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New Pikmin 3 screenshots released » 6Ag6jZ2


  • david daniel wharton camacho


  • dinos24


  • Robert


  • Grammar Nazi 2000

    six-hundred and sixty-sixth

  • Kyle Berger

    all of u: no one cares.

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Is it just me, or does it look like a gamepad? 😀

    • Ben Vangenechten

      Obviously this is shown on your TV when you are taking photo’s, the image on the screen of this analysing device i assume it will be used for will be shown on the gamepad.

      But i think you figured that out all by yourself. 😛

      You know what would be awesome, if they used the camera to track your head position so when you look down, the character on the tv screen also looks down and takes this thing out of he’s pocket. And if you move your head to the left the guy on the screen will do the same.

  • Revolution5268

    wii u gamepad/nikki?

  • Yousef Geneidy

    Blue: Yeah, what is it?
    Pink: I have found the sun seed berry commander Olimar has told us about!
    Blue: What’s it worth?
    Pink: about 1500 pokos!
    Blue: That’s enough money to buy me a new teddy bear!
    Pink: This isn’t the time for that kid.

    It certainly would be cool if Miyamoto included comedy like this in the game.