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Wii U instruction manual photos » wii-u-battery-replacement-3_1020


  • smashninja22

    What da hells this for. Its the first time hearing a gaming system using batteries.

    • Axe

      Maybe it’s back up power? Like if the power goes out, the system will stay on and give you the option to save? I dunno, but that would be awesome.

    • Parker

      Its for the system clock/calender, the wii had one.

    • Parker

      Its for the system clock/calender, wiis have one.

    • TheImaj

      Seems to be for the internal clock. You’re computer has one too.

    • Linskarmo

      It’s for the clock. So if there’s a power outage you don’t have to re-orient the time, date, etcetera.

    • Nintendo Power (Wii U FTW)

      All Console uses batteries and consoles have been using it for a really long time

    • Weslley

      All of them uses it. Off course, PC uses it also. It’s just for the clock and probably you won’t need to change.

    • caasi01

      All computer machines use batteries

    • Castamere

      Nearly all electronic devices, such as camcorders, digital cameras, computers (located on the motherboard), have a small lithium coin cell battery to keep track of what is called the Real Time Clock. How else do you think these devices keep an accurate time when they are disconnected from power?

      • Elite

        I’m going to agree with ninja on this one. For a computer that is understandable though(mobo).

    • [CMD] DEATH

      Dude, look on the bottom front left (if it’s facing you) of the Wii (if you have one which I guess you do) and there is the batterie, too take it out just remove the rubber stand piece and the screw is under that but I recommend not really doing that unless you really need too.

    • Chris

      Actually no, games consoles such as the Playstation, Dreamcast, Xbox and the older Nintendo console, including the old Sega consoles all used cell batteries which was used to sort data much like the battery used in the Pokemon Gold/Sliver and Crystal games.

      So no, its not really the first time, plus, PC Motherboards also use cell batteries.

    • Little Gamer

      It’s not necessary to do this, only if the console clock stops running. But you probably won’t need to change anything for a few years of playing.

    • metriod fan

      I think it’s just to power the led light

  • battery

    They always have one (atleast if they have a system clock). but most often they are not this is to replace.

  • Bill

    I guess it is the same as on a PC motherboard. To keep the clock going when power is off. Why not do what Macs do. Set the clock at startup from the internet.

  • LaLlamaqueLlama

    Could it be?

    This means that the main memory of the WiiU is actually some kind of RAM?
    How fast could it be to use it as virtual ram? Even a normal solid state memory should be much faster for virtual memory than any HDD

  • Dude.

    It says for the internal clock on the system.

  • Dan

    Thats for clock(see the instruction?) , if u are not connected to internet u have to keep changing clock if you turn off your console,,, Like the xbox, with battery u dont have to,,, why nintendo did this i dunno 🙂

  • Dan


  • KalebTaylorX

    The PS3 had one. It’s for the time and date.

  • Ben

    The original Wii had a battery compartment just like this. It did come in handy for me one time. It died and the clock would not stay set.

  • RockD79

    As far as I know my Saturn, Dreamcast and Wii had one. Never had to replace any of batteries on them so far.

  • supermariolinux

    Its a CMOS battery, is bascially stores system information like Data and Time. Today All Computers and devices have them in some form.