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Upcoming Wii U Miiverse features revealed

At GDC in San Francisco, Nintendo revealed a list of upcoming features for the Wii U social network Miiverse. Miiverse producer Kiyoshi Mizuki held a presentation at GDC for Wii U game developers, detailing how to use and implement Miiverse into their games. He also gave a list of new features that Nintendo plans on implementing in the future.

  • Players will be able to follow others, and see who they’re following in-game
  • Ability to send and receive comments while playing a game (in-game)
  • Ability to see “Yeahs” in-game
  • Launch games from posts on the Miiverse timeline/page
  • New features with Miiverse posts, e.g. players will be able to launch into game and specific level from a Miiverse post
  • User-made “sub-communities”
  • Tournament feature — organize and hold tournaments for games.

There’s no release date on when these new features will be available, but Nintendo is hard at work on keeping Miiverse up to date. Recently, Nintendo revealed the Miiverse smartphone app for the iPhone (Android version is coming as well). Check out a new video of the app in action:

What kind of new features would you like to see in Miiverse? Let us know in the comments section!


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  • [000]

    Now THIS is what Miiverse should have been.

    • Nintedward

      It’s what it’s going to be. miiverse is nowhere near complete. You can expect radical changes in the future . Especially Miiverse on smartphones. It’s like your wiiu is always with you , even in work :O

      • [000]

        I know, but if they could have done something like this at the start, it would have turned quite a few heads. Things take time though, and it’s better that way.

        • Nintedward

          Ironing out the kinks 😛 . Nothing worse than getting to the bus stop only to discover you’re wearing creased trousers .

          Analogy went a bit too far…. you get the point :/

        • Veries Seals

          Plus, you have to consider what Mii Verse is for it is not only for gamers to communicate, it is for us to communicate with nintendo and the developers. You never know, the wii u owners could have very well given them the ideas to add these improvements. Some people complain about the Wii U not including a hard drive in console for downloaded games and DLC, but I love the fact that they did not. You simply go to any retail electronics store and pick the size hard drive you need for you. Also this helps with sticking to a budget. You can pick the hard drive that is priced friendly for what you need. You can get all the way up to 2 TB of storage. You wouldn’t use all of that for years. even if you downloaded most of your games. I use a 1 TB drive for my Wii U currently and cant see needing any more storage for a long time.

  • Saleh Sbeiti

    u had me at “Tournament”

    • Captain Falcon

      Hosting tournaments through Miiverse is very much welcomed!

    • The Clockwork Being

      Exactly. Miiverse on the road of improvements and success. Tournaments is what we all want.

      • dylanbob121

        I actually loved that they are letting users see post in-game!Nicely done nintendo!

        • The Clockwork Being

          Thats actually one of the best parts of Miiverse. A smart move indeed.

          • WellWisher

            Sub communities as well. That’s cool. Wii U looks like it’s on it’s way to becoming the ‘social’ console. It’s a much friendlier and more supportive environment than the other consoles too.

    • Squid

      Hehe, imagine new Smash Bros tournaments.

      • dylanbob121

        omg…thats perfevt

      • wimpykid456

        Dang, I couldn’t wait before, and now I’m insane at the amount of time I’ve waited.

      • Dominic Coradazzi

        I’d never win but
        Damn, you got me excited

      • The Clockwork Being

        I can imagine a name already. Nintendo Smash Championships Officially organised by Nintendo. Tournament to see who’s the best in the world. Damn I just cant wait.

    • GermGerm

      hahaha nice. Tournament was the LAST thing on the list 😉

    • Chiwawa

      the winners of the tournament could be announcent on the community! 😀

    • zerooooo

      Now watch as Sony and Microsoft steal this idea.

    • SethLaw

      Sonic Racing transformed, need for speed, even madden, nintendo bringing the heat.

  • Justin Rashad Thomas

    I’m pretty sure we are gonna get a miiverse streaming service like the ps4 in the future these features seem awesome !

  • NkoSekirei

    nice cant wait maybe they should add lets hunt trolls.Their so annoying on here

  • 7Down

    Nintendo’s evil plan will take step to whole new level, be afraid you fools, be very afraid.

    • Super Buu

      No. I’m more afraid at the direction trolls are going, now that they’re FAR more sensible than the ones they’re trolling. Needless to say, the art of trolling is slowly dying.

      • 7Down

        What does this have to do with trolling?

      • Nintenjoe82

        I too worry about this. It seems that Nintendo fansites are trolling their own fanboys in an effort to get more hits. In turn this has made the fanboys start saying even more stupid things leading to more trolling.

        I now get all my Nintendo news from MS/Sony fansites because they only say the bad news once and move on rather than reprint the same article from 1997 about Nintendo’s latest console not having any games being made for it because it doesn’t play CDs and is a kids console.

    • 7Down

      Just because I got downvoted, I went with the mainstream group and downvoted myself

    • Nintenjoe82

      I caught my gamepad telling my nephew to ‘defeat the evil power’ when the console was unplugged and I was out of the room….

      • 7Down

        Interesting, remember to keep a gun nearby while you’re sleeping, if you dare to do so.

        Anyways, I’ve been checking this site for a while, all this BS about how Wii U fails etc. is amusing, it’s not over just yet, there hasn’t been a thing so far for me to give up hope on the console, Nintendo’s plans for Miiverse are teasing that something big is coming, people just need to remember that even though it looks like that Nintendo has horrible strategy, it might not be so bad after all, we’ll see whats going on once PS4 comes out.

  • Justin Rashad Thomas
    • Justin Rashad Thomas

      Hey I’m plugging my page cause me and my friend are trying to get big in gaming and I would love it if you guys checked us out and watched our YouTube videos

    • Ryan Dugger

      Pro tip on how to get people to watch your videos. Be entertaining.

      • Justin Rashad Thomas

        We are more entertaining in person but yes next video we will show you how we really are

  • Linskarmo

    They sound like cool features. The fifth bullet point looks most useful to me.

  • Christoffer Treyz

    these features sound actually boring

    • Lord Carlisle

      I assure you that you’re in the minority.

    • Nintenjoe82

      so’s ya face!

    • Only a few are true gamers

      Your boring….Bla Bla Bla

  • Ralueke Orizu

    these features are definitely cool

  • Zelly Jeffers



    Yeah I believe this will help out a lot and bring the community into the game even more.

    I also would like to see is a live voice-chat/chat-box/IM option within your friends list like on Live where we can send instant messages to get your friends together quicker and go out gaming sooner like ME3 or MH3U, etc.

    • David


    • dylanbob121

      the classic words of wisdom

  • Nintedward

    The next update I want is Genre’s. What do I mean by Genres you ask ? Well the list of games on Miiverse is gunna get quite long pretty soon.
    So we should have : Indie , Action , Shooter , Racing , Most popular , etc etc .

    You click on Most popular and it opens up All the Most popular communities.
    They should make a community called ”Shovelware” to keep communities like the Croods away from the real communities :)

    • gobrowniesgo

      Along with custom communities..

      • DragonSilths

        Custom communities aint happening. Have you see all the duplicate posts? We would get 1000 communities of WHEN IS ZELDA HD COMING OUT. Miiverse would get flooded and become unusable. Nintendo should make people moderators who could make their own custom communities. Say you get 500 reccomendations from people then you could apply to be a moderator on Miiverse.

        • gobrowniesgo

          l never thought about but l don’t know about having miiverse peeps moderating..that could be all bad..

        • greengecko007

          Then you’d have people begging for yeahs, followers, AND RECOMMENDATIONS…

    • xdlugia

      Meh… how about a search function where you search for a game, or maybe having all the communities ordered alphabetical so you can skip to them by jumping to A, B, C etc.

  • Miguel Castro

    i want it for when a friend goes online tells you in game and not in menu

    • Mickey Mouse

      Me too.

    • Silent

      Friend Live Chat System not this….

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    I think they need to make the amount of friends you can have higher. 100 is not enough

    • dylanbob121


      • Tecpedz94

        I think a thousand is plenty :p

    • Veries Seals

      lol, I agree. I think we should reduce as many limitations as possible, perhaps they will raise the bar in the new year or so. Post it to the developers section of Mii Verse. Nintendo says they actually read all comments. That is amazing.

    • DragonSilths

      With having 12 free accounts thats technically 1,200 friends lol. Plus 100 on your 3DS…

  • zhenyaivan

    well that was late…

  • Arvind Kannan

    call me a hater or watever you want…but Nintendo is all about the games! But i aint seeing no god damn games recently…i’ll be honest…am the kinda guy who just wants his games and plays…i dun care about MII Verse dammit….GIMME THE GAMES FIRST!!!

    • ShawnB

      3 words: Lego City Undercover. Enough said

      • Nintedward

        Loving this game :) . It’s not perfect but it is great and makes me feel 10 all over again. I bought it mainly for my little bro , but I’m the one who’s nearly finished it and can’t stop playing it XD .

        Add to that Monster hunter Ultimate and Need for Speed most wanted U and I can’t put my gamepad down !

    • NkoSekirei

      really dude there lego city undercover,monster hunter ultimate and need for speed most wanted maybe u need to start keeping track on game release dates instead of posting something stupid like u just posted

      • Arvind Kannan

        Lego City Undercover is a phenomenal game.. The other two do not spike my interest that much..Monster Hunter has gotten OLD!! Dun try and act like there is a deluge of incredible games at the moment..When nintendo doesnt do something right learn to accept that.
        Am waiting for the 3D Mario news.

        • greengecko007

          Couldn’t agree more. LOL what happened to them saying graphics don’t matter, it’s all about gameplay? Now they buy old games with slightly better graphics and claim that this is the supply of good games Nintendo promised? Some people need a news flash, these aren’t the great Nintendo games we know and love. They are coming, but pretending like the Wii U has a great supply of games is just ridiculous.

          • Andrew Chambers

            True, but I still think you should at least rent Lego city. And am I the only one that just absolutely enjoys playing upscaled Wii games? I have quite a ew good Wii games that I never beat to play. One example is xenoblade. And prince of Persia. Seriously, the ps360 gamers got the short end of the stick on forgotten sands.

          • greengecko007

            I may give it a try one day, renting it is a small investment. But I’ve never liked any of the other Lego games, and I’m not big on sandbox games. BUT I can understand how it may appeal to people. It’s just not that one game that everyone has to have like the crazy people here make it out to be.

      • greengecko007

        I agree with Arvind, none of the games out appeal to me. NFS is just a generic racing game that won over the Wii U crowd with it’s pretty graphics (hypocritical much?). Monster Hunter’s imbalanced and tedious gameplay doesn’t appeal to me, and Lego City is sorta sandboxish, so I don’t like it.

        BUT it’s okay for people to like different games than you, it really is. So think about that “instead of posting something stupid like u just posted”.

    • Veries Seals

      If you count disc based and download only wii u games there is about 50. They had that before now. the majority before christmas. Yeah jan and feb was slow months but they are technically slow for all consoles not just Wii U. And they are slow months every year for any business. Most people are broke after Christmas and new years and slow down on purchases. Businesses also know this. They cut back on staffing and go as far is cutting down on inventory.

  • zerooooo

    this is cool now people can make communities for their clans. I hope they come up with a chat box feature, and voice chat.

    • gobrowniesgo


    • gobrowniesgo

      But wouldn’t you rather have an update for the video chat to where you can talk with up to like 5 people?

      • zerooooo

        Nah, i find video chat awkward

        • gobrowniesgo

          l haven’t tried it.. Too many kids..And you never know who’s lying bout thier age.

  • hellomello123

    Wii u won’t support unreal engune 4 or frostbite. This sucks

    • Zombie_Andrew

      Well Frostbite isn’t out of the question, and Epic have further clarified that Unreal 4 games can be ported over to Wii U. Which means there shouldn’t really be any excuse next gen for Wii U not to get either, only petty business ones

    • Nintedward

      Unreal 4 can run on Wiiu like they originally stated last year.

      I think he was laughing in regards to the latest UE4 tech demos running on Wiiu. But even then , they can be scaled down to 720p 30FPS and will probably run fine on Wiiu.

    • Chris Bingham

      Actually the Wii U CAN run Unreal Engine 4 since its scalable

      • hellomello123

        I didn’t mean anything bad by it. Idk why I got 3 thumb down. I’m sorta new to gaming so I thought they meant it could never run it.

    • BuckStud

      Epic isn’t porting the UE4 to Wii U. That doesn’t mean that it wont support it at some time. I would imagine that it depends on how many Wii U’s get sold. UE4 is scalable like most engines and will even scale down to phones.

    • gobrowniesgo

      l wonder why this site doesn’t have a story on it.. you’d think thier writers would have jumped on it…ign did last night!

  • gobrowniesgo

    Thats awesome!!! just wonder why this site is slow on news..

  • paulthevgking

    the tournament thing really wants me to get a wii-u. if at e-3 they say their making super mario galaxy 3, i’ll get a wii-u .

    • DragonSilths

      New Mario. Not Galaxy 3. With each new system it goes in a new direction. 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, ???

      • MetroidZero


  • Neilandio

    I would like achievments on miiverse, maybe with these achievements we can buy exclusive clothes, haircuts, and others for our miis?

    • Veries Seals

      That would be really cool. Go to the Mii Verse Development Community and root for it. Maybe they will add a trophy system.

      • dylanbob121

        how will they NOT include just a little trophy feature than a tornament feature.nuff said

  • Damian Chadban

    Miiverse on Windows Phone 8 please Nintendo!

  • ejownz6

    I’d rather have trophies.

  • Michael

    They should integrate voice/video chat into Miiverse

  • Chris Bingham

    Sounds like stuff the PS4 can do.. SWEET! I get to try this stuff out early on my Wii U before getting my PS4 =3 Nintendo you are spoiling me this month!

    • beerkin

      You’re gonna be spending a crap ton on that ps4. To get the dual screen console effect you will also have to buy a vita. Ps4 junkies are looking at 800 to a grand for the dual screen setup.

  • Aleksandar Antonijevic

    Oh my god this is awesome !

  • Milton Amaya


  • $K00PA$

    Finally we can send messages in-game

  • Evan Knutson

    now we need the add friend button.

  • Genesect4ssb4

    Arranging ssb4 tourneys with 64 players yes!!!

  • GermGerm

    These are all really awesome!

  • Barters

    Send your friend a msg on their smart phone that you’re playing something……SWEET.

    All friends systems at the moment rely on you being on the console at the same time. Of course you could call a friend, but often most of my friends on these things are from forums and such and I don’t have their numbers.

  • Javy G

    It’s awesome! I just want to see a little Wii U-blue and see my Mii dance!:D

  • Stephen Baxendale

    Does being able to see Yeahs in game mean it will send notifications onto the screen?

  • Jeffery02

    I love how it seems that MiiVerse can get updated without ever downloading anything. For a feature that seemed more like a gimmick, it is really taking off. One day I’ll be on that more than FaceBook. I just need my friends to finally, and inevitably, get a Wii U themselves.

  • HardToTheCore93

    Do you think if I made a sub-committee and called it “Wii U achievements” and I got a lot of support from Wii U gamers, Nintendo would make an achievement system?

  • Joseph Parsons

    i wood like to see a party chat on wii u y so i not have to us shit ass Skype any one wood like to see that hit the like

  • Michael

    what about 3DS and Wii U video chat?

  • Rinslowe

    Excellent… 😉

  • Mizzah Tee

    It would be nice to get folders because my downloads and apps. Pages are starting to fil up 😀

  • Kaidyn


  • Edward Thorpe

    I hope they will make communities for 3DS games when the 3DS MiiVerse comes out.

  • Wiiluigi

    I like all the advancements. The sub communities could be either a hit or a miss depending on how people use this option. Lets hope people don’t abuse it. Otherwise there will be a whole lotta posts flooding miiverse, I mean look at it now.

  • Mark Thom


  • Colin Peter Parks

    erm tournaments!!!! helloooooo tekken tag here we come
    now to just allow cross game chat and some trophy based system and the game is gonna change!

  • fireheartis1

    I can’t wait for the sub communities. I’ve always though it would be cool to have a separate community to talk about Wii games and other older games on Wii U. There’s many great games on the Wii that some people don’t even know about including me. It would be nice to have a community like that to keep up with older Wii games to try out. Miiverse is so awesome and it’s getting even better. Man I can’t wait to see how this works out..

  • BL4CKSH33P

    Soooo, the Nintendo doom stories are done? we get good news now? cool!!! (IGN is still working hard at it i wouldn’t doubt most of that stuff being made up) those features sound awesome!!

  • Latest Technology

    i just like this hosting tournaments, but what is the new feature for adult games?

  • Zero

    Hopefully user made communities will be like Mario Kart 7, were you need to input their respective community codes. That way, miiverse won’t be flooded by unnecessary communities. It would be fun, because you could make like a chatroom with all your friends, or “other” communities such as “Future Releases” or “Troubleshooting”.

  • Benjamin Moberly

    Oh wow, I just thought of F-Zero tournaments.

  • Fuzunga

    I just want the ability to replay to comments in threads.

  • Chompy

    System Wide Acheivement board would be nice.

    • Tony Lawson

      Why? Seriously what do Achievements do for you?

  • mikes1025

    they had me when they said you can launch into levels in a game specified from miiverse posts.

  • Ford Crews

    This damn thing needs to support wireless blue tooth head sets, and text to speech, so you could hit a button, say a comment, verify it got it right, and post it without disrupting your game play.

  • NkoSekirei

    like u bitch we alrdy now u,sith,knowledge and any others trolls are brain dead do us all a favor and go play ur dora the explorer and bob the builder dolls

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Your retarded..that’s real fact…Now don’t cry sony drone…Dont get mad because sony is losing money daily

  • Mark Thom

    LOL u r right

  • Nintedward

    Yeah it’s not like they sold 156 million DS’s and 100 million Wii’s in the same generation or anything. FUCKING RETARDS !!

  • Veries Seals

    Seems like they are really on to something. Mii Verse is wonderful. I dont know if you have spent extensive time with it. Maybe you have, but it is clearly the best social network out of all the consoles and I have all of the consoles. It unifies the communities, you join the favorites you chose when ever you want. It also allows you to dare do what no other Console Manufacturer has dared to do. It cuts out big named tabloids such as IGN and here to be honest and lets you talk, complain, commend and communicate in total with the developers themselves. No longer do you have to wait to tell a developer what you want to see in your games. New the focus groups for games are world wide. Communication between the Customer and Developer offers so many advantages. Better features added to your current and future games through DLC, bug corrections and faster updates. These could result in faster better game experiences. Now the developers can monitor their own fans and customers to serve them better. The PSN and XBox social networks are basically for you to do simple game parties and they use the generic Facebook, twitter and so on networks hooked into the software.

  • Johny

    well what you described that you want actuall ALREADY exists ! so… why dont you gtfo … get those platforms and devices that do that.. and leave wii u to gamers.

  • wimpykid456
  • Only a few are true gamers

    Boy your fast to call people names sonytroll but remember COD is know to cause to kill brain cells and you don’t have much left..Just say from a true gamer and not some poser pretending to be one

  • NkoSekirei

    gtfo mentally retarded adult who acts like a kid

  • Veries Seals

    Actually if you read the article correctly they did not say that the Wii U could not run the new Frost Bite 3 nor Unreal 4 Engines. Its already running the Unreal 3 and Frostbite 2 Engines without a hiccup. They said they did not want to expend the extra resources to make it compatible with the console at this moment. So it is a question on if they want to allocate the man power, time and money to give Wii U owners a version of the game. To be honest, we Wii U owners can care less. The engine is only a tool to help with easier game creation. But it does not house the creativity to create the games. So you can still have a powerful tool or engine but have a sorry game in the end.

  • gimpcell

    Hey numbnuts!
    Just to be clear, the Epic guy (numbnuts2) came out the next day to correct his dumbas and said that it can run the engine but, it is up to someone to use and develop. I’ll see you around Mr. Sperm.

  • DragonSilths

    Destiny is the only launch game the PS4 has that will be good, but its a multiplat so thats abit sad…PS4’s launch will be a repeat of the PS3’s a huge failure.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Hummm That’s funny sithboy so you still enjoying using that nutsack of a controller and a failed vita ..The only thing laughable is your comments troll boy and your not even good at that..But sonydrone don’t fret you always have the failed paper weight console to use as a back up but please if your going to cry and moan on this website atleast come here with some real facys that something out of you ass. Now as for trolling don’t quit your day job…Oh im sorry forgot your on welfare or working at bk you say …Now you can clash at me all you want but im used to losers like yourself boy or girl or whatever the hell you are I just don’t give a fuck what you think I own what i want and sony is garbage after ps2 they went to hell now you can cry and whine all you want and no playing COD or angry birds does not make you a real gamer and playing only shooters does not make you a real gamer..So keep the lame gaystation 4. Me Wii U is just fine for me and my pc which can run circles around your out of date pc playstation. But im someone who can do this forever and i never back down and so come on sithboy i want more lame comments from you so people like myself can laugh and make fun of your sorry ass

  • NkoSekirei

    sith is super retarded we all know he is just like david is too

  • darkdrium909

    Left a “d” out of retarded and Sony is a collective group so it should be its errors (which there are a lot of)

  • gimpcell

    that was for unreal engine. the other numbnuts knows it true.

  • Veries Seals

    Actually Need for Speed Most Wanted U, is a little different than a port. Read up on it. the engine was reprogramed for the Wii U, so yes same content. Upgraded engine to increase performance and house wii u features and controls. Lego City is actually very good, you should try it if you have not. Its for more people than most games to be honest.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Ps4 games look like ps3 to me and why pay 600 dollars we for something i can play on my fossil console but i agree but sithboy is in denial

  • greengecko007

    Pulling facts straight from your bum whole?

  • David

    I’m not saying “MiiVerse” is not an awesome step forward. MiiVerse is an awesome concept. That being said, there is certain functionality that is a no brainer here, and that’s what I am stressing.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Nope….But im sure you would know all about buttholes but if your going to troll try harder next time and please stop crying like a little baby…and yes facts are facts but im quessing your pulling facts of of your ass..Keep trying trooper!

  • greengecko007

    See? This is exactly what’s wrong with some people in this community. I’m a troll because I call you out on making stuff up? You can’t prove in any way that CoD kills brain cells. Not to mention you pull the elitist bullshit by calling yourself “a true gamer”. Newflash, if you play games as a hobby, you can call yourself a gamer.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Bla Bla Bla Your not a true gamer and that is a fact. A true gamer is something you will never understand and how old are you again..Trust me boy i was playing video games long before you were even thought of so don’t come on this website crying like a fucking lame ass because your mad at my comment and news flash you need to grow a fucking pair boy..Thanks for the laugh…Lol

  • greengecko007

    The only child is the one who has atrocious comments with poor grammar and profanity because they are upset that someone called them out for being an idiot. Have fun stroking your ego on the internet, it just makes you look like a douche.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Funny since you keep staying in denial but you have fun with that and yes you are a moron and not a real gamer and that show with in your denial so anything you say is meaningless.You have yourself a nice day staying in denial and a jackass…and Bet you don’t own one of these and to top it Till you get married and have a few kids..Your not a real man..Real men don’t go on Fucking websites and troll…Just saying

  • Ben Kapferer

    How do you know he’s a “sony drone”?

  • Only a few are true gamers

    I just do.