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New Pikmin 3 screenshots released » JL1xJG3


  • nintendohater

    looks pretty awesome considering that this is a “beta” or something like that :b

    • indirect76

      The game was pretty much finished last fall. It’s definitely not in beta anymore. What you see here is what you will likely get when it’s released.

  • Eli Braden


  • Nicholas Perkins


  • Nicholas Perkins

    Wollywogs are back I see wogpoles

  • Squid

    Does olimar have a redesign?

    • dinos24

      I’m pretty sure the playable characters in this game (besides the fat guy) are Olimar’s kids.

      • Morley94

        How do you know that?

      • Alienfish

        That’s what I thought about the guy up front in the second pic. I’m not so sure about the other two. Maybe his wife and brother?

      • Squid

        Hmm, that’s a interesting concept, I think the fat guy is the supervisor of this group. LOL. But i’d like to see what takes Olimar and Louie away.

    • Yousef Geneidy

      He doesn’t have a redesign, these are the new characters. IGN even says that the blue one is his son, but we really don’t know who anyone is.

      Besides, if that blue shrimp was supposed to be Olimar, I would have puked every time they said his name.

      • Squid


  • andrewjcole

    The game better be more HD than what is shown here.

  • Robert

    if you look at the pikmin they look like they’ve been cut out from paint or something and copy pasted

  • Rinslowe

    This game will be gorgeous… Hopefully also in 1080p native too!

    • indirect76

      Don’t hold your breath.

      • Rinslowe

        Not unless I want to faint… Or cure myself of the hiccups.

  • Technus3000

    its the crappy pc resolution guys its not going to look that jagged

    • indirect76

      “crappy pc resolution”? There images are 1280×720 (720p). This is what the game will look like, but it’s not fair to judge the presentation by screenshots. At 60 frames per second the game will look beautiful.

  • Yousef Geneidy

    The guy who’s playing the characters is an idiot. Is he AWARE of that giant lumbering anteater bulborb that’s literally a few feet away? SERIOUSLY.

  • indirect76

    These batch of screens look better than the last.

  • Madmagican

    I’ve got this strange feeling that this was concept art made after Pikmin 2 was released and had just begun seeing Pikmin 3 stuff