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Disney’s Planes headed to Wii U later this year


Disney has always been fond of tie-in games for movies, which is exactly what Planes happens to be. The CGI film will be released later this year and will see release on Wii U, Wii, 3DS and DS. The game will be available August 6th, shortly before the film is made available in theaters.

From above the world of “Cars,” “Disney’s Planes” video game takes players on a high-flying, action-packed, fun-filled adventure with Dusty, a big-hearted, speed-loving crop duster who is voiced by actor and comedian Dane Cook. Players will take to the skies with Dusty and other characters, including Ishani, voiced by actress Priyanka Chopra; Echo, voiced by actor Anthony Edwards; and Bravo, voiced by actor Val Kilmer, as they embark on global missions, air races and grand adventures around the world.
In “Disney’s Planes” video game, players travel through breathtaking environments and play as one of 10 cast of characters on console and one of 6 cast of characters on handheld in either single-player, on all platforms or race against one another in two-player drop-in and drop-out gameplay on console. Players will roll, turn and loop their way through mission-based objectives in exciting modes of play including a narrative based Story mode and a score-based mini-game that challenges the player’s precision flying skills called Balloon Pop. The exploratory Free Flight mode and racing based Air Rallies mode are exclusive to the consoles and the objective achieving Challenge mode is only offered via the handheld platforms.

[via Joystiq]

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  • Aleksandar Antonijevic

    I actually think this is fun haha

  • ChiwawaBoi

    *facepalm* oh no. not another movie game.

    just dont turn out like the croods.

  • Christopher Hanson

    As long as it has online battles , also it would be sweet if they had missions where you fly over rural islands and drop bombs on African…………….lions.

    • Kyle Berger

      that’s mean but I cant help laughing

    • Cubester_64

      Would Disney ever do that?

    • Levi Johansen

      Yeah! Bomb those black…………….panthers!

  • Ducked

    To hardcore for me.

    • ReturnoftheTruth2

      Now is I would have written that, they would have taken it as trolling.

      • Kyle Berger

        because you are a troll. he is funny.

      • Silent

        No Duh

  • Wayne Beck

    Do not knock this game. If this movie is even half as good as Cars, this game will sell hundreds of thousands if not millions of units.

    If this movie is AS good as cars, it will be a System Seller.

    Edit: Just to put it in perspective, “Cars”, just the first game, Sold over 5 million units across all platforms.

  • uPadWatcher

    To infinity… and I’ll pass.

  • Zuxs13

    Oh my nephew will love this, maybe Ill buy him a Wii U and his for xmas.


    Dude…the main character is voiced by Dane Cook…Thats awesome!

  • Mochlum


    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      Gotta love dat shovelware!

  • Guhtere

    Who cares? This game will be crap. Just like every other recent Disney licensed game (excluding Epic Mickey 1 and the KH games of course)

    • Levi Johansen

      I hope Disney Infinite is better, because if isn’t based on a movie and has its own game-exclusive story…

      but It’s probably just a childhood dream to see ONE good disney game… :(

  • Silent

    Im going to wait 2 more years for ”Boats”

    • Bill Bong

      3 years for me for “Trains”. Then the will release a 3 game box set called “Trains, Planes and Automobiles”.

      • Levi Johansen

        air-balloons anyone?

        I want that!!

      • Jeenaud X

        I like trains!

    • Mochlum

      Good one… (goes to Disney and begs that they finally stop with the hellhole of the Cars franchise)

    • CuriousManiac

      Im waiting for trains…

      Because I like trains O_O

  • JBeauregard

    I would like to see fluff articles stay out of release news. This doesn’t do anything for Wii U’s rep. I don’t think Nintendo cares, though. Nothing like releasing garbage games and posting news about it all over lol

  • RoadyMike

    I can’t wait for “Boats”!

  • Bob Singh

    Its Pixar who actually makes it…

    • Levi Johansen

      No, it’s Dinsey Toon-studios – Wiki said soo…

      • Bob Singh

        sorry my bad. Still, John Lasseter is still one of the producers.

    • Cerus98

      Disney movie. Pixar wouldn’t be caught doing something like this. Miming every side character in existence is Disney’s style all the way.

  • Nobody


  • ReturnoftheTruth2

    The Wii U has flopped. Pay special attention to the second paragraph…

    • Levi Johansen

      Someone said something… it must be true then!

      With ZERO advertising, it is selling better than PS3 and Xbox 360 did in their first months with MASSIVE advertising.

      After E3, there will be lots of games and lots of advertising – it’ll sell as good as the Wii!

      Nintendo messed up, they choose a wrong marketing strategy, expecting alot more 3rd-party support. But since the other two aren’t out yet, they haven’t really lost anything. 3rd-party support is on it’s way though!

      • ReturnoftheTruth2

        Should I trust investors or you?

        • Levi Johansen

          both you and the investors will have a hard time making up excuses for WHY the Wii U became such a success… can’t wait for it 😛

          • ReturnoftheTruth2

            While you wait, they have been informed that it flopped and it will be hard for it to come back.

  • Levi Johansen

    I will buy it on Wii U for myself and on Wii for my cousins!

    Looks like a fun game! 😀

  • Lars Jansen

    I’d like to see a pilot wings remake on wii u!

  • Einar

    It really wasn’t an april fool’s joke. Oh my god…..

  • Zeldatrek

    Look! Up in the sky! Its a bird, Its Superman, No Its Shovelware!

  • Jon

    well… not something I would buy but I guess there are younger kids that play videos games…….

  • ChiwawaBoi

    i think they should invest it in a awesome first- party title

  • Oum’Bushay Deltrice Welfare VI

    No this game is going to be perf” you wouldn’t understand this, I bet it has a great plot to it, maybe as good as COD!!!! The graphics are good toooooo, the story don’t matter, like tht gay ass zelda that geame is gay as shit, with its bad grphics nd terribol story.

  • Levi Johansen

    They should give Lego the rights to make Lego games base on ANY Disney movie ever made…

    Then we’d finally get some good Disney-games! 😀

  • Cerus98

    They shutdown LucasArts ya know? Incoming Star Wars shovelware from anyone who pays to use the name.

  • NintendoNoob

    Then Disney would have to make a console or join up with Nintendo

  • Silent

    I hate Disney games, but Remember, Disney is a VERY powerful company. They have a lot of products including a princess clothing, mickey pens, a mindcontrol chip to create an army of children to establish NWO……nevermind.

  • Kyle Berger

    I don’t even know if this is a troll or just a dumbass.

  • Levi Johansen

    I think this game will be more fun than CoD and sell better than Zelda…

    That’s actually quite realistic…

  • Levi Johansen

    I believe you, but so does the Marshmallow company – and it’s owned by aliens…

    Just think about it, “Mars”… <– see?

    Good thing I bought the mindcontrol-blocker at the gas-station, ooh-boy!

  • Oum’Bushay Deltrice Welfare VI

    Are you fucking stupid, why the fuck would this sell better than Zelda, you fucking idiot…

  • Levi Johansen

    calm down man, I was kidding – not too obvious, but still.

    This will not be more fun than CoD and it will not sell better than Zelda.

    My “point” is simply that CoD is not as much fun as the fans think, and Zelda games sell alot less than the fans think.

    Let me elaborate about Zelda, since you react so fiercely:

    – Twilight Princess sold 7.5 million, Wind Waker sold 4.6 million and Skyward Sword: 3.7 million

    – Toy Story 3: The Video Game sold 5.2 million, Disney Epic Mickey sold 3 million and so did Cars 2.

    Upon release Disney Planes will be on multiple platforms and be available on 285 million units (100 million Wii, 150 million DS, 30 million 3DS and 5 million Wii U)

    Zelda U and Wind Waker HD will only be available to 5 million Wii U owners.

    Of course, Zelda games are system sellers and will also be selling untill the next Nintendo console, and Disney Planes isn’t a system seller and will only sell for a short while.

    U see?

    and I will probably be playing Disney Planes alot more than I play CoD

  • Zuxs13


  • Cerus98

    They=Disney. Read the news sometime. They shut down LucasArts, cancelled 1313 and all other current projects and laid off 150 or so people. They’re switching to a licensing model. AKA selling brand to whoever wants to use it.

  • Cerus98

    Who’s they? LA? Then no they couldn’t because they went poof. Sadly the company no longer exists and the employees have to find new positions. If you mean Disney then God help us if they themselves ever decide to make video games. Shelves would be filled with 50 sequels of crappy SW games.

    Disney’s long history of oversaturating the market and milking every franchise way past its life is well known. They haven’t really displayed much standards. Their explanation for closing them down just makes me want to vomit.

    “Minimizing the company’s risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games.”

    My translation: “We want to make more money off the brand so were letting someone else do all the work and shoulder the fiancial risk while we sit back and collect any profits. But the jokes on you because we already made money just by selling you the rights to use the brand. “

  • Cerus98

    If you want Disney to make their own Star Wars game then you’re crazier than I thought. You really want one OK game followed by 20 rushed POS sequels like Land Before Time, Aladdin, Bambi and pretty much every other Disney movie? The whole point of shutting down LA was so Disney didn’t have to invest any money in development costs.

    The future of Star Wars is pretty freaking grim now that its in Disney’s hands. Shutting down LucasArts was only the beginning.

  • ReturnoftheTruth2

    Most people agree that the Dreamcast was the overall best system ever made. It had everything that you wanted.
    I don’t care if Nintendo goes out of business, but I do want them to retire or take a break from the console business. Since the Wii U has flopped, maybe it will make them finally see the light and retire this baby game image. There is no need to cater to them because if people want games, they will get games.

  • Cerus98

    A lot of people don’t like JJ and his style. His Star Trek wasn’t bad but waaaay to much lense flares. Neat technique but he went a bit crazy with it. Other than that I enjoyed it. But with no series anymore decent Trek is better than none.

    You’re free to get your hopes up with the new SW movies but I grew up with them too and like most people, the sale to Disney and almost immediate announcement of a half dozen movies doesn’t thrill me. I might just have to hang myself if they announce they’re going “darker and edgier” with them.

    Epic Mickey 1 and 2 didn’t do well if I recall. Two was widely panned so I haven’t picked it up.