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Forgotten Memories indie game headed to Wii U this summer

Indie developer Psychoz Interactive, will be bringing their upcoming title Forgotten Memories to Wii U this summer. The announcement comes via some tweets made by the development team’s owner Georges Paz, who seems very pleased with the Wii U’s technical capabilities:




The game, which was first in development for iOS (screenshot above), is being touted as a survival horror where players take the lead as an inspector named Rose Hawkins. Here’s a brief description of the gameplay according to the website:

“Forgotten Memories offers a unique mix between modern and classic survival horror genre, featuring a fear system at the core of the gameplay. Set with different characters and personalities, your teamwork will be often tested. Inspect and interact with your surroundings, protect your life, help your friends, escape danger, face or avoid horrible creatures, fight monstrous bosses and solve twisted riddles and puzzles. Every experience is a different way to face this psychological adventure.”

Personally, I’m not a big fan of ย the “survival horror” genre, mainly because I’m a scaredy cat – had to play the ZombiU demo with the lights on…need I say more? Anyway, I’m glad that a potentially good title is headed to the eShop this summer. Will you horror fans be getting this one? How do you think it will fair against ZombiU and Resident Evil: Revelations? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Nintenjoe82

    Fear system sounds a bit like a sanity meter.

    I’d love another game to match Eternal Darkness.

    • Only a few are true gamers

      Looks like a good game

    • Mickey Mouse

      Fear has nothing to do with sanity.

    • disqus_2w1dV4EU3T

      You and me both. Eternal Darkness was AWESOME!!

  • uPadWatcher

    The more we see independent developers releasing games for the Wii U (especially powered by Unity 4) at the eShop, the better.

    • jay

      Indie developers are now more creative than the big boys. Its a shame really :(

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Awesome This looks awesome

  • Nintedward

    ”Wii U is a strong piece of hardware! Lot of memory and modern GPU = win win!”

    This guy knows.

    • Only a few are true gamers

      Now your sure a true gamer and i love how some games can make people jump out of there seats

      • Magnus Eriksson

        How old are you? 14? 15? You are not in position nor experience to judge who is true and who is untrue. You are a fanboy not a gamer.

        • Only a few are true gamers

          Nope but im sure im way past you since ive been gaming long before you were even thought of Now No Im not just a fanboy little one I am a true gamer and than you got posers like yourself who come on websites like this to troll and really guy i know you want to troll but don’t quit your day job and as for gaming little man i could do circles around you and you have no idea what a true gamer is so go back to your parents basement and keep playing COD on the other 2 consoles oh and yes boy io can judge who is and who isn’t a true gamer and from your debate ..Your not a true gamer..Now Nintedward he’s a true gamer and you A boy trying to be a gamer and how old are you little guy 10…11 and so don’t come crying to me about how unfair my comment are…You don’t like it to bad and don’t hate that im right because most on here are true gamers..There are just a few loons like yourself who come here to troll and cry because you don’t get your way …Well DEAL WITH IT!

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Strong this generation. At least until E3, afterwards it going to be the weakest again. With even less 3p support than before. So hope Nintendo’s plan with indie developer will work. If it do, it would be a reason to purchase WiiU alone.

      • jay

        IDK what defines “Strong”? The Wii was most likely the most innovative console of all time and definitely had the sales to show for it. But 3rd Party support? Almost non existent.

        So does 3rd Party support determine how “strong” a console is? If so then the Wii was definitely the weakest. Or does “graphics” determine the strongest console? sony fanboys seem to think so.

        To me Nintendo consoles WILL ALWAYS be the best TO ME because Nintendo also happens to be my favorite developer. And I’m no hardcore/serious gamer. But even I prefer creative games like Pikmin, Wii Fit, and Mario over the crap 12 year old “mature” gamers scream about.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          See your point, not disagreeing.

    • Only a few are true gamers

      Man your awesome. Keep being a awesome gamer man and let the haters eat static.
      I love how the loons come out of the wood work claiming to be gamers but playing only COD or angry birds or some phone game does not make you a true gamer so again Keep playing strong man and heck i got 3 more people to buy wii u today and they even sold out on them but are getting more today..

  • Nintedward

    ” had to play the ZombiU demo with the lights onโ€ฆneed I say more?”

    Lol I was playing ZombiU on 21.12.2012 with the lights off with surround sound on my own. I actually shat myself…

    • Nintendofreak

      hope u learned ur lesson from now on buy those adult diapers when playing

      • Nintedward

        It was the part where I got to that train wreck and the door keeps slamming over and over…. every time it slammed I pooped :(

      • bizzy gie


    • Glovechicken

      You played it on my birthday ๐Ÿ˜€ I completed it and every time i played it i was sweating :/

      • Agent X

        I only played on Saturday mornings. Got the shitiest ending. Now i am scared to start again……..i think i’ll wait a year b4 i do

  • david jarman

    Me likey

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    If only this were a retail title…

    • Elem187

      No thank you… I rather not pay $60 for a game because it has a publishers logo on it.

      • Jimmy D. Fugate

        Who said it would be $60?

  • Zuxs13

    Now this is pretty awesome news. First congrats to these guys for becoming a licensed Wii U developer. Second, this is great for the rest of us.

  • Sami Rautio

    Must…have….coop…local multiplayer games…on wii u…to play with my FRIEDNS!.

    Hope this has Local multiplayer! :O and not just this game would like to have games like Tmnt 4 on SNES with 2-4players !

  • Zombie Boy

    Big fan of the early Silent Hill games, and I’m looking forward to this one :)

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Im so ready for all the awesome games coming to Wii U and as for the haters of Wii U or nintendo in general…Get over it!

  • Kyle Crozier

    I just love seeing all these indie developers making their games for the Wii U. I’ll be honest I’m looking forward to a lot of these indie games like Shovel Knight, Cloudberry Kingdom and Two Brothers more than the latest from Nintendo.

  • The Clockwork Being

    IT is wise not to forget that some indie developers can become big if their games get famous and get alot of good feedback. Thats when previous partnerships count the most. So I dont mind supporting a few good indie titles on the Wii U in addition with the 1st and 3rd party exclusives and 3rd party games. So Nntendo let the indie titles come in

    • jay

      I’m starting to enjoy indie titles more and more. And games by bigger developers less.

  • The Clockwork Being

    Please add a mode of local multiplayer using the off tv feature for one of the players and and the pro controllers for the other players. Put some features for a single player on the gamepad but dont make it a gamepad+tv only game

  • Ducked

    Oh this is great! Wii U is getting its first real horror game. I’ll be buying this!

    • Magnus Eriksson

      You didnt like ZombiU?

  • MetroidZero

    Time to buy an external hard drive lol

  • Super Buu

    Good news after good news! I’ve been craving some Horror game and now we are getting one!

  • Jon

    Miiverse is now on the computer ๐Ÿ˜€

    there, info out before Wii U daily got it out ๐Ÿ˜›

    • ICHI

      Just been on it’s great to see it up and running on PC, and nice that people with no access to a Wii U can’t get a login :)

      • jay

        lol dude that sucks. I don’t have a Wii U :( and I don’t want someone to take my name!!

        GOOD POINT THOUGH!! We don’t want trolls on there!!

  • Elem187


    I love survival horror

    • ICHI

      Yup yup yup, it looks like it could have promise, in an eternal darkness kind of way :)

  • Nintedward

    So a new generation of Multiplats that are inferior to PC and about 6 exclusive games and a load of Kinnect shovelware and CoD noobs ?

    No thanks , I’ll stick to Mario , Zelda , Smash bros , Miiverse , Off TV play , etc thanks.
    Even the PS4 is going to be more exciting than Sexbox because it has a lot of exclusive content.

  • Elem187

    So you are happy about a console that plays dudebro games?

    Enjoy all the brown and grey color pallettes, space marines, and interactive cinema, press ‘A’ to awesome.

    Yeah, no thanks… If I really wanted to play dudebro games, my PC can do that in a fidelity, IQ, and frame rate that would deficate all over “next gen” consoles.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Yeah well if it’s a 600 console than it won’t sell much

  • Elem187

    Uhmm E3 hasn’t happened yet?

  • Jizz Beard thePirate

    Nintendo is still attending u wank… They are just not gonna have a large scale 1 hour e3 presentation… All this means is that, they are gonna have more Nintendo Directs all around the year instead of going all in at e3. They are just gonna use the e3 to showcase their games and what not and Use Nintendo Direct to announce new titles…

  • Agent X

    You don’t know their business. What do they need a big E3 conference for? Are they announcing a new console? Let Sony/Microsoft announce their console because that’s what they need to do. Nintendo needs to annouces games and so off their console to clueless and “clueful” developers

  • jay

    dude E3 has been dying since 2007. If it weren’t for Nintendo E3 would have been dead already.

    MS and sony have had the same damn conference every year since then. Showing off “innovation” that fail to copy Nintendo, People dancing with kinect, fake demos like milo, sony claiming their the best, wonderbook, etc.

    And Nintendo’s E3 will Still rock. Their showing SMASH BROS!! Unannounced games and hopefully Retros IP!!

    Honestly Nintendo has it in the bag all they have to show is Smash Bros for 2 minutes and 3D Mario and it’s over!!

  • Only a few are true gamers

    You first and I wonder how long sony or microsoft will last at a high price.
    I give it 6 months maybe a year

  • Chris Raybell

    Youre kind of an ignorant dumbass I hope you know that. Just wait, you rethink what you said once you see that Nintendo pulled through after all, just as the wii, but the difference, even more will likely play and own a wii u because of HD capability.

  • Anthony K Aurelia

    I had to ^ it just for the colorful insults…

  • John Pope

    Is indie games all we get what did a pay ยฃ350 for a fucking ouya? !

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Thumbs up on that man

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Epic fail! Facepalm!