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Wii U instruction manual photos » 01011203-1


  • Garrett Hall

    What is the av multi out connector for?

    • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

      Component and av signals(red yellow white).

      • Garrett Hall


      • Garrett Hall

        Thank you.

  • Jonny5

    Its for the wii AV cables if you do not have a tv that supports HDMI connections if I am correct.

    • relo999

      You are dead on, and I love that its there (I only have an old screen, so no HDMI)

    • [CMD] DEATH

      Yeah that’s good it has them cause if I half too bring it to my uncles house and all he has is an old tube type TV so it only has AV then I have a component cable for my Wii so I can also use that, I use a small TV but it has HDMI so glad the Wii U comes wirh HDMI.

  • Biggi

    Is there really no digital sound out, neither coax nor optical? That means if someone uses their receiver/amp for switching, a lot are gonna be screwed when it comes to 3D.

    • Chris

      Not many people use the digital sound ports on the PS3 so I don’t see why Nintendo needs to put one on their system, plus it would increase the chance of the console breaking which Nintendo is avoiding.

      Also, I’ve tried 3D through the HDMi cable only on my PS3 and it still sounded good so yeah.

  • Chris

    Just seeing that HDMi port on a Nintendo console just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside =3

    I love you Nintendo X3

  • NaX

    4 USB ports?

  • Ben

    Why so many usb ports? 2 is plenty.

  • Canyarion

    I wonder if I can use both the HDMI and AVI cables. My tv has crappy sound, so I want to connect the Wii U to my dolby surround set.

    (My TV has no connection with my sound set… [yet?])