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Wii U instruction manual photos » wii-u-battery-replacement-2_1020


  • 007 1/2

    thats a bad move they should have used AA like the xbox.

    • Me

      Da fuq

    • Parker

      for a controler would chose a rechargeable battery over AA batteries anyday

      • [CMD] DEATH

        Yes, I agree, just like the PS3 controller, I don’t like using actual batteries cause it gets annoying always changing them out like the Wii remotes but at least they last a while.

    • link 5

      Its better than AA batteries longer life

    • Little Gamer

      So are saying that it’s a good move for Nintendo to copy the Xbox 360’s controller? I don’t think so . . . .

    • Chris

      Are you fucking kidding me? -_-

      Does your parents now you are using the PC without their permission

    • bill

      Recharchable Xbox Controllers are not AA.

  • Dan

    Residual income never hurts

  • Ben

    Looks bigger than the game-pad battery.

  • karel

    what battery has to go in it