Wii a last generation system purely based on its specs; I found it to be next-gen because of its features. We are in a changing technology industry where raw specs are mattering less and less, companies are now making game engines and middle-ware that makes games scale from the most power personal computers to home consoles to smartphones and tablets. Pure raw specs mean nothing anymore (sure the system has to be powerful enough to do what it is supposed to do). Moreover, not many people care for pure specs in consoles that are going to be on the market for 5 years (and get outdated anyways in the process). Lastly, I do know you can use a 360 on a PC, but when I do PC gaming I prefer using better controllers made by logitech (and yes I have tried both), I sometimes even use the Wiimote and nunchuck on the PC which works very well with certain pointer-based action games and shooters.

  • Phillip Fauble

    If I could wish for one very thing this moment.. it would be that you would pick up a dictionary and find the word generation.. and then read the definition.. Then come back here and delete your comment.

    Nevermind.I did the work for you.

    1. the entire body of individuals born and living at about the same time: the postwar generation.
    2. the term of years, roughly 30 among human beings, accepted as the average period between the birth of parents and the birth of their offspring.
    3. a group of individuals, most of whom are the same approximate age, having similar ideas, problems, attitudes, etc. Compare Beat Generation, Lost Generation.
    4. a group of individuals belonging to a specific category at the same time: Chaplin belonged to the generation of silent-screen stars.
    5. a single step in natural descent, as of human beings, animals, or plants.
    6. a form, type, class, etc., of objects existing at the same time and having many similarities or developed from a common model or ancestor (often used in combination): a new generation of anticancer drugs; a third-generation phone.
    7. the offspring of a certain parent or couple, considered as a step in natural descent.
    8. the act or process of generating; procreation.
    9. the state of being generated.
    10. production by natural or artificial processes; evolution, as of heat or sound.
    11. Biology . a. one complete life cycle. b. one of the alternate phases that complete a life cycle having more than one phase: the gametophyte generation.
    12. Mathematics . the production of a geometrical figure by the motion of another figure.
    13. Physics. one of the successive sets of nuclei produced in a chain reaction.
    14. (in duplicating processes, as photocopying, film, etc.) the distance in duplicating steps that a copy is from the original work.

    It has nothing to do with what’s inside. It’s about time. When the console was built. Now PLEASE PEOPLE lets stop with this already!

  • Night0fCore

    NOTE (random speculation): Xbox 360 = 360p