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Wii U instruction manual photos » 01011203-4


  • Garrett Hall

    The pointer lens is a button?

    • LaLlamaqueLlama

      Its a camera, so it can probably tell when is covered. But i havent seen any game that uses it in that way

      • Linskarmo

        Just what I was thinking. But I haven’t seen any game use that either.

    • eli

      no its a ‘black’ light the like in duck hunt for the nes

  • Garrett Hall

    The pointer lens thing is a button?

  • somebody

    pointer lens is a button? let me check it…

  • dubYA

    What you guys said.

    • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

      What he said about what you guys said…

  • theRev86

    Perhaps on the new Wii U branded wiimotes this will be the case!?

  • Dak

    Yeah what? >_>

  • Linskarmo

    1: Extra-long typo?

  • Madmagican

    you already know I’m gonna be studying the crap out of these pages

  • Solphins

    These are not Wii Motion Plus controllers. Read under the Wii logo what is the word after Wii Motion Plus?

    • Matt

      is says INSIDE

  • Johny

    me: =.= .. uh huh… wii mote… uh huh.. 1. Pointer Lens… uh huh .yeah.. also works as a button when pressed… yea yea… wait.. WHAT ?

  • Mils

    Odd – so, a few things:

    1) The rebranded wii motion plus controllers in the “Wii U” marketed boxes are indeed called “Wii Remote Plus” on those boxes.

    2) I have one of these ‘new’ “Wii Remote Plus” branded units, and they are exactly the same as the old Wii Motion Plus controllers, in every way I can find. I had read somewhere they moved the sync button, but that’s not the case (at least, not on mine). There is no WiiU branding on the controller, if that saves anyone some cash – there is no point in replacing old motion plus controllers. 🙂

    3) The lens cover is just that, a lens cover, and doesn’t function as a button.

  • Ben