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Fast & Furious: Showdown headed to Wii U



A new game coinciding with the release of the sixth Fast & Furious film will be released on May 22nd for the Wii U. According to VG247, the storyline has numerous missions revolving around heists, hijacks and shoot-outs. The game will feature events from previous movies, as well as events from the sixth movie that will hit movie theaters on May 24th. Additional gameplay details are:

Play through the story taking on various roles, and switch it up as you please; take on skill-based high scoring challenges on your own or cooperatively with a buddy, and compare your results against your friends list; complete 31 missions through eight chapters in eight locations around the world.

Missions are comprised of one or more objectives. Objectives include:

  • Get to Location – get to a target location as quickly as possible
  • Transport – transport a person, vehicle or item to a target location
  • Win Race – win a street race by finishing in 1st place
  • Catch Vehicle – catch up with an escaping vehicle
  • Survive Pursuit – survive a police or gang pursuit
  • Protect Vehicle – protect a target vehicle from being destroyed
  • Enter Vehicle – get your character inside the back of a moving vehicle
  • Wreck Objectives/vehicles – wreck target objects or vehicles
  • Avoid Detection – travel past security cameras at high speed
  • Rescue Teammate – rescue a teammate in distress
  • Hijack Vehicle – hijack a target car
  • Steal Cargo – steal cargo from a moving vehicle

The game is currently being developed by Firebrand games. This is something of a surprise, but given the drought of games currently available, we’ll take it.


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  • Zorpix

    any 3rd party is a good thing :3

    • D.M.T

      Sssshhhttt!!! Don’t make it seem like we are desperate for new games lol.

      Lol I’m kidding. Fuck Yeah!!! Bring that shit to Wii U. We are starving damn it, feed us games!!!!!!

      • Johny

        haha this comment made me laugh xD … haha true… but that kind of stuff WILL feed the nintendo haters when they see it 😛

      • Zorpix

        XD everyone’s desperate for new games. Thing is, Nintendo has them. Third parties dont 😛

      • MetroidZero

        The Phoenix will rise at E3…no worries :)

  • Bob Wilkerson

    So Need For Speed is going to make a Movie and now Fast and Furious is going to make a video game. Interesting

    • Goginho

      It’s like singers becoming actors and actors becoming singers.

      • Nintedward

        It’s like Peter becoming Homer :O !

      • ReturnoftheTruth2

        Well Drake and Rick Ross are actors!

  • audi lover

    I bought nintendo to play nintendo games they are the best quality and most entertaining in the industry, apart from the mass effect series and elder scrolls on xbox and god of war on ps3 there hasent been many games on those platforms I havent got bored with quickly, admittedly I do own all 3 but I simply havent played them since getting my wii u, but any extra support from 3 party is a bonus, but are movie tie ins really good, juries out on that one

  • Johny

    well…… its a game made from a movie… so its obvious theres a 95% chance it will just plain SUCK (these NEVER do good… they’re just made for a quick cash in after a popular movie and stuff) but hey… whatever… we’re gratefull for wii u support… and we wont turn it down

    • Gregory Edcius

      i thought the first nfs underground was supposed to be an fast and the furious game anyone knows about this ?

  • Dallas Scott Cooper

    I’m not a fan of driving games anyway.

    • uPadWatcher

      Why the hell are you posting your comment anyway?

  • Robyn Hermann

    Now the question is do I get this or the Need For Speed?

    • Bob Wilkerson

      If you like Racing games Most Wanted is a pretty good game. I have it on the 360 and to me it is like they combined NFS and Burnout together. I like the open world and the driving tracks are good too.

  • dylanbob121

    Is this bring made by EA?If so,I will pass.EA has lost my respect after they could not cooperate with nintendo with crysis 3.

  • DemonRoach

    With as much reported “slowdown/frame-rate issues’ in Lego City Undercover, I doubt this game will run well.

    • dylanbob121

      where did you learn that? lego city hasn’t even come out yet.

    • ps4rules

      There’s no frame-rate issues. The game has a very steady frame-rate.

  • uPadWatcher

    Are they FREAKING serious… another racing title for the U?! Let’s hope Fast & Furious: Showdown reaches the same hype status like Criterion Games had with Need for Speed: Most Wanted U.

    • dylanbob121

      dude,thats like the 2nd one.calm down.The next one will be project cars and thats all I know…

      • Potential Rapist

        No, not 2… look at the games list for Wii U games out and the list for games coming. There are many Racing titles.

        • Cubester_64

          Some people like racing games. Yet I understand not all people like them much.

  • Guest

    I was happy until I saw this was published by Activision…I’m guessing it’s gonna be a cash-in.

  • BGhp

    Theirs a good chanes that this game will suck

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    This is a full list of games confirmed for the Wii U in 2013:

    Lego City Undercover
    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    Need for Speed: Most Wanted U
    The Crood’s Prehistoric Party (blah…)
    The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
    Injustice: Gods Among Us
    Fast & Furious: Showdown
    Resident Evil: Revelations
    Pikmin 3
    Rayman Legends
    Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
    Angry Birds Trilogy
    Skylanders: Swap Force
    The Wonderful 101
    Sniper Elite V2
    Sniper Ghost Warrior 2
    Super Smash Bros. sequel
    Watch Dogs
    Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
    Game & Wario
    Wii Fit U
    Aliens Colonial Marines
    Bayonetta 2
    Disney Infinity
    Mario Kart
    Yarn Yoshi
    Unannounced Square Enix game

    Possible games for 2013:

    GTA V
    Splinter Cell Blacklist
    Rainbow 6: Patriots

    Rumored games for Wii U:

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix (could possibly be the Square Enix game)
    Left 4 Dead 3 (Valve stated in interview that they were interested in the Wii U’s hardware and that it could come to Wii U as well as PS3, but take this with a grain of salt)
    Deus Ex
    Battlefield 4
    Next Call of Duty game

    • Jon Turner

      There’s also a chance that Final Fantasy XIV will hit WiiU too, as the director of that revamp is seriously considering it after finishing the PS3 build.

      • Jimmy D. Fugate

        Any quality AAA title is welcome.

    • dylanbob121

      thanks,you have officily broak my wallet

      • Jimmy D. Fugate

        Well don’t worry, that makes two of us.

    • Chris Bingham

      The next CoD game coming to Wii U isn’t a rumor… its an obvious fact

      • Jimmy D. Fugate

        I didn’t know they confirmed it?

    • Potential Rapist

      Whoa, Whoa, Hold on and wait until July. I bet my money that there are heaps of more games than those listed coming to Wii U. And that’s not even including indie titles.

      • Jimmy D. Fugate

        I agree…Nintendo probably has a lot planned for E3. And I only included retail titles.

    • Nintedward

      you forgot a good few. Where is watchdogs , Project cars and Aliens colonial marines ?

      • Jimmy D. Fugate

        Did you press “see more”

    • Jason Wilkins

      The list of available games or future games isn’t important. What is important is what games are exclusive to Wii U and what games, due to exclusivity elsewhere, CAN”T be played on a Wii U. The Wii U is unique in that many developers releasing multiplatform titles are not releasing them for the Wii U meaning the Wii U not only is denied titles exclusive to other consoles but also some that aren’t exclusive.

      Here is a list of the titles that you can expect on any eighth gen. console EXCEPT the Wii U that have been announced thus far.


      Need for Speed: Most Wanted future DLC

      Madden 2014

      Mass Effect 3 DLC

      Dead Island Riptide

      Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

      Tomb Raider (reboot)

      Tiger Woods PGA World Tour 14

      Metro: Last Light

      Crysis 3

      Saints Row 4

  • Zorbo85

    LMFAO seriously the wii u is having good games getting cancelled left and right and games like fast and furious get the green light?
    This game will sell nothing seriously nintendo get your act together everyone on the planet knows that pikmin 3 and a mario game should have been launch titles to help shift units.
    After the wii u failure nintendo will never make another home console again!!

  • D.M.T

    It’s because of people like you that I don’t care much about Sony and the PS4. The PS4 isn’t out yet and some gamers are already acting as if PS4 is the best console of all time. Keep lying to yourself that PS4 will be extremely more powerful than Wii U. This isnt another Wii vs PS3 situation.

  • Sylux

    thing is it Won’t come to PS4, because if it did it would be just another “lame” port which has been out almost a year on other platforms. You fanboys don’t want “lame” ports.

  • NkoSekirei

    this is why i have no respect to trolls like u.Many of u trolls are a disgrace to gamers on all consoles and u dont see me treating ps3 and 360 gamers badly cause i dont and i respect them

  • ps4rules

    Dude I’m getting a PS4 but that doesn’t mean the PS4 will outdue the Wii U. Hell even if it is stronger. Many people have said they don’t want this whole social crap.

  • Bob Wilkerson

    The PS4 will be more powerful when it comes to raw performance but the increased price (unless they sell it at a massive loss) will reflect that. On top of that I anticipate a high failure rate based on Sony’s history with the PS3. Maybe not all hardware failure but failures in delivery of services and game support at least initially.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    it will be the best console of all time…gotta give credit where credit is due…and im a life-long Nintendo fan

  • Nathaniel Lopez

    The PS4/720 are definitely going to be the stronger consoles in terms of specs but there have been articles saying that they’re going to try to be more entertainment oriented rather than gaming…so all in all, it’s likely to have all that power for no reason. I mean, it’s good that it has it because developers can push their games to further limits but seriously, most of it is going to be untapped until like, what 5…10 years from now; That’s also considering this generation even lasts that long.

    There I go again replying to the wrong person, lol.

  • Mario

    Me too! Is not that I don’t like the PS3 and Xbox 360, it’s just that I like the WiiU a bit better. Okay?

  • D.M.T

    Oh really? Why is that? Just because of superior graphics and 3rd party games? If that’s the reason then I’m more then happy to ignore the so called best console of all time. I won’t buy one just to fit in. Wii U is better in my opinion. It offers more for a lower price.

  • Potential Rapist

    Hahahahahhaahahahahahahahaa!!!!…wait….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAAHH! You’re just another person who watches Shokio and takes every word of his up your ass and then present it in such a stupid manner. Shokio is such a smart guy, stop making him look so stupid. HAAHAHHAHAHAHA!!

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Wii U does not offer more…are you serious? PS4 will run circles around Wii U…i understand youre a ninty fanboy, but keep it real.

  • Jon Turner

    And besides that, there WILL be 3rd party games for WiiU. It’s not Wii VS PS3 all over again.

  • Jon Turner

    There is a point to be made though; PS4/720 may be more stronger, but porting should not be too difficult to WiiU this time. And besides if both price at whopping $500, they’re both going to have a hard time finding acceptance.

  • D.M.T

    You’re the one who needs to keep it real Sony fanboy. PS4 is a PS3 with better graphics and Wii U offers more than PS3 so it will offer more than PS4. PS4 is nothing without shiny graphics. Wake up!!!

  • routerbad

    Run circles? The CPU is less powerful but more parallel than the Wii U CPU, so… a wash. The GPU is more powerful but they use the same unified shader architecture and no one knows what half of the Wii U GPU does, only that it is “dedicated silicon”. You have some fairly unrealistic expectations. PS4 is a moderate spec PC, nothing special here, at least not like what you think it is. I understand you are a Sony fan (see what I did there? fanboy doesn’t apply to everything). But, really, keep it real.

  • WiiUltra

    Well actually, the Wii U gamepad can run circles around a PS4 while still playing a game. You can’t do that with a PS4 controller (one screen).

  • routerbad

    I didn’t even mention the superior memory architecture of the Wii U. Unless Sony clocks that GDDR5 to the moon to make up for the massive latency inherent in GDDR, it isn’t going to be pretty.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    the cool thing now is doing more with less…clock speeds mean nothing anymore…and where did you get that the PS4 cpu is less powerful than Wii U’s chip? lol…1.84 teraflops and 8gb gddr5…8 core AMD x64 processor…i grew up on Nintendo and I will always support them, but you cant front on Sony…PS4 is at least 3 times more powerful than Wii U…Wii U will blow up if they even attempt to run Capcoms PS4 demo game….#facts

  • RyuNoHadouken

    how does it offer more? a waste of resources gamepad? Ive only used my gamepad for ZombiU because I had too….no game out right now really warrants looking at that screen outside of the forced uses in Batman and ZombiU.

  • D.M.T

    You call the Gamepad a waste of resources? LOL you don’t even understand why Nintendo does things. The Gamepad is the most powerful controller ever made, it’s almost a handheld console. The Gamepad does everything a normal controller does and much more. The Gamepad changes the way you play video games for the better. Wii U also have other things like 1st party games and Miiverse that makes it a very cool and unique console. In ZombiU you aren’t forced to look at the touchscreen often don’t lie. You only look at the screen when necessary or to scan an area. I don’t know about Batman. PS4 only offers cool graphics, nothing more.

  • Potential Rapist

    You say you’re a Nintendo fan. Obviously you’re not. You’re a ‘choking on Sony’s Cock, khe khe’ fanboy, and it’s so blatantly obvious. Stop giving this forum brain cancer. It’s really not what we deserve. If you got negative shit to say with no facts or research, or at least some general knowledge, I suggest you keep out of these forums because otherwise you will be shat out like a cucumber. It offers more by being innovative and fun. I do have a PS3, and I have a dozen of games for it. I owed a PS2, and I used to have a PSX. I also had almost every Nintendo console. You know what I’ll say to the PS4? F**k it. Hold Shift and type PS4 (PS$)… the truth is right there. It will be an overpriced piece of garbage that can do all the things a computer can do anyways, with no innovation-filled gameplay. That, my friend, is the truth.

  • routerbad

    It doesn’t require any extra resources when the GPU is not rendering to it. Even when it is, they’ve designed the GPU so that the gamepad does not eat into resources when used. Two gamepads on the other hand will cost resources. That much we know. But that translates into 720p instead of 1080p on the TV.

  • NintendoYOU

    Where are you getting these specs from? Sony’s specs didn’t reveal shit gddr5 means it could be and graphics card in the last 6 years and an 8gb gpu… wtf the shit doesnt even exist yet!!!. the best 4gb gpu for a pc atm cost about $1100. so unless sony is making a 2 and a half grand console crossfiring 2 of these bad boys your sadly mistaking. learn somthing about specs befoore your go calling it amazing.

    The ps4 MIGHT be a good console. But until sony actualy goes into detail on their specs we realy dont have a clue

  • routerbad

    Funny how so many drones were bemoaning clock speeds when the Wii U CPU clocks were revealed, only to start saying “clocks don’t matter” once PS4’s were revealed. Your comment shows how ignorant you are with regard to what specs mean, and how easily impressed you are. 1.84T refers to the GPU, not the CPU. The PS4 CPU was designed for ULPC tablets, and as designed to compete with the Intel Atom. It is a weak CPU by today’s standards with long pipeline stages, poor IPC, and its connected to a memory architecture that only makes the latency worse. The Wii U CPU is a PPC750 like no one has ever seen before, features everything that the original PPC750 lacked, like SMP, SIMD, and a modern FPU. It has a MUCH shorter pipeline and has aggressive out of order execution. Each Wii U core can execute more instructions per clock, has more cache, and is connected to a memory architecture suitable to general purpose processing.

    Do you know what GDDR5 is? Its DDR3 with a higher frequency and ridiculous latency. The latency is fine for graphics processing, but it horrendous for general purpose processing, which we know the PS4 will be doing lots of. There is a reason we don’t have GDDR5 DIMM’s and it is only used as on PCB graphics memory. The Wii U memory architecture on the other hand features a huge, on die, cache of SRAM, which spanks GDDR5 handily, but is much, much more expensive. Thanks to this, it doesn’t rely on the slower DDR3 RAM because it won’t need to access the DDR3 very often, only to swap back and forth between SRAM.

    Capcom’s demo game was a render, nothing more. Also, leave the hashtags on twitter, son.

    The Wii U has already demonstrated something more impressive technically than anything that we saw at the Sony event, and it was actual gameplay footage, showing the real pre-alpha environment, little flaws and all. What I like about Nintendo is that they don’t front, they show it like it is. Sony on the other hand, all about the hype, and all about letting little ignorant fanboys parrot the specs like they know what they are talking about.

    The PS4 GPU is, in fact, stronger than the Wii U’s. Not by a wide margin, given that Sony’s is an off the shelf part and Nintendo’s is completely custom, but it is stronger. That will translate into more detailed games, in 5-7 years. We aren’t going to see anything on PS4 for that amount of time that the Wii U couldn’t handle.

    I still plan to get a PS4, but I really wish some of you trolls would think about the specs and how they inter-operate before you start parroting Sony for no good reason.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    ummmm, the specs i mentioned in my comment above, can be found on ign. go have a look…Sony released em at their PS4 reveal show

  • RyuNoHadouken

    i didnt say anything about being forced to use it “often”…never came outta my mouth…i did say that you cant play the game without it. and to box a console thats only twice as powerful as a Wii with a gamepad thats roughly 170 bucks of the total price is foolish…I love Nintendo exclusives, but multiplats will definitely get more love on my PS4….I do believe Nintendo will go on to see a larege increase in sales once they start to release some powerhouse exclusives, but they failed the launch window…its hard to swallow that a strictly gaming company can suck at launching their new console…Zelda or Metroid should have been launch titles…they need new leadership….plain and simple

  • D.M.T

    The Wii U isnt just twice as powerful as the Wii dude and i really doubt the Gamepad is gonna cost that much. If multiplats get more love on PS4 then so be it. That’s one of the only reasons why Sony consoles are relevant, because of games that others make for them. Wii U will get 3rd party support too and thats what matters. Wii U’s launch was better than the PS3 and 360 launch 7 years ago so its not that bad.

  • routerbad

    The PS360 were more than twice as powerful than the wii, more like 20 times as powerful computationally. The Wii U is somewhere in the ballpark of 30X more powerful, and it’s about 5x more powerful than the PS360. They haven’t been bleeding money like Sony and Microsoft have in their entertainment divisions (well, every division in Sony’s case) and have much more money in the bank than both. I agree we should have seen some better Nintendo launch titles, but I wouldn’t count out third party publishers requesting that they hold off so they don’t have to compete with so many Nintendo IP’s at launch. They are working on stuff, give them time, there are tons of games to play going back through the Wii library too, so if you missed something, now is the time, lol. We are going to be swimming in games by the end of the year, including more Nintendo IP’s. So if Nintendo need new leadership, Sony and Microsoft DEFINITELY need new leadership. I agree they failed the launch window, but we don’t know all of the inner workings of what goes on behind the scenes of a product launch. Disney Infinity just got delayed, not because it isn’t ready or even because it’s going multiplat, but the retailers asked them to delay it until the holiday season. Things aren’t always what they seem.

    EDIT: I apologize for all of the straight up mean fanboy responses you are getting. It makes actual fans of Nintendo look worse than they are.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    ummmmmmm, who is Shokio?

  • RyuNoHadouken

    im 34..ive been playing Nintendo consoles since the age of 7…I still think the SNES is the greatest console of all time, but facts are facts…PS4 is a beast…Wii U is a marginal upgrade from a Wii…the gamepad is cool, but I’d rather use my pro controller…I havent seen one use of the gamepad that blew my socks off…and you havent either, so stop frontin just so you and your cronies can sound cool on here…im a gamer…i dont care who makes what as long as its fun to play and right now, I feel like I wasted my money with Wii U…im sure itll be fine once AAA first party titles start rolling out, but until then, I see nothing in the release schedule that makes me say “yes, I cant wait for that!!”

  • RyuNoHadouken

    when i say resources, i mean R&D resources…aka money

  • RyuNoHadouken

    if you didnt copy and paste this from somewhere*side-eye*, then you need to get a girl bro

  • routerbad

    Which Nintendo has in spades.

  • routerbad

    That made me laugh :) No I didn’t copy and paste, and I’ve been with my wife for 12 years.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    funny thing is im a Nintendo fanboy…i stuck it out with them over the years…I never owned a ps1 or 2 or an xbox…I bought a Wii and was soon let down…My ex girlfriend bought me a PS3 2 years ago and I love it…im currently playing GoW Ascension and have Tomb Raider on stand by in my room…I bought a Wii U launch day because Nintendo is so nostalgic to me, that I vow to buy all their systems day one, but im a realist…PS4 is gonna be the system to own this gen but I will keep my Wii U for Ninty exclusives…Nintendo EAD is arguably the best development team ever….Maybe when i finish those 2 PS3 games, Ill go pick up Xenoblade Chronicles and give it a go so I have an excuse to play my Wii U other than BLOPS 2.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    congratulations, thats a beautiful thing

  • Potential Rapist

    1. Yes, many titles will start rolling onto the Wii U simply looking at the billions of dollars that Nintendo currently holds onto.
    2. PS4 doesn’t amaze me at all. Having a gaming computer, a PS4 is useless. There is no gameplay that it offers like the Gamepad on the Wii U. I actually DID see some awesome use of the gamepad, such as Scanning in ZombiU and Batman. Off-screen play, by itself, is amazing. I was a VERY hardcore Sony fan. I used to have the PSP under my pillow, but I got so tired of seeing the same controls, same buttons, same old games. “Oh! A Shooter!”, “Oh! A Mash-the-button game!”, etc. I think that I didn’t waste money, for the 800$ I Spent on the Wii U and games so far. I think they were well spent.
    Tell me this. Do you really think this console will fail knowing that Nintendo has 10,000,000,000 dollars on their bank account? Also, all the support they’re getting from third parties is, in my opinion, amazing. They are literally buying studios to work for them, I think this console, as it started already has so many to be released titles that I await, which is amazing. PS3 did bad until the 2nd year. Wii U is going to do awesome by fall.
    Remember that Ubisoft is one of the biggest developers out there, and they support the Wii U as much as they can.

    P.S. Why would you use your pro controller when you’ve got an awesome controller with a 720p screen on it…?

  • RyuNoHadouken

    you know nothing about business if you think Nintendo is gonna pump cash into a console because they have it sitting around….remember, Nintendo does nothing else but make games and systems…they have to hold onto that cash for their next “big thing” in case this system fails…theyre not like MS or Sony who gets cash from hundreds of other ventures…like i previously stated, ZombiU’s gamepad use was forced, but it was decent….Batman could have done without it…it was way gimmicky on there and the gamepad screen is not 720p, its 480p…im a hardcore Nintendo fan…PS3 was the first non Ninty console ive ever owned, but you have to give credit where its due, PS4 will decimate the Wii U, but I’ll still keep it for Ninty exclusives no doubt…..oh, and there isnt one, must own, game on Wii U right now….maybe ZombiU…I think everyone should experience that awesome game, but your $800 plus bucks have been spent on shovelware, whether youre willing to admit it or not.