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Resident Evil: Revelations, Wii U pre-orders available

Pre-orders have opened on Amazon for the remastered version of Resident Evil: Revelations.

You can purchase your copy of the game right now for Wii U, Xbox 360 or PS3, though the game is set for release on the PC as well. This version of the 3DS survival/horror game will feature high-definition graphics and a number of other features to its cooperative Raid Mode.

If you don’t own a 3DS or the original game, then perhaps playing on a bigger screen with better visuals and (probably) better controls will entice you to pick up a copy of the upcoming port.

The new version of Resident Evil: Revelations is set for release in North America on May 21st at a price of $49.99. The EU release will follow three days later on May 24th.

Excited for another survival/horror on the Wii U? If you have already played the original, might the new features and looks convince you to buy this game again? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Zelly Jeffers

    I’d consider getting it after I finish ZombiU. I hope they release it in the eShop though. I much prefer downloading over stacking cases.

    • Marcell Wade

      I love to have something physical, that I can hold or digital, unless it’s download only.

      • Zelly Jeffers

        I used to feel that way until I moved out of an apartment I’d lived in for eight years and I realized how many DVDs I had. Took me a while after I’d moved to convert them all to a couple hard drives then sell some on eBay and the rest I donated to a youth program. Since then I have yet to buy a Blu-ray disc. A purchased downloadable HD movie looks just as great. ūüôā¬†

        I much prefer less clutter, less waste, and I typically do not trade in games, so download options are perfect for me. If something goes wrong, there’s always the option to download it again at no cost.

  • I’m getting it on eShop =3¬†

  • Jeffery02

    I was never much for Resident Evil, but I do have to say it is one of the most beautiful games I have ever seen on the 3DS. The eShop demo blew my mind! I can only imagine what it would look like in HD on the Wii U, PS3, and 360.

  • Da Juggla

    I pre ordered this for my 3ds and I will again for my wii u.  Anyone on the fence about which console to get it for note the dual screen experience really adds to and helps you survive this game. I cant wait to play on my tv

  • RetroSquid

    Lost interest in the Resident Evil series after RE4, and the GameCube¬†re releases¬†are the only reason I keep my Wii around these days… ūüôā

    Played 5, thought it was awful, played 6 at a friends, regretted it and played the demo of Revelations on my 3DS and although thought the game looked nice, it just played like the previous action failures.

    • Sounds like you never played the first few games, have you?

      Revelations was a far better version than RE 5 & 6 and its actually more scary since you play through tight corridors and there is very few action scenes, most of the time is closed off corridors with plenty of rooms to go into. 

      • RetroSquid

        Yeah, played them all (except the gun survivor crap) way back on the PSX and Code Veronica on my trusty DreamCast. then when they were all re-released along with the remake of the original on the GameCube and the addition of RE Zero when Capcom had their little agreement with Nintendo.

        And from the demo of Revelations, yeah, it looked to be more of a horror game than the likes of 5 and 6, but still too far from what originally made RE a great game/series.

  • ludist210

    I’ll download it on the eShop, even after beating it on 3DS.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Because I already own, 100%’d and loved the 3DS version, I will pick this up – but, like RE6, I will wait until it hits the bargain bin. The additional features are not worth shelling out full retail price for.

  • Elem187

    Don’t have a portable system, so I never played it. But I will pick it up the day its released on the Wii U.

    The last Resident Evil I played was 4 on Wii, sooooo looking forward to another one.

  • InterTripleteWorldChampion

    No hardcore game on Wii U, uh?! I’ve been counting dozens since D1, between lineup and future IPs… But “Wii U has no third party support”, this is what is stated, this is what must be told… okay… ūüėČ

  • RoyCar69

    I don’t have a 3DS yet (XL soon) so I did not get a chance to play RE:R. I will definately buy and play it on the WiiU. I’m a big fan and have had fun with all except Survivor & Gaiden. I’m really glad that Capcom is going to start listening to the fans more and try and turn things around for the franchise. I’d like to share a moment with you all; My first experience with RE was at a Fry’s Electronics. My girlfriend at the time and I were playing the demo (1996) and when Chris walks past the dead zombie on the floor and it suddenly grabs his leg ~ My girlfriends scream could be heard echoing the store. From then on I was hooked…

  • FreeRPGer

    Where else can this be pre-ordered? 
    Gamestop or no other stores have them available for pre-order. I’d prefer to do it locally, as opposed to Amazon. I want this badly, as I hear this will be as epic as RE6 should have been.
    RE6 … bleh. Too action and stealth oriented. It was a confusing mess that didn’t know what genre of game it should have been.
    I loved RE1, RE2, and Code Veronica. But I lost interest after that. 
    RE4 and RE5 were good gameplay-wise, but the stories were lacking compared to RE1 and RE2.The Gamecube remakes were good at least.