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New Pikmin 3 screenshots released » 5pVwgSa


  • Alex Damman


    • dinos24

      Most likely Olimar’s kids. In the first game it mentions how he has two kids, one a boy and one a girl. I don’t know who the fat guy is, though…

      • AAAkabob

        I’m assuming the star indicates some sort of authority figure.

      • Ben Vangenechten

        The pink haired one looks like he’s woman and the blue one looks like he’s son grew up and opened he’s eyes.

        That’s how i remember them shown in the second game (when they send you messages)

      • WhackaBump

        I think the two skinny ones are Olimar’s kids while the fat one is most likely related to the President from Pikmin 2 in someway.

    • Madmagican

      I’m thinking the blue kid is directly related to Olimar, the chubby one is some sort of commander or authoritative figure, and the pink girl is some kind of analyst to bring back new info on the Pikmin world

  • Nicholas Perkins

    Where is character d ?