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Fan made Super Smash Bros U box art looks amazing » Super Smash Bros U box art

Super Smash Bros U box art

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    yep, just here for a closer look…. I like it but I really can’t wait to see the real box art

  • I soooo AMAZING!!

  • Purple3DSXL

    Looks pretty good!  I like how they did the character icons for the front of the box of both game versions.

  • Looks great for sure sadly the fan made a few mistakes, no new chars according N yet I see Mega Man, this dude  from skyward sword and the hero from kingdom hearts, such a shame we won’t see them in the real game 🙁 N make it happen add them make 😀

  • Alex Neal


  • Cole Holbrook

    Bold move putting Rosalina in there! But well deserved from Galaxy. Love Girahim cuz we need some more villians! Knuckles I am not so sure but all right! Megaman and Bowser Jr. are welcome in my opinion. Magnus I think is on there which would be cool. Baby Mario would be odd…  and a Kingdom Hearts rep would be new. Looks like they encorpareted gen 5 of Pokemon with Oshowott (sorry for spelling)

  • Chris Ojinaka

    I have to admit, this is expertly done. I wouldn’t be surprised if the final thing took some inspiration from this right here.

  • kevincho1

    omg i want this game so baddly

  • looks so awsome when you study it

  • and if you study the pic you can that you can connect it eith a 3ds

  • brig

  • gio21sheehan

    Why everyone want Mega Man in SSB?? WHY??

  • catsby

    I would love to see megaman and knuckles in SSB!!