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Costco offers Wii U consoles at reduced price

Costco LogoIf you are planning on buying a Wii U and live in the US you can save some money by ordering from Costco. The membership warehouse club is offering the Deluxe set for $299.97 and the Basic set for $244.97. That’s a saving of $50 and $55, respectively. This makes it the cheapest Wii U you can find around.

While Nintendo has repeatedly stated that they will not be reducing the price of the Wii U, it seems that retailers are free to set their own prices. If you are not a Costco member you can still order from their website, but keep in mind that they add a 5% surcharge to all orders that are placed by non-members.

Recently, Nintendo revealed that Wii U sales haven’t been all that great: only 3 million consoles were shipped in 2012, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that all 3 million have been sold. Clearly, it looks like Costco has a lot of them in stock. It will be interesting to see what other retailers do and how Nintendo responds to the slow sales. The company expects to sell 4 million Wii U units by march 2013.

Source (Costco)

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  • AAAkabob

    Now to get them to sell video games…oh wait they do=

    • Noteak

      Wiiudaily I already said this in a past subject, kinda slow, but at my Costco you only save ten bucks 

  • They’re trying to get rid of what they have left to dismiss that sku# They know that they’re gonna have a hard time selling them at org cost. Once they’re stock is dry that’s it! LoL!

    • Laud

      This has been done most likely to make space for the updated Wii U’s that come with the updates. 

      If you hate Nintendo, what are you doing here?

      • Ummm… Dude… Have you been reading the thread? Read my response to Kuzon. I’ll say it again. I don’t hate Nintendo in fact I’m 32 and I grew up with Nintendo, Hell I’ve probably been playing games since you were still in your daddies testicles. Haha! No offence. They have just been making poor decisions and are taking the company down a very grim path. They’re not catering to the “HARDCORE” gamer. They focused more on the innovative tablet than whats under the hood. Not to mention some (not all) 3rd party developers don’t wanna touch the console with a ten foot pole! With out main 3rd party support backing up the system, what do you think that says to gamers? Come on man! Really?!? Look if you are one of them Nintendo fan boys then okay I understand why you’re coming at me that way… Some of us can afford to buy multiple systems and enjoy the generality of gaming. I simply stated my thoughts on the subject. But that’s good bro. Keep your high hopes of “updated Wii U’s that come with the updates.” I personally would like to see how the big “N” is going to pull them selves out the hole they’ve dug. 

        • David

          I’m not sure if you’re talking to me or not but I’ve been playing games since I’ve own an Atari 7200 and commador 64. I actually bought one of the first nintendo system out there. If developers weren’t into innovation then we would still be playing with joystick and a single fire button. We would not be online. Do you recall how many GREAT launch game titles ps3 and Xbox had. Do you think there people like you who can afford all systems. Do you think a lot of people are going to want shell out $600-800 for a ps4 or Xbox. The are already forums on those systems website complaining about the price. I wounded how much are gonna cost to developer for those systems and what it’s gonna cost a customer to purchase them?

          • Only time will tell. 

          • David

            I hate replying on the phone with auto correct,lol. I guess that’s what proof reading is for. Look I’m not trying to insult you, but what I’m saying is we act like nintendo wii u is the only system that has had rocky launch. Both Microsoft and ps3 had to have considerable price cuts especially ps3 when it first came out within less then a year it went through 3 price cuts. You say you’re are hardcore gamer then you should remember their launches and the horrible reviews and critism.

          •  We don’t care about Nintendo’s launch as they just went back to being a kiddy machine.  I was not sold on the 360 when it first came out.  Madden looked improved, but I did not care. Dead Rising was the game that made me get it and Fight Night 4 was the game that made me understand.  The Wii U launch was bad from top to bottom and now it is really too late to change it now.  It’s rep is ruined.  They cannot even tray and relaunch like PS3 did.

          • David

            Yeah that’s why they launched with blackops 2, assassins creed, batman and zombiu among other games. Oh and mass effect 3! All kid games. Dude after reading this comment I am done talking to you apparently facts are just things made up in ones head to make one look and sound foolish.

          •  What was Nintendo’s emphasis, those games or the kiddy games?  Where were the original or exclusive hard-core games for Wii U?  Don’t give me that Zombie U either…

          • David

            Do you even understand whats under the hood if the wii u. I know you’re probably referring to the CPU’s clock speed of being 1.24ghz. Do you understand how they’re architecture even works and that us much more efficient then both Xbox 360 and ps3’s. that it has edram on it and that can transfer more data faster and efficiently and it’s a huge l1 and l2 cache. Oh that it has gpgpu process that can handle a lot of the functions that the CPU would normally do. Instead of listening to develops who HAVEN’T develope a game on it listen to those who have. Gearbox who are developing Aliens: colonial marines state that there will be a very noticeable difference in the graphics department. Also take example trine 2 directors cut the wii u version is almost on par with the pc version and that’s just a 2d side scroller. The developers for rayman said the wii u was so powerful that it ran smooth even when they forgot to compress the texture. Both ps3 and Xbox had fill rate issues. By the way before thq went under they apologized for the miss understanding about why metro: last light wasn’t going to be on wii u is that they didn’t have the man power. Look it up. Even the hacker Marcan said that it might not be a processor to write home about but don’t dismiss it cause you can’t compare clock for clock cause its architecture is different and know it doesn’t bottle neck it cause gpgpu can handle a lot of what would normally been done on the CPU.

          •  There is NOTHING new or innovative about the Wii U. Of course the function of a GPU is to handle graphics processing and of course the effects will be better with a NEWER GPU than an almost ten year OLD one!  Now, drop that same GPU in the 360 and see what happens!

            Here is one fact.  A 3.2Ghz CPU will ALWAYS beat a 1.24Ghz  CPU no matter what they did to it!  It has already been proven that the CPU is old and practically the same as the Wii’s which is old!  MS bases the X-Box on a PC, so it will always be powerful.

          • Laud

            Oh, nothing innovative you say? Yeah, you’re just a troll.

            Good luck on your future endeavors because you’re no longer worth anyones time.

          • I just wanted to note a fallacious statement in your post. 

            “Here is one fact.  A 3.2Ghz CPU will ALWAYS beat a 1.24Ghz  CPU no matter what they did to it!”

            The above is not universally true and therefore, cannot be fact.  There are a few factors that could render your above statement untrue. 

            Imagine that both CPUs above use a similar architecture and are thus identical save for their clock speed and the time it takes to execute their instructions.  Let’s say that the instructions for the 3.2 Ghz processor take on average 6 cycles to complete and the instructions for the 1.24 Ghz processor only take 2 cycles to complete.  Believe it or not, but the 1.24 Ghz CPU would be faster than the 3.2 Ghz processor in this case, because it would be executing the same instructions at a fast enough speed to beat out the higher clocked 3.2 Ghz CPU. 

            There is also the fact that some architectures can process many instructions per clock cycle.  Go compare a Pentium D 950 (3,4 ghz) against a Core 2 Duo E6300 (1.86 ghz) and you’ll see that the Core 2 Duo can outperform the Pentium D.

            I’ve grossly simplified it, because, admittedly, I am not an expert on the subject matter.  However, that doesn’t mean the above information I provided is untrue. 

            Additionally, might I suggest that you not attempt to pass off your opinion as fact.  Really briefly here, when you say:

            “There is NOTHING new or innovative about the Wii U.” 

            Perhaps you should endeavor to write, “I believe that there is NOTHING new or innovative about the Wii U.” Then you could qualify said opinion.  You may find your forum posts to be better thought out and met with discussion instead of dispute.

          •  You used the straw man argument throwing in qualifiers for YOUR argument.  The cycling example is something that won’t happen and I don’t think that it can happen.  Even if it did, the 3.2Ghz would be faster because it could hit those cycles faster and of course the chipset would be better.

            Pentium D was a purposely handicapped chip as they always make.  Chipsets help the CPU perform.  If it were possible to have the same chipsets with different CPUs, then we could have a better comparison.

            Anyhow, the FACT remains that the Wii U CPU is wiiker than the 360’s and nothing can compensate for this.

          • My original intention was to point out that your assertion of, “a 3.2 ghz chip will always beat out a 1.24 ghz chip” was not always true and couldn’t be fact.  It’s misinformation and an oversimplification of chip clock speeds.

            Having read more of the thread, I see that I missed the context of your post as you had already posted a few times. 

            Not knowing much about the RISC architecture in the Wii U, I can’t say how much weaker it is than the Xbox 360’s processor, but I do think there are indications suggesting that it is, in fact, slower.

          • David

            Actually Marcan the hacker said its on par or even better then both Xbox and ps3! Simple as that get over it and get out of here. Who is marcan? The person who helped hacked the ps3 security among other things. Still gpgpu is awesome!

          •  Given the fact that he did not go into details, I somehow think that he just did not want to totally expose the Wii U as another fraud system like it’s predecessor.

          • David

            Actually that is not a fact. Because it depends in how efficient the CPU is and the gpgpu which is the new gpu’s are design take the functions of the CPU and the gpu and do things better. Seriously! Do some freakin research. Pentium 3 processors have slower clock spead then pentium 4’s did yet it out peformed it thread per thread.

          •  Pentium 4’s were on a totally new architecture with new RAM (RAMBUS/RDRAM) that was a bust and was the single reason why the P4 were slower.  Instead of going forward in performance, they went backward.  This can happen when you design a chip and architecture the wrong way. 

            These two cannot be directly compared as they were both using different philosophies. Intel wanted faster RAM and they figured they would go with something all new, which was not good.  I recall that period and yes, the P3 was faster than P4 and it made me regret upgrading.  The Wii U’s CPU is like Hostess cakes making a little into a lot by hardly using real ingredients to make a cupcake, while Tasty Kake tastes more like real ingredients because it is real.  You cannot use a little and get more than those who use a whole lot.

          • David

            No the processor is not old it’s actually the most modern processor in console right now it’s only based of an older CPU but with customizations. Look it up! It’s also more efficient with its stream line pipeline. Look it to that too! It has an efficient architecture.

          •  It’s old…

          •  You Nintendo nuts always bring up the prices of MS and Sony’s soon to be systems and you always throw out crazy numbers.  You only do this based on the PS3’s high price when it first came out.  It was high in order to sell Blue-Ray players and to make it look like a good, cheaper option than the $1,000+ stand-alone players. Besides, you people can keep talking price, but clearly even price does not scare people away from what they want.  However, a corny system focused on baby games DOES scare people away but Nintendo still does not get it!

          • Silent

            Hey who cares, The baby games are selling so who cares who buys them

          •  Clearly they are not selling enough to save this system.  Put the Wii U along side of the Nintendo Virtual Boy and the Gamecube!

          • Silent

            The Wii was not selling when it first came out. There is a reason Nintendo launched their Next Gen console first.

          • Jay

            actually the Wii U has outsold them both so far 🙁

            And the game cube did incredibly well its first year so its kind of a compliment.

            P.S. I’m too mature for teh Babiez gamez!!!!

          •  NO it did not.  Stop lying.  Even this very site said that the Wii U got defeated in sales.

          • Jay

            lol WHAT A FUCKING MORON YOU ARE!!

            Not only are you a GTA GangSta!!!
            You deny the facts also. Sorry I don’t know what grade you’re in but I’m old enough to remember the launch of 360/ps3/GC launch.

        • jkalyj

          For a 32 year old you are quite rude. it pays to have a little respect and a oberservational view in topics like this. Nintendo of course does not cater to the hardcore gamer. It’s not what they do. Nintendos first party roster are all pretty much for everyone. Unlike 360 and ps3 who’s first party and second party include a FEW hardcore titles. People kinda miss the fact that majority of “hardcore” titles are developed by 3rd party. you can’t blame nintendo for this. They have no problem hosting it on their system that’s obvious. but a release in a time where developers are trying to rush out their games before a generation turn over leaves nintendo in a slow growth period. The same thing happened during the 360’s launch being a year before the ps3 and wii jumped in. The only difference now being that the wiiu has a larger genre and can be considered for much more than the wii was. People lately have been taking every bit of bad news and acting as if it NIntendo’s fatal wound…you are jumping to way to big of an extreme..cause if Nintendo is in such a crisis as you say..then within the next couple years we wont have ANY systems to play on. And one thing to note..there’s more poor than the rich..the fate of Nintendo doesn;t rely on your wallet alone. have a little respect for those who aren’t as financially fortunate.

          •  You don’t have to be rich to buy a videogame system and Wii U is not what I would call cheap.  The average person would rather buy a $199 360 with GTA V than a Wii U.

          • Wayne Beck

            And the average person used to prefer buying a $99 PS2 than a $400 360.

            This is standard practice in Video Games. New console always have slower sales than previously released consoles, for a multitude of reasons. 

            3 Million consoles at launch is a very good launch compared to anything but a Wii. You can’t compare things to the Wii phenomenon because it was a freak occurrence. It’s like judging the success of an MMO to how close to World of Warcraft they get in Sub numbers. It’s never going to happen.

          •  That’s 3 million SHIPPED, not sold.

          • Jay

            again i proved you wrong. look up /

          • Jay


            360 sales(including broken consoles): 72 Million
            Wii Sales:      98 Million

            GTAIV (Xbox 360) Sales: 4 Million
            Mario Kart Wii(Wii) Sales: 32 Million

            So by YOUR logic the “average person” is buying a Wii with Mario Kart. lol

          •  Wii sales were for the casual gamer with much hype/paid propaganda.  Clearly Nintendo ran out of money for Wii U.  Now, if you want to go by those sales to measure success no matter how false, then why has Nintendo released a NEW system and MS is STILL working the 360?  One would think that the system that sold more is the more successful right?

          • Jay

            lol REALLY GTA Gangsta?!!

            That’s your best response.

            lol you’re a joke, just like on worldstarhiphop lol!!

          • Jay

            u wanna talk  about hype/propaganda?!

            what about Sony/MS claiming native 1080p/60fps?

            Dual HDMI outs?

            FAKE game videos/screenshots??

            LOL explain 2005/2006 to me then you GTA Gangsta!!!

            lol you fucking JOKE.

          •  Why is the Wii U concerned about almost ten year old systems?  You need to worry about the systems that will have native 1080P, 3D, no jaggies, 4K and some other things.  What happened to Wii U’s native 1080P games?  You like to leave that out huh?

            GTA 4 is not about gangs you know.  You know you love the game but Nintendo systems are too baby oriented to play them on.

        • LaidbackENT

          Hey you know what your pretty rude. You need to get out of here with that “hardcore gamer” bullcrap as well as the rest of the non sense your speaking.    You sound like the typical rehearsed Nintendo provocateur with your “3rd party devs” and “pull themselves out of a hole they dug themselves in”. 

          You say you own multiple systems so why are you hounding over this Nintendo specific site? Are there not other sites that compile information for “real hardcore gamers”? You’ve been on this site for hours commenting I see through your veneer. 

        • DragonSilths

          Taking Nintendo down a dark path??? Nintendo has a shit ton of money and is doing well. Newsflash. THERES MORE CASUALS THEN HARDCORES. The hardcored you’re referring to are the COD/Skyrim/GTA bitches on Xbox and Playstation. We dont want them on the Wii U. Nintendos community is kind true gamers. Not MLG stressful bitching complainers.

          •  Casual gamers are not LOYAL gamers. How many of those casual Wii owners purchased a Wii U?  Only the (Nintendo) ‘hard-core’ gamers bought one.  You WISH that you had GTA fans on Wii U.  You wised that you had GTA on Wii U.  You know without that game, your system is not legit.

          • Silent

            Playing Gay Theft Auto does not make you hardcore.

          •  Hating on only the best game series of our time and not enjoying makes you a bitch and a baby game lover!  Keep your baby machine and let the real gamers enjoy the GTA V masterpiece!

          • Silent

            Playing Gay toy auto makes you a real gamer? Are there even imaginary gamers? Get real, too much crap is bad for your empty cranium

          •  Only people on Nintendo’s payroll/hype machine would call GTA gay.  I just told you that GTA is in the hall of fame for ground-breaking, culturally significant games.  Stick to your baby games and Zelda #150, always starting out the same and ending the same – i’ll stick to endless fun with a very wide variety in GTA!  Can’t wait!!!

          • Jay


            GTA IV (Xbox 360):   4 Million Sold
            Mario Kart Wii (Wii): 32 Million Sold

            not everyone is a wanabe playing GTA. You live in your own lil fantasy world and its sad :(Edit

          •  How much sold on the PS3?  How come no one remembers Mario Kart Wii?  That was a causal system.  If MK Wii sold that many, then it must have been one of the handful of Wii games that sold outside of the pack-in.

          • Jay

            How much sold on the PS3?”
            (LOL!!! Now the wannabe thug is asking ME for info. lol!!!)

            Buddy YOU dont wanna fucking know. FAR LESS  and this ISNT about the PS3. you’re the one praising the 360 and GTA and now you wanna bring the PS3 into the arguement? lol YOU FAIL.

            “How come no one remembers Mario Kart Wii?”

            I remember it, and so do the people that play it online everyday. It’s STILL selling at $50 unlike GTA thats in the bargain bin now lol. YOU FAIL twice!

            “That was a causal system.”

            Aaaand your point? It still sold more than your thug simulator that will supposedly destroy Nintendo(but didin’t)
            YOU FAIL 3 times.

            “If MK Wii sold that many, then it must have been one of the handful of Wii games that sold outside of the pack-in.”

            WRONG again. Wii has more than 10 titles than sold more than GTA IV.
            a few examples:

            Wii Fit: 43M
            SSB Brawl: 10M
            Mario Galaxy: 10M

            GTA IV(PS3): 2M 🙁

            YOU FAIL in every fucking line you posted LOL!!! That has to be a world record!!!!

          • Silent

            Baby games are selling, GTA V is not. You cant change anything so meanwhile GTFO and whatnot

          • Jay

            “bitch baby game lover”

            uh-oh!! We gots a GTA gangsta up in the HIZOUSE!!!

  • DemonRoach

    Ripping off consumers. Where is my $50?  No new games and I had to pay $50 more?  Nintendo is in such a sad state right now.  I think what they really need is new management, Iwata and Reggie (and the Euro guy) gone.  Nintendo had a golden opportunity this Xmas, at they completely blew it.  Xmas of 2013 will be owned by Sony and Microsoft…with much of Nintendo’s games being pushed to 2014.

    • Rob Lucci

      Um what?

    • I agree. Truth being told, I don’t regret my Deluxe WiiU for the fact that I got primarily for 1st party games eg Mario, Zelda, Xenoblade 2, Bayonetta 2 etc etc. But if you were looking for something to blow the industry out the water? Psssst…. Ain’t gonna happen! LoL! When Sony comes out with their new system, IT’S ON like DONKEY KONG! Get it?!? Hahaha! Stay tuned for Feb. 20th Sony is unveiling plans @ a press confrence in New York 🙂 Woooohoooo!

      • Laud

        Yeah, I can’t wait for that console to be released after Xbox most definitely q4 or q1/q2 of 2014, when both libraries for Xbox and Wii U have grown.

        That overpriced piece of shiny garbage will be irrelevant a month after release.

        • Johnny Star

           You obviously have never played the PS3, cause if you had, you would know it is the better of the consoles. Dang sure ain’t ANY Wii

          • Adam Porter

            funny how donaald is such a troll he makes comments agreeing with himself under a different name.

          • Johnny Star

             If you are referring to me, I am not Donald, just an intelligent person that agrees with him. I am no troll, just a gamer and a realist. Thank you

          • Jay

            intelligent… lol

            “T3H Wiis for BABIES!!”

            “I’M M@tur3 Gamerz!!”

          • David

            Listen ps3 and Xbox or both fine system my whole point before Donald Duck showed up was stop knocking the wii u we haven’t seen its full potential and that both Xbox 360 and ps3 were under the same kind of fire from the same kinda people like yourself. If you didn’t know that then you must be new to the video game community or hadn’t much interest in the politics till now.

          • Laud

            A realist that’s in denial about the Wii U’s success.

            Sounds legit.

          • Jay

            actually I’ve played more than 20 consoles including the Wii and I’ll tell you in MY opinion the Wii was a lot funner and had a greater variety.

            BTW how’s your PS Move coming along?

          • Johnny Star

             Don’t own the PS Move, wouldn’t know. The Wii was good for something, it’s super easy it is to hack and mod, which gave it replay value since you can play SNES, NES, Genesis, TurboGrafix, Atari, N64, and other systems from the SD card or external drive. Hopefully Homebrew will be fully running on the Wii U before too long, lol.

          • Jay

            never hacked mine. had fun.

        •  By the time the next Xbox comes out, the Wii U will have been buried.  You will see it’s funeral when GTA V drops!  Costco cutting cuts is BIG news and an indicator that it is on the way out.  Now imagine if it does not even sell at Costco!

          • Jay

            Funny. I didn’t see the Wii’s funeral when GTA4 dropped and the Wii was farther behind in technology.
            Of course kids in elementary don’t remember that…

          • NkoSekirei

             how about we bury u instead in a pile of $hit thats were u belong

          •  Why are you so angry over videogames, are you paid to be?

    • David

      Good luck buying ps4. It’s already rumored to cost as much as $800.

      • Not everyone here is poor… 😉

        • David

          Most gamers have to work really hard for their money. The game industry doesn’t revolve around you.

        • Adam Porter

          yea but i for one would rather heat my home for a couple months as spend the money on a games console, i thought the €350 i needed to buy the wiiu was going to be easy to find, come launch day it was a hard enough stretch to buy it and a couple games at 60 quid each. can’t see me buying either the nextbox or ps4 tbh

        • Ben Kapferer

          Yeah, but you could build a much more versatile gaming PC for that price.

        • Genesect4ssb4


        • Jay

          and not everyone is dumb either…. 😉

      •  Rumors are also known as corporate propaganda which Nintendo has been good at to the point that I would call them a lying company which is why I don’t respect them anymore.  It won’t be $800.  Sony won the format war and BD technology (including 3D) is now cheap.  I personally feel that Sony does not need to rush the PS4, but at the same time, if they wait too long it will help establish the next Xbox as THE only system you will need.  The Wii U has already flopped so that is a non-factor now.

        • Johnny Star

           You my friend Donaald understand things too. I understand people supporting a system, but when something’s true it’s true. I wanted the Wii U to blow me away, I really did, but it came out just in time to compete with the 360 and PS3, it will take a serious bashing when the other two systems release and people have an opportunity to own a TRUE next Gen system. My 6 year old daughter likes her Wii U, but I am not impressed. But is is great for kids, as the Wii was.

          •  Thanks.  While I am satisfied with my 360, I did want to see what Nintendo would do with the Wii U.  When it was first announced, I, like so many others, just could not figure out what that controller’s function would be.  Turns out that Nintendo did not know either!  That’s the worst part!

            NINTENDO said that they served the casual gamer and were now looking to get the hard-core crowd back.  I thought that they were serious about that, but once I saw that controller I had my doubts.  Once I saw the games and the look of the system, I had a feeling that Nintendo was too scared to let go of their old ways.

            Having Batman and Call of Duty as secondary games to the colorful baby games does not tell hard-core gamers to come and get it!  The ONLY baby games that should have been on the Wii U early on should have been Mario – that’s it!  On top of that, it should have been a modern, state of the art Mario without a save someone as it’s plot!  If you want to come, you come strong or stay home!

            Instead, Nintendo felt the need to serve the Romper Room crowd hoping for some quick sales.  When the hard-core games were already available on other systems, how do you pry people away from the others?  The graphics were not much of a difference to even get people talking.

            Hell, Nintendo, if you want it done right hire me, I’ll set you straight!

          • Jay

            “Hire me” PSH!! Please lol don’t flatter yourself. The people with the worse game ideas are “T3H H@rdc0r3:disqus ” gamers.

            Also why do closed minded idiots like you hate casual gamers so much?
            The level of immaturity kills me!!

          • David

            Wow you don’t know anything about the wii u do you? You probably have no idea what is really under the hood. I bet you’ll try to say something piece of crap processors or something lame as what other developers who never developed on it did. Yet those who have praise it. Go ahead tell me some technical spec that you know about it and make it sound like you know what your talking about. Tell me something about edram or gpgpu. Tell me something about out-of-order-processing? Oh and tell me what you know about its architecture. Tell me how is nintendo’s 1.24ghz more modern and efficient then the Xbox or ps3? Don’t be a fool like the idiots who whined about it under powered and didn’t take time to understand its architecture. You know people bashed the ps3 went it first came out. It took naughty dogs studio to show its done.

          • Jay

            The Wii U is not aimed at the sony/ms crowd. 🙁

          • David

            How are you making judgements on our ports and first gen releases? Both Xbox and ps3 had a crap load of crappy ports. How long have you been playing? Maybe you should do a little more research. Why are both of you on a wii u site if you don’t like the system? Are you just here to troll? Maybe you should watch gearboxes video and hear what they have to say about the system. There’s not that man games geared towards 6 yr old or is that all the games you purchase was for kids? You know rumor had that either Microsoft or Sony are gonna drop out of making consoles. Go ahead and google that. Wait till nintendo’s big hitters come out. I’m not just trying to be a fan boy, but look at you to giving praise to other consoles on a nintendo sight and you want talk about propaganda….hmmmmm
            Too bad Sony doesn’t pay you and neither does Xbox.

        • Jay

          LOL WHAT FUCKING PLANET are you living in?!!!

          SONY lied about the PS3’s capabilities at e3 2006.

          SONY lied about the PS3 hardware.

          SONY tried to cover up the rootkit scandal.

          LOL Nintendo is the most honest company there is!! Just check their consumer ratings!! Also where’s your source that Nintendo made up rumors about Sony?? Like they don’t have better things to do like umm… make GAMES??

          Haha it’s funny how a person can make up their own reality and believe it. what a loser 🙁

          Unless you’re 12 years old then you get no sympathy from me.

          • calm down dude

          • Jay

            sorry its just that hardcore gamers are the most annoying so much so that i only hang out with the more mature casual crowd.

            Plus i hate when people make up facts its as stupid as possible.

    • gaminggrandinformed

      are you a member of costco if not then you would have paid more for youre wii u from costco dont you know it is a wholesale member only retailer and i got news for you you wont even find any on the east coast they are a west coast company there might be maybe three stores on the entire eastern seaboard and who wants to pay membership prices to join if the only thing you get is a wii u and nintendos luanch is doing just fine selling an average of 1 million a month and if you didnt want a wii u they why did you buy it and if you dont like take it back i love my wii u best sysytem out period

      • Rob Lucci

        You are making too much sense, some people just like to jump into conclusions.

      • Shawn Spitler

        I live in New York City and pass a Costco everyday. It’s a bicoastal company.

        • Silent

          I used to live in NYC, lol. I moved. I now live in FL and i have a costco nearby

      • Johnny Star

        Costco is a west coast only company? There are Costco’s a plenty on the east coast, maybe you should research before making a statement like that. And Wii U the best system out period? That is obviously an opinion, and not a fact.

      •  I’m in CT and there has been Costcos since – Price Club, since at least when the NES was out!

    • MujuraNoKamen

       how are Reggie, Iwata and Shibata responsible for any of this?
      You’re right about N missing an opportunity but that’s down to poor efforts of the advertising departments, everyone else is doing a good job.

    • Jay

      lol what a moron…

      do you even KNOW what Costco is??

  • JVAN63

    Considering Nintendo said the current price point causes a loss for them until a game is purchased, this is big news. Either Costco is significantly cutting their profit margin, or Nintendo made a deal to get their numbers up. Of course if you have a TID and reseller license, you could sell them at standard retail after purchasing them tax-free at Costco. This puts Costco in the position of both a distributor and a retailer.

  • This is more proof that it is over for Nintendo!  This is why that made that controller a tablet – in case the system flopped people would still feel that they have something useful.  Once GTA V drops – WHOO-WEEEE!

    • DragonSilths

      GTA is the same thing over and over. Steal car, kill people, fuck a hooker, run from cops. Yes theres a story but what do you do after you beat it…exactly same old same old.

      • Genesect4ssb4

        I don’t play GTA story. I just go on a rampage and kill people and drive into cops. 

        Lots of people prefer free roaming to actually playing GTA’s story. I know all my friends rather do it

        •  Online is where it’s at!  There is a reason it’s STILL in the top ten X-Box Live games after all of these years.  Nintendo is just behind the times and I can’t wait for them to go under!  Serves them right making baby games.  Nintendo make Romper Room systems.  They claimed they wanted to shed that image with Wii U and all they did was do more of the same.

          • Silent

            Okay, right now Nintendo is selling more than Sony or Xbox and you cant change a dam f**k about it. Those ”baby games” are still selling. I play Pokemon and i like it. I don’t have to play what you or other people want to, i can play WHATEVER i want. Playing a mature game doesn’t make you a hardcore gamer. Nintendo provides fun, often healthy games which is better than sitting in front of the tv killing people, stealing cars and smoking. Seriously no wonder society is this bad, people play these stupid and retarded video games. Oh and Notice how Sony/Microsoft come back to the market with the same thing. Graphics. Because that’s all a game is about.

          •  LOl!  Nintendo is not selling more than Sony or MS, stop the BS.  Are you aware that Mario, Zelda and Pokemon are just as violent as GTA?  They just have cute characters with primary colors!  All Nintendo’s baby games center around violence.  It is hard to find a game that does not revolve around shooting or hitting or just trying to stop someone or something by force.

          • Silent

            Okay, So you are telling me that mario kills cops and steals cars from people? Cartoon violence is different than bloody violence. Way you seriously need some help.

          •  They are BOTH cartoons…  Mario jumps on creatures, throws them, kills them in all kinds of ways.  No showing blood does not change the fact that it is violent.  No way around this one except to lie.  Lying is why Nintendo is outta here!

          • Rob Lucci

            They are both cartoons…so with that logic that make GTA  a kiddie game too….

          •  GTA has no restrictions while Mario is designed with babies in mind.

          • Jay

            LOL This guy so HARDCORE he no play Baby games!!

          • Jay

            lol Wall E Is as violent as RoboCop!!!

          • Silent

            No blood no violence, thats how it works. As long as there is no blood, ”Baby” games will keep selling more than Gay Theft A*s V

          • Adam Porter

            i wouldn’t be surprised if gta v flopped, i can see ps4 and nextbox flopping tbh, they will cost 600euro at launch, they’ll have a slow launch, once people finally see the price difference between a wiiu and other consoles it may actually make a few buy the cheaper console.

          •  LOl!  You know if there was a sure bet on anything in the video game world – it’s GTA V being game of the year!  GTA has to be the only game I ever preorder!  I am still having fun with 4 and cannot wait for 5 since I have never been to L.A. and given that 4 gave you the essence of NYC, I imagine that 5 will give me the essence of L.A.

            You guys are funny.  You are just made because a powerful game like that won’t be on a baby game system that is already discounted!  You people also keep assuming a high price on the next systems just because the PS3 was high.  It should come in around $300.

          • Jay

            Sorry to hurt your feelings but:
            GTA IV (Xbox 360):   4 Million Sold
            Mario Kart Wii (Wii): 32 Million Soldplus when GTAIV dropped i didn’t see Nintendo go anywhere.”WHOOO-Wiiii!!! I’m the GTAIV Gangsta!!!”


          • David

            Actual there talks about gta 5 being both on pc and wii u.
            Along with a new resident evil and metal gear was on the gaming community news and several websites that metal gear solid would be.

          •  Talk is not truth.  That is just Nintendo BS to not have people bypass the  Wii U.  Resident Evil and Metal Gear have endless, repetitive, Japanese sequels (Power Rangers, Godzilla, any Japanese product) with practically the same shit for way too long.  They are both played out.

          • Jay

            Sorry to hurt your feelings but:
            GTA IV (Xbox 360):   4 Million Sold
            Mario Kart Wii (Wii): 32 Million Soldplus when GTAIV dropped i didn’t see Nintendo go anywhere.


      •  Yeah, it’s the same thing over and over (you clearly never played it before if you think that) with high sales and systems sellers – over and over. There is a reason people love it and that reason will further obscure the Wii U’s presence.  Of course if it were coming to Wii U, it would be the ‘game of the year’ for you Nintendo nuts.

    • thec0lomb1an

      It’s not a tablet dude. Have you ever tried out the Wii U?

      •  It’s a tablet.  I did try it at Target and it did not shock the house for me.  The only other person I saw who wanted to try it was a little baby of about no older than 4!  I let him take over.  That shows who Nintendo’s audience is!

        • Silent

          Hah, you know what, Nintendo is selling more than Sony/Microsoft because of that baby audience. Like who cares who buys the consoles.

        • Jay

          We’ve all seen kids in Kindergarten play GTA and CoD. So quit hating on the kids you bitch.

          •  They are not supposed to play them and they clearly don’t know what they are doing – bitch.

          • Jay

            haha i like how Donaalds post is signed “-bitch”

            lol what a moron he just called himself bitch!!

        • Andres Trujillo

          maybe you should try it at another place other than a demo station, or just stop making accounts for Wii U news site altogether. Do you really not have anything else to do?

    • Jay

      Sorry to hurt your feelings but:
      GTA IV (Xbox 360):   4 Million Sold
      Mario Kart Wii (Wii): 32 Million Sold

      plus when GTAIV dropped i didn’t see Nintendo go anywhere.

      “WHOOO-Wiiii!!! I’m the GTAIV Gangsta!!!”

  • Kuzon

    What is with the sudden influx of Wii U haters on a Wii U news site?

    • Rob Lucci

      They are always on the site, they wait till bad news is released so they can brag about how their favorite console/company/PC is better or gonna be better then the WiiU/Nintendo.

    • Speaking for myself: It’s not that I hate Nintendo… I’m pissed cause of the direction they’ve taken with the “next gen system” They had a great opportunity to redeem their selves to “Hardcore gamers” out there and they screwed it up! History is repeating it’s self in the same way the Wii was criticized and went downhill. It’s sad I tell you….. SAD :/ I have all 3 systems and I still play my Xbox and Sony more than the WiiU and I have about 5 games… 

      • DragonSilths

        How the hell will the Wii U not get back “TeH HaRDcoReZ”? Seriously Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros, Starfox, Windwaker Reborn, Xeno…something, Pikmin 3 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Wonderful 101, Miyamotos new game, Mario Kart U, 3D Mario, Brand new Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero, Rayman Legends, Aliens Colonial Marines.

        Plus a much better online. Just need Party Chat which is coming.

        If that doesnt get Nintendo back to where you think it needs to be then sir those hardcore gamers were never Nintendo fans in the first place.

        Nintendo is right where they should be. Amazing us with the games we love.

        • Johny

          exactly… we’re getting nearly ALL nintendo games we could possibly want + more ! (Bayonetta 2, monster hunter, Xeno… something, etc… ) if that doesnt satistfy people.. that… sorry guys… you just dont like games… go and spend time on some other hobby and leave games to gamers… sryusly

        • Captain Falcon

          Part chat’s coming? Link please.

        • THOSE games are “hard-core?”  Now you see why you are losing the race!

          • Kuzon

            Please don’t tell me hardcore games to you are Call of Duty and Skyrim.

            Please please don’t say that. Cause that’s as casual shit as you can get.

          • Jay

            no one here is losing a “race” moron. If all you look for is “T3H H@rc0r3z”! Then you SERIOUSLY NEED to GROW UP.

          • cozomel

            sad, sad little wiiu defenders, youse are all so pathetic, just like the wiiu. zelda, mario, metroid, etc all the same 30yr old franchises

          • NkoSekirei

             and i see who has the lowest I.Q. here is u troll do us all a favor and gtfo u douche

        • LukeBlackburn

          and wait call in the next 30 minutes and we’ll double your offer…jk and i have my wiiu and i cant wait for this year and for more years to come for the great games to play

      • Aston Readings

        Nice to see a 32 year old whining about video games…Makes me feel so much better about my life (better than you). Games are games, not meant to be taken seriously, it’s either a hobby or a time killer.

        • mralloverit

          Nicely done. Couldn’t agree more.

        • cozomel

          nice to see you whining about him. and is wii fit a game compared to other games? and food is food right? its all the same too! f-out of here with that wii fanboy sh!t

      • Kuzon

        History isn’t repeating it self. Maybe you should look up video game history before you say that. They didn’t screw up anything.

      • Jay

        screw the hardcore. I dont even wanna see them on MiiVerse.

    • Jay

      The more successful a company becomes. the more haters it generates.

      just look at history 🙂

    • FabulousKing

      It’s the fault of the “fans”, they are so sensitive and always reply to every troll.

  • David

    I bet you don’t even own one troll

    • If you are referring to me…. I’d like to say that if you saw my setup, you’d probably nut yourself. I refuse to sit here and entertain your comment cause fact is your a douche bag that claims hard to Nintendo Wii U cause that’s all your ass can afford. Find another way to be a dick and stop insulting people cause you sound like a jit. #Get a life 🙂

      • David

        Does it say I’m referring to you? How about you get over yourself.

      • Watch out folks, he is so rich, and have a wonderful life, trolling and raging in a site about a video game that is for poor people.

  • David

    You everyone keeps saying how bad the wii u is doing yet it did better then both ps3’s launch and xbox’s launch here in the u.s. why don’t you go and google ps3 and Xbox launches and check out negitive crap said about both if them. Both systems kept dying on people. I’ve had 3 Xbox and I’ve seen ps3 almost catch on fire. Ps3 went it launch was down scaling and playing in true hd. Google ahead google they’re launch reviews.

    • David

      Edit:everyone keeps saying how bad the wii u is doing yet it did better then both ps3’s launch and xbox’s launch here in the u.s. why don’t you go and google ps3 and Xbox launches and check out negitive crap said about both of them. Both systems kept dying on people. I’ve had 3 Xbox and I’ve seen ps3 almost catch on fire. Ps3 when it launch was down scaling and not playing in true hd. Go ahead google they’re launch reviews.

      •  So.  Wii U is doomed and it is not Getting GTA V!  PS3 and 360 got GTA 4.  Nuff said.

        • Rob Lucci

          You do know that GTA was delay so they can port it to the PC and WiiU and have it launch with the 360/ps3.

          • wheres your proof? a wii u and pc version of gta v was never announced

          • David

            Yes it was in talks. Look it up!

        • Jay

          Sorry to hurt your feelings but:
          GTA IV (Xbox 360):   4 Million Sold
          Mario Kart Wii (Wii): 32 Million Sold

          also i didn’t see the Wiis funeral when GTAIV dropped.

          so no……

          •  Source for the figures?  What about Wii U game sales..?

          • Jay

            I’ve been following game figures since 2006. Dont ask me for the source, if you’re gonna be in denial fetch them yourself.

            Wii U game sales are doing GREAT.

            but its still too early to reveal them given the fact that they’ve only had 2 months to rake up sales(1 Documented month). So any numbnut with a brain would be stupid to compare them to games that have had YEARS to sell.

            BUT one game on the Wii U is close to outselling GTA IV already!!

            Hmmm… Which one? Go fetch it yourself GTA Gangsta!!!

          •  Using yourself as a source invalidates your claim.

          • CodyTanner

            He’s just telling you to look it up yourself. Stop caring about him being wrong and do some research to see if he’s right.

          •  You will see the Wii U’s funeral!

        • David

          Actually there’s been talks that both pc and wii u will
          get gta v. But even if they do I could careless! I’m sorry but back in the day the ones who played a lot of the jrpg’s, RPGs or any game that took days to complete were the hardcore gamers. Those who played only the popular games were called mainstream. Which exactly what gta v is for mainstream gamers, back in the day when you were a hardcore gamer you didn’t care what the mainstream media had to say about your game. These days there are no hardcore gamers cause everything has gone mainstream.

          •  Rockstar (the makers of GTA!) said clearly that GTA V will come to PC – but after the console releases as they did with GTA V.  THey also clearly said that they are NOT interested in publishing on platforms with low installed user bases, like Wii U.  OF course, the Wii could not handle GTA 4, so that is but one reason why that game was not on there.  It would have been embarrassing for Nintendo if it showed up.

            This info came from Rockstar’s own site, not out of my mind like some people’s posts.

          • NkoSekirei

             u have no hard facts so stop making ur self look like an @$$ and by the way rockstar did say their interested on putting grand theft auto 5 onto the wii u and even reggie says he wants to see it come too

          •  Oh “Reggie” says!  Of course he would want it because he knows how important that game is.  What I wrote was an almost direct quote from ROckstar.  They will not make it for the Wii U because they cannot sell enough to justfiy the investment.   Besides, the Wii U may not be able to handle it.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            It’s quite certain that it can. I’ll give you the fact that it’s install base isn’t big enough at this current time.

    • Bill Bong

      I still have my original Xbox 360. It has never failed. Bought it 3rd month after release. My PS3 also works just fine. It is the large one. I even have a working Game Cube and PS2. My original Xbox did crap out. The CD tray would not open and make a loud sound when turned on.

      •  all my nintendo console works even my 8bit its over 20 years old

        • LukeBlackburn

          my uncle has a working snes and its in great shape

      • Ian Rahn

        What is your point. Just because your xbox never broke does not mean it didn’t have faults at launch. I think a clear majority of people got the red ring eventually.

        • Jay

          I got it.

          Also the user install base for the 360 counts all the broken consoles. So you can bet ur ass the install base is smaller than MS/Sony say. Fuck Sony was just as bad.

          ironically MORE Wiis have sold and the number is closer to reality given the fact that the failure rate for the system is about a 20th of the competition.

  • gaminggrandinformed

    dude you didnt get ripped of for 50 fool you have to pay a membership just to buy from costco and thats something like 200 a year so if you think joing a member org for a price cut is worth it than you would have paid 150 more for youre wii u unless you were already a member so no one ripped you off

    • idontknoww

      here in the UK memberships are £30 for individual and £25 for trade, what the hell is that 200 about?

  • SirDjss

    the wii u is going really well ,ppl are comparing numbers from back in the days when the economy werent bad. so for being today it has sold wery well.

    •  Which is it – the economy, the lack of developers, developers not knowing how to design games for the system, developers not knowing how to program for GPUs, the TV ads – which is it?  Too many excuses means that you don’t know or that you are lying. You know what the problem is, Nintendo did not design it for the next-generation, poor marketing, poor advertising.

      • Wayne Beck

        There is no lack of Developers working on Wii U. There are 4 or 5 developers that have expressed an unwillingness to work with it, compared to the thousands of developers in the World.

        •  Yeah but with no GTA, it does not matter.

          • Rob Lucci

            LMAO this guy with his GTA….

          • mralloverit

            Foolish words. One game doesn’t dictate whether a console is successful or not. GTA means nothing. I may just be one person talking, but I’m growing tired of GTA. Doesn’t bother me one bit that it’s not on the Wii U.

          • Adam Porter

            i bought gta iv for xbox, played it for 15 minutes, same old shoot hoes run over pedestrians bullshit that it always was, it was fun when i was 12 just to see what i could blow up in the game, now it’s just boring

          •  Lol!  Stop the BS.  If you were interested in it enough to buy, there is no way in hell that that game could have been boring after 15 minutes.  If it had been on a Nintendo system you would have said some of the outrageous things people say about everything Nintendo on here.

            You cannot put down a game that the majority of gamers are down with.  GTA stand beside Street Fighter II, Super Mario Brothers and Pac-Man as game changing, cultural phenomenons!  That means, if you like or love video games, then being without GTA or any of those,makes you a stone cold liar – or gay!

          • Yeah, because a game about being a GANGSTA, killing random people, and having sex with a prostitute and kill her is SO much better than the most remarkable series ever, an classic excellent fighting game and one of the fathers of arcade.

            And because if someone doesn’t like this perfect game that you call GTA, they’re liars, or gay?

            Good point over there, smartass.

          •  You have proven my point!  You clearly have never played GTA and you out of touch and out of date people STILL have San Andreas on your mind.  GTA is not even about the characters, the environment is the game.  Nintendo/Japan does not get it.  It is too late to get it.

          • Jay

            You SO gangsta!!! Playing GTA In grannies basement earning that Gamerscore!!

          • Adam Porter

            are you really so into that one game, you must be blind to all the other games out there

          • NkoSekirei

             this guy is an idiot

          • David

            I bought and I sold it. Same crap different city. Sorry man I’m more into bring a hero then a lame scum bag.

          •  Riiiight.  Now you want to BE the character instead of playing a game?  You Nintendo employees/agents are nothing but liars, and poor ones at that.

          • I actually played alot of GTA, GTA III, Vice City, Vice City Stories, Liberty City, San Andreas and GTA IV.

            I doesn’t change almost anything from game to game, i will probably buy GTA V, maybe it will show some kind of revolution or shit.

            The point is, that GTA isn’t better than most of other games, and if it does not show up in the Wii U, that doesn’t mean the console will fail.

            Why don’t you just shut up, leave this site, and go  play some GTA, because you love GTA, right? Masterpiece of gaming.

          •  “IF” you played all of those GTA’s, that means you do not casually like it, but you must LOVE it!  If you say that you do not, then you are a liar.

            You say they do not change the game much?  They do.  The environment is the game, not the characters.  This is why they can have any main character and people do not care because it is the environment that is the game.

            So, from GTA 3 to Vice City, there was no growth?  San Andreas was not totally different from the others?  GTA 4 introduced next generation graphics and realism.  Stop the BS.

          • NkoSekirei

            trash will be trash do us all a favor and go back to the garbage can were u belong

          •  You are a poor agent

          • Adam Porter

            unfortunately there was not much else to buy, fable 2 was the last game i really enjoyed on the xbox, of course cod aswell, the online competitiveness is addictive.

          • NkoSekirei

             we didnt realize u love banging a  cactus

          •  GTA means nothing?  Vice City was the game that sold the PS2!  That game alone gave Sony the #1 spot and they paid for it!  Now, GTA 4 helped the 360 with the delayed exclusives (which I did not like buying each one and then they put it all on one disc!) and the reportedly better graphics on the 360.

            Let’s not play games(!), you know what’s going to happen once that game drops.

          • mralloverit

            Sure. I know exactly what’s going to happen when GTA 5 comes out………………….wait for it…………………..NOTHING!!! Yes, people will buy it, Yes, people will play it. Nobody is disputing that. However, to say that one game (or franchise of games) is responsible for making one console while breaking another, is complete foolishness and yes GTA means very little or nothing at all in the grand scheme of things. It’s one franchise in a sea of other franchises that gamers enjoy playing. The Wii U will stand tall without GTA, and it’s unlikely to change even when Sony and Microsoft release their next grossly over-priced consoles. Your responses and “predictions” about what’s going to happen are not fact. They’re your opinion. Nothing more and nothing less and I hate to break it to you, but that opinion of yours is in the minority around here. You can respond it this if you wish, but I’m unlikely to do the same unless you can come up with something worthwhile. Have fun.

          •  I wii U is standing small right now and will be a done deal after GTA V.  You know it so stop.

          • Jay

            Sorry to hurt your feelings but:
            GTA IV (Xbox 360):   4 Million Sold
            New Super Mario Bros. (Wii): 26 Million Sold

          •  Nintendo IP’s were the only decent games for that Wii.  Ask the general public about New (huh!) Super Marios Brothers or GTA 4 – which one would they know about and love more?

          • Jay

            yeah 32MILLION would say Mario Kart while 4 Million would say GTAIV stop kidding yourself, kid! lol

          •  If the Wii were capable of displaying GTA 4, it would have sold quite a bit more on the Wii.  However, we don’t care about the Wii, it is about what the Wii U is not doing!

          • NkoSekirei

             stfu u idiot every comment u make it shows show stupid u really get

          • Jay

            Sorry to hurt your feelings but:

            GTA IV (Xbox 360):   4 Million Sold

            Mario Kart Wii (Wii): 32 Million Sold

          • Silent

            GTA or GTFO? I think is the second one for you.

          •  I will GTFO when GTA V comes!

          • Silent

            Why not play GTFO now? i mean the game is interesting.

          • Jay

            lol how mature. Its idiots like you we hear on xbl all day…

            “Nintendo for t3H BABIES!! ME H@rdC0r3”!!!

          • NkoSekirei

             no one will care about u leaving this site.

          • NkoSekirei

             u dont know that maggot

      • Jay

        hey you “T3H H@rdc0r3” Gamerz… Explain to me how well the 360 and ps3 launch went….

      • David

        Yup and ps3 a had a butt load of those too! Man research your crap before you say something!

        •  Who cares?  We are talking about the Wii U, a new system no better than the almost ten year old systems!  PS3 still sold despite it’s high price tag, although I will admit that a great number of those sold were people who wanted a cheaper Blu-Ray player.

          • NkoSekirei

             dude wii u is next gen and it run on 2011 specs making more powerful then the current gen consoles.maybe u need to get ur head out of ur @$$ and stop beng a fanboy douchebag

          •  Nope.  Graphics effects and power to go along with it are what the Wii U lacks and what the next Xbox will provide.

      • SirDjss

        so what does that even mean ? design it for next – gen ? u mean a 1000 dollar consol ? HAHA good luck with that mate. its never gonna happen , it basiclly have the same GPU as rumourd 720/ps4. And their marketing is quite alright since it costs millions of millions of dollars ,and basiclly utube does it for free today so please stop talking out ur AXXX 

  • Only 3 million were shipped in that month and a half? Wow, that is SO crappy. It’s a wonder they still in business! :/

    • I think that some people won’t understand your irony, my friend xD

  • Ian Rahn

    I think all these “hardcore gamers” should quit buying video game systems and just buy pcs. If you really care about graphics, buy a pc. Nintendo has NEVER EVER been a hardcore gaming company. Literally never has. I don’t see why people even bother complaining. Get a job or any other healthier hobby and play video games as casual gamers rather than sit on this website constantly complaining (I do know I am contradicting myself with this statement).

    •  They were hardcore with the NES and SNES!  However, they had practically all of the 3rd party support which is why.  If people were complementing Nintendo for something that they are doing wrongly, you would not complain about people complaining.  We just want Nintendo to get with it or to get lost!

      • Wayne Beck

        They weren’t hardcore, they were the only player in the game. 

        Back when NES and SNES were released, “Hardcore” gamers went to the Arcade.

        • OK, I agree with you about the arcade part, but Nintendo was not the only game in town at that time, but their marketing and 3rd party support was there.

          • Jay

            if you think 3rd Party support makes a game console hardcore then damn.. LORD have mercy on your brain!!

      • Jay

        lol what a moron. This guy has me laughing to tears!!!!

    • Jay

      There has NEVER been a “Hardcore” console EVER in history….

  • Captinn2

    “Wii U sales haven’t been all that great: only 3 million consoles were shipped in 2012, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that all 3 million have been sold.” Really, Wii U daily. Really? This is only the beginning. We’re having Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 8, X, Rayman Legends, Disney Infinity, Dragon Quest X(Europe :L), Bit Trip, and MORE to come. This is only the beginning. And this is how u will play next. And by the way it was actually 3.06 million. Check dis ^-^:

    • Silent

      Remember when the 3ds wasnt selling at the beginning. Thats how the wii u is coming.

  • Fred

    That’s awesome, now more of my friends can get a Wii U. I just put this on Facebook hopefully several of them will take advantage

  • Wow this was a long read, all the comments and replies from fans, haters and neutral people alike, and all 3 groups have valid points as well as false points, I’m not gonna mix myself in this. It was a good and amusing read though. 

  • What great big BULLSH*T, this always happens after I purchase something.

    • Silent

      Since the 3ds price cut I NEVER BUY A CONSOLE NEAR LAUNCH DATE

  • Lev M

    ATTENTION WIIU HATERS:Get off the site, the normal Wii won the last Gen so whatever you’re saying right now is irrelevant, if you want “hardcore gaming” go buy a Alienware, Sony doesn’t care about anything but money & Microsoft don’t know what’s up from down, lasted i checked this time in the ps3 & 360 lifecycle the Wii U is blowing both of them out the water COMBINED so please get out of here with your ignorance

  • I always buy my consoles at Best Buy because they have the best warranty. I remember when my 360 broke all i had to do was bring it in and exchange it for a brand new one off the shelf.

  • Costco prices are up. It’s only a $10 discount now. I guess Nintendo isn’t DOOOOMED after all.

  • El Tio Gamboyo

    Wii U is really a great system, and I’m very sure that by the end of the year is gonna sell a whole lot more. They have great games coming up, a new way of playing these games but most important they have my trust as a gamer. Nintendo all the way!!!

  • Rob Lucci

    Shame on all you fanboys and nintendo haters,you guys are arguing about a piece of plastic.It shouldn’t matter which one has the best specs,sales,game line-up etc, all that should matter is which one you have the most FUN with.

    With that being said ima go back and play some Mighty Switch Force and Pushmo on my 3ds until Fire Emblem comes out on the 4th.

    • Totally agree with you, my friend, people are forgetting what is “having fun”, and stick out to the lame fanboy fights.

  • What gamers want are just Fist person shooters.The wii u has Black ops 2 and they are bring alot of games that gamers want to play. The only reason that people are hating on the wii u is because the Wii left a bad tast in Nintendo. The Wii had a lot of party and sport games, lacked online play and hardcore games. Nintendo sees that and are changing.

  • RoyCar69

    I believe that once “must play/have” games are released then we will see a higher interest in the Wii U. With so many other games and options out there right now the industry is tougher than ever. I for one really like what Nintendo is trying to do with the Wii U. The only thing it lacks is the ability to play DVDs/Blu-ray movies. And of course it needs more games NOW. It would be great if Nintendo released a ton of downloadable games now to pacify gamers until the new ones are available. 

  • Leeroy

    Everybody knows, that costco keeps the cost low

    • RoyCar69

      No, That’s WalMart. They sell everything for 1 cent cheaper and that makes them the low cost leader..  Too bad 99.9 percent of consumers don’t realize what that 1 cent savings cost them in tax dollars..
      (source) Walmart: The High Cost Of Low Prices

      Knowledge is power…

      • Jay

        yup you are correct. i never shop there.

  • Adam Porter

    stop feeding him

    • Jay

      hes too easy tho 🙁

  • Adam Porter

    ladies and gentlemen, this thread would like to invite you to witness donaald, the hardest working troll to ever grace an internet forum

    • Rob Lucci

      He trolls World Star Hip-Hop too, so he does double duty.

    • Jay

      he sooo gangsta he dont play no baby games!!

      He shootin up them fools in GTA DOGG!!

  • David

    Wow….really! Babies, huh? So you’d rather have real life like violence and raping. That says a lot about you. Mario is actually a lot hard to master cause a lot of it takes timing and skills. Same with Zelda and a lot of other nintendo games……yet, gta is wide open for people who can’t follow instructions. Trust none of gta’s missions and I mean NONE of them are that hard at all.

  • David

    That’s funny we have cod on wii u. Even though it was rushed to get on the system. I can play call of duty upstairs away from my console which I have. I can play on the controller while my friend plays on the t.v. Hmmmmm. Imagine that! A system that can render the game twice is not powerful. Think about that for a moment.

  • David

    And only a$$holes troll on other people’s sites. Since you’re not into baby games why don’t you grow up and leave…however you probably just going to reply with a temper tantrum like a 2 year old. By the way wii u’s launch sales out did both Xbox 360 and ps3. Here go little boy or did you need me to read it to you?