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Win our copy of Injustice: Gods Among Us! [CONTEST]


Here it is guys! I told you last week after I finished my review that I would be putting my copy of Injustice: Gods Among Us up for grabs on the site. Here’s your chance to win my copy and figure out which super hero matches your play style best. So what do you need to do to win? It’s simple:

Tell us your favorite superhero or villain from the game and why they’re the best match for you.

Entries will be accepted all weekend on this post, so keep ‘em coming. For extra chances to win, you can like us on Facebook or tweet us @WiiUDaily with the hashtag #InjusticeForMe. Remember to use the hashtag otherwise your Twitter vote won’t be counted! The contest will run through the weekend and the winner will be announced Tuesday. You’ll need to have your comment, likes and tweets in by Monday 11:59PM CST in order for them to count.

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  • JR Oliver

    Nightwing, his close range attacks are swift and he has brutal combos.

  • Miguel Antonio Morales

    Green Lantern! Because they harness the power of Will, and who DOESN’T love Will Smith?!

  • Jim Mack

    Batman. He is badass

  • prismperfect

    I love Catwoman, she’s a badass, I wish I could pull off that outfit!

  • Bloop

    Shazam! Love the combinations his lightning powers allow as I can use great strength and teleport around. Plus, SHAZAM!

  • Laud

    Didn’t we do this already??

    Joker because he’s a strategic fighter and he owns Batman any day bro.

    Once I get the game I’ll show you guys that Joker can destroy Superman. :3

  • Jordan H. Bishop

    The Green Arrow; I love archery and I think he’s a badass!

  • Guhtere

    Superman, because he probably has the easiest combos which would be good for me since I’m more on the casual side when it comes to fighters. And plus I usually do good with guys who wear tights, like I’m good with Captain Falcon, Guile, and M. Bison.

  • Terence h

    The Flash, because you would never see me coming…

  • Adrian

    I thought, the other post was the contest? Favorite character from this game…let me research….
    Ugh, none of the characters are in my preferred universes. So who would I play as? I’m all about quick and stealthy (usually female) players. Raven looks like she fits the bill. Plus I bet she has some magic. I actually have no idea who most of those characters are though (including Raven).

    • Adrian

      Ouch, I got downvoted. That makes me super sad.

      • Chiwawaboi

        theyre just doing that to get your comment hidden. I thumbs up though.

      • bizzy gie

        I don’t think they were trying to make you sad, but if pixels on a screen don’t affect your emotions, that’s good I guess.

        • Adrian

          It looks like you got the point, but just in case you didn’t, I was being sarcastic. I just don’t get why people downvote a harmless post. Makes no sense to me.

          • bizzy gie

            I got the sarcasm and if you think this is bad, head over to PS4Daily. Type “PS4 rocks!”. Get 13 downvotes.

  • Steven Penberthy

    Raven because she is the daughter of a demon m/m/

    • Adrian

      She is? See, I knew I made the right choice.

  • VideoGames Next

    Batman, no other person can do what he does money is his greatest power.

  • Shaun Kessel

    batman because he is awsome

  • Agent721

    Batman. He fights evil without superpowers and just depends on his human skills, which we all have. Its the only superhero we can all dream of one day copying.

  • htrhr

    Batman: Everybody knows him, has funny enemies, he’s rich, has a cool motor and car and has a butler … A BUTLER !!

  • Ken Seymour

    Superman, who wouldn’t want X-ray vision ;-D

  • Michael Ngo

    The Flash: how can you beat someone you can’t catch up with?

  • Aaron Favre

    Aquaman!! Everyone under appreciates him, even though he is the ruler of a kingdom, but he comes through in the end with his strength and determination!

  • JumpMan

    Batman, because he is strong, intelligent and super attractive like me! ;)

  • Roberto Jimenez

    Superman is who i would choose. Not only is he the one hero everyone knows and loves. I follow his morals and believe that their is good in every human being.

  • Jonathan Verreault

    superman because he is strong,fast,and the x-ray vision

  • James

    Doomsday! His DNA contains an innate hatred for all life; in a small way I sympathize with that.

    • Adrian

      Haha, you made me laugh.

  • Bryan Paul Wallis

    Green Lantern, because of his unqiue and dynamic fighting style that relies on him being about to think quickly

  • David Karn II

    Your all wrong and the greatest character is the Joker, who else could convince superman to destroy Metropolis??? He is sadistic, manipulative, and obviously the smartest one. I aspire to be him one day……….*sigh* but I just don’t think I could wear his purple suit.

  • david jarman

    Gilbert Gottfried! The sound of his voice alone makes Superman do bad things like throwing our elders into the sun!
    I stopped eating Tyson’s chicken nuggets cause of him.

    Seriously though, I’m old school and my childhood hero will always be batman. He has no super powers he is just smart, wise and strong.

  • HyruleHero

    Aqua man because everyone feels I’m useless

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    I will pick The Flash, he is incredible fast wich makes your opponent confused. I always like his humor in the television series wich makes him a great character i can enjoy. His possibilities are endless and you can always find a new combination to out smart you opponent. I personally think he has the best and coolest outfit. So i would love to play as him in the new injustice game. I really like all characters in the dc universe. everyone has great abilities and techniques.

  • Knux03

    Now you’ll get framed like a diploma in your spiritual coma
    I’mma black Moor like Othello, but I won’t die for Desdemona
    Older, diamond-studded mic, walk on a stage of solid marble
    Leave the flyest MC’s startled and yell “Shazaam!” like Captain Marvel…..


  • BieberBlows

    Batman because he’s not wearing hockey pads.

  • Andy Dolasinski

    Superman, i know Goku and he met Goku and can beat him in the right place

  • Silent

    Catwoman…….those legs @___@

    • xubecube


      • Silent

        sexual attrativeness is not pervertism.

  • B. Adriano

    The Flash!
    Cause I work fast first and fix mistakes later (fix them faster).

  • Nintendofreak

    batman cuz he is badass…and he named all his stuff the same( bat cave, batmobile, batarang)

  • Nathan Ostroski

    I’m all for Batman! Why? Because the other superheros were endowed with or chosen to have special powers. But Bruce Wayne, a man who from childhood who has a strong distaste for the criminal underworld, he became the infamous hero all on his own. Through perseverance, intelligence, and kick-butt fighting skills, Batman has all that it takes to put the hurtin’ on all the baddies!!!

  • MrPancake606

    Duh, Batman… wait, you tell me he dosent weild a bat, laaame. JKJKJK

  • Isaac Guillen Renteria

    Well because i grew up with him, he taught me more morals than school itself!! He taught me that no matter what happens, you can always give a little bit more of yourself. That no matter how big the challenge is, you can always go beyond it. That it doesn’t matter if you need help from others or not. To always believe in yourselve. And especially that you have to always give it all you got to protect the ones you love.
    I dont know if goku would be considered a super hero or not, but he IS and will always be my SUPER HERO.

    • Isaac Guillen Renteria

      Hey WiiU Daily i thought you were gonna choose the winner from your previous post of the contest

      • Adrian

        BTW, the question here is different than in the other article. Now it explicitly asks for “your favorite superhero or villain from the game.”

        • Isaac Guillen Renteria

          Ohh thanks i didnt see that

  • Dorfdad

    I would have to say the Flash would be my pick! His incredible speed would allow you to get out of harms way, and well create harm much faster! Hope I win and you all don’t :P

  • HotInEER

    I like to play with a lot of different characters with my main ones being Superman, Batman, and Aquaman, but for the game, I would say Aquaman. He is one of the easiest to play with and his moves are very powerful and he can deal a lot of damage close up and far away and has one of the power moves in the game.

  • TCar

    I would have to say Batman. I personally have two separate sides of myself, one that remains hidden from everyone and the other that people know. I lack the sad story that Bruce Wayne does that would enable me to become a hero of the night! Fighting for justice through positive terror in this cruel world is just what the doctor ordered! Not to mention, he’s human with no superpowers; just a strong individual with a impeccable understanding and desire for justice!

    • Adrian

      You should open up to people and share your other side. Let people know the real you! Well at least the people you care about.

  • Christopher Smith

    Superman because he’s super

  • J Chang

    Flash, because he’s quick and agile with great reflexes!

  • Nathan Eyre

    Deathstroke. Because I freaking love antiheroes/villains, and he’s basically the DC comics version of deadpool. I mean, I can’t be the only one who notices that, right?

  • Oquatoe

    batman, he uses his brains and cool technology rather than his strength

  • Suraj Alexander

    Batman would be my super hero. He doesn’t have superpowers but is still fights for what he believes with his technology and wits. Goes to show ‘Most battles are won by wits not power’

  • João Henrique

    Green Arrow – no super powers, just skills!

  • Ifeanyi Ukomah

    raven because……that so raven its the future i can see?

  • Andy Dolasinski

    For a villain it would have to be Giganta and i would like her even more if she had some muscle

  • Knguro

    Batman, because he is incorruptible and by his only one rule and no super powers he is capable of defeating everyone. He keeps himself in the line between heroes and villains without crossing to the other site. He is the one that truly sacrified his own happiness in orther to fight against evil.

  • Jeffery02

    Green Lantern. I love the color green as well as the concept of will being directly related to the strength of power.

  • Kelly Kniser

    Batman Would Have To Be My Favorite, He Is The Example Of Justice! : ) And The Joker Would Have To Be One Of My Favorite Villains Because He’s The Perfect Example Of Madness!

  • Zorpix

    Best superhero is Aquaman. Even with all the oppression from everyone on land, he fights to protect them and the sea. Only a true hero would fight for those who ridicule him

  • Sam Bratt

    Not to sound cliche, but I’ve always been a huge Joker fan. Every incarnation of him amazing, I love how different he is at creating “problems” for the so-called heroes

  • Shaun Hunter

    Superman. He represents the best of humanity, helping out anyone he can, big or small. He’s the hero who saves the world and protects the innocent by choice, not with vengeance like Batman or guilt like Spider-man, but because he was raised with good moral values. He’s a inspiration not just to me, but to everyone.

  • ejownz6

    My favorite is Superman. We’re a good fit because we’re both vastly superior to other humans and are practically indestructible.

  • david jarman

    William hung… Because he inspires me

    • Adrian

      She bangs! She bangs!

      • david jarman


  • pepisho

    Aquaman !!! .. just kidding

    I will have to go With Batman , i like that Heroes make and effort by themself with no superpowers

  • Ethan Corey Cathcart

    Catwoman because I like cats.

  • NoPUNintendo

    Flash. Able to hit his enemies thousands a times every moment. He can easily dodge, and quickly go get a snack in the middle of a battle and still beat any bad guy!

  • Ernie Sanguyo

    the flast ftw :)

  • CanesterJr

    Leave a message…Cyborg because we’re both black lol jk but we are both strong and cheesy…

  • Captain~Raid

    Batman Bitches, cause he’s badass. :)

  • Link Slayer

    Batman! Simply because he has been my favorite superhero since I was 4. Something about how bad a@$ Batman is. I also think the Joker is the best villian in the history of villians!

  • Dominicruz

    The best character for me is batman he is super intelligent,knows martial arts ,is a scientist ,he can do everything and if he doesn’t do something he makes it and he can also defeat all members of justice league because he knows their weakness

  • Kot Takahashi

    The joker. Have you seen the Dark Knight? That’s why.

    • Waluigi

      My favorite super villain it’s me!!!
      Me > The Joker
      Waluigi Time!!!

  • Evan Vasquez

    Superman all the way! Because God like strength he can defeat anyone!

  • wober2

    Solomon Grundy: Because I am dead inside :(

    • wober2

      I was also born on a monday….

  • Uno Zuniga

    Batman is my hero because he is highly intelligent and has no powers. Even though he doesn’t have superpowers he is still my hero. He has been my hero since was a small child.

  • Vic Nwaogu

    Batman because he is so awesome and his fighting skills are amazing

  • Ryan Cam

    The Flash! He’s highly underrated as a super hero and deserves more attention.

  • Doug Coughler

    Green Arrow – I prefer to strike from a distance.

  • Keirsten Thomas

    Catwoman. Her rush down is amazing. Her anti air has a fast start up. And her combos are amazing looking. Plus beating up on batman with catwoman is awesome! But honestly the whole game looks amazing. Mortal Kombat was great this looks even better.

  • Lusunup

    Green Arrow because hes funny , stealthy, a great strategist, Ive always had a thing for the unique kind of fighters with cool moves and not overpowered makes them stand out in a way like Falco off of starfox on brawl.

  • Bradley LeDonne

    The flash because he is fast and agile. I also like how he isn’t over powered like superman. In a real fight you have to be fast and agile to best the enemy. Not clunky and slow.

  • Blas Diaz

    Superman, because he believes that everybody has some good in them, and so do I.

  • Pikachief

    The flash! I mean, have you seen how fast that guy is?

  • powerhour24

    Deathstroke, I like him because he uses guns and other man made weapons, with the instincts of a soldier. Like me in battlefield, We both like the color black and a fashionable bright color to mix. He’s not really evil but just doing his job. He’s a hard working business man. He’s the ultimate rival to Batman. He’s also like Big Boss(Snake from Metal Gear) in super villain form. Also love his bad ass name, describes him perfectly. He’s a true soldier, I’m good in battlefield but hes good in real life. either way, were both soldiers right?

  • kevin nun—-

    Jesus is my heroe

  • uPadWatcher

    My favorite character is the original man in black– BATMAN!

  • therealruben1

    batman cause he has cool gadgets

  • Lawrence Grate

    Raven is my hero of choice comic book wise she is a deep and dark character and although a half demon more humane than most, while on the gameplay side she seems able to fight afar or up close and teleport and since my game play style revolves around a mix of rush-down, keep-away mix-up which is basically being flexible and adopting to as many situations as possible in battle she seems to fit the bill pretty well.

  • Noyesdude

    Batman! The tools he has and the practice he puts in to be able to do what he does is a lot more awesome than just having some superpower that you don’t have to work for.

  • waluigi

    Aquaman because he will throw a polar bear at you.

  • babulibaba

    Ares because he look awesome and is a boss and a god

    also if u look up ares on wikipedia it says he is Mars in roman mythology
    mars is a planet
    mercury is a planet
    mecury is hg on the periodic table
    hgtv is a terrible tv channel about real estate
    tv is a form of technology
    so is a computer
    computers use internet
    wiiudaily is on the internet
    wiiudaily is awesome
    so is ares
    point proven

  • George V Golden

    I haven’t played the game, but in my mind I would pick The Flash. I mean yea Superman would be an obvious pick because of his super powers. And if Batman still carries around his dose of kryptonite, yea he would be an obvious pick too. But with his super speed and a little bit of strategy, I think The Flash would be a beast – you don’t even dare blink in a fight with The Flash.

  • Isaac Guillen Renteria

    My favorite super hero from the game (from what ive seen from gameplay) it would be Knightwing because he’s fast, strong and has really good moves

  • FlyingBoat

    i dont know, because i dont own the game
    and that is why you should give the copy to me

  • Abel Pinales

    Nightwing totaly! his switching of move sets is amazing for my play stlye. Love DC injustice!

  • Alister Fiala

    I have strong moral restraint when choosing not to destroy bad people. However, if pushed over the edge like ‘Injustice’ Superman, then I too would let loose.

  • Selina Kyle

    Catwoman. Because I am her.

    • Kalai3


  • JB

    Batman. Hands down. He doesn’t need superpowers to kick butt. Just pure smarts and skill.

  • Andrew Phillips

    Nightwing. He’s like Batman but a lot cooler.

  • Bob Brochee

    Pssssh… This is EASY…

    The World’s Greatest Detective gets the win…

    Having an unlimited amount of income, all of the technology in the world at your fingertips and Alfred easily make Batman the top competitor.

    You ask the question why is he the best match for me?

    It’s easy.

    I like to stick with winners…

  • Daniel Schwarz

    Always been a huge Batman fan. Not sure if his moveset would suite my style, but he’s definitely the first character I’m picking up!

  • Nookling

    Cat Woman. Have you seen the movie? That’s why.

  • Alex Dunning

    the flash cuz he vibrates lol

  • gamedealers

    Justice is what all the underdogs wants, to be treated fairly as everyone else is treated and everyone to be under the same treatment. After starting off like that you would think I would say superman and you would be wrong the person I am talking about is nightwing. Nightwing is like the opposite of batman heck I would even say he fits the title injustice over the treatment he use to receive as batman underdog from his robin days. So its always good to see the underdog step into the spot light and thats why my favorite super hero would be Nightwing

  • Christian J. Garcia Contreras

    Black Adam; because he is a bad-ass and doesn’t care who gets in his way. He is a insane god-like tyrant who sees citizens of Metropolis as little weak ants screaming and running for their lives as he destroys them with a bolt of lighting through one word….”SHAZAM!!!”

  • ronaldco91

    Batman. . . . Because he’s Batman. . . (Lol)

  • Tom Brandow

    Green Arrow. I’ve always considered him a great hero especially when he teamed up with Green Lantern and you were able to see how the two differed with Oliver’s vigilantism and Green Lanterns organized authority. And to top that all off the Speedy arch happened at this time which discussed heroin use. Green Arrow and the Question need their own movies and I was soooooo disappointed with the “Arrow”. Over dramatic, constant filler, garbage.

    Oliver always seemed like someone who was able to remain himself despite becoming a “super” hero. He still got hurt, had drugs affect his personal life, maintained a real job, and had an ongoing relationship. He was able to be Green Arrow and Oliver Queen at the same time. Unlike say batman who was nothing like his alter ego. Because of this he is often the voice of reason, he understands that hes fighting for the little man because he is the little man. When superheros go out of control and try to become authority its Green Arrows job to make things right. So all in all I would be Green Arrow, worth a shot. Looks like an amazing game.

  • Joshua Landi

    My favorite is Deathstroke. Not for any technical superiority when playing the game, but because he provides sentimentality. He reminds me of being a child and watching Teen Titans on Toonami who, if you don’t know, was the inspiration for Slade the main antagonist in Teen titans. That show was AMAZING and i’ll never forget it.

  • K-Gun Reddell

    aquaman he can dance in a public store and thats number one in my book

  • Kalai3

    Wonder Woman, because she kicks butt for justice!

  • デイビス デビッド

    Batman…Because he stood u and even tho he has gone through hell and back after his own son was a complete psycho, he still fights for what is right no matter in what physical or mental condition he is at and finally because he is AWESOME!!!!

  • Timothy Kolek

    My favorite is Green Arrow because of all thecrazy things he can do with his bow and arrow.

  • Triblaze

    Green Arrow. I do archery, and have pretty slick facial hair. Not to mention that clock is pretty awesome.

  • CochiseDaAvengr

    I would have to say the Green Lantern because I’m an artist and I have a rather large imagination, and imagination along with the will to make it reality can make him near unstoppable!

  • Kevin Sepulveda

    Raven because while everyone else will probably pick someone with no powers such as batman I choose someone who was born with the power to destroy by summoning forth her father but chooses not to and fights against him and to save the world!

  • Eric Walter

    My favorite hero from this game has to be Aquaman as he is much like the Spanish inquisition you will never expect him and then he will kick your ass

  • Alex

    Batman because I was watching Batman shows when I was a kid, he has a lot of gadgets, sweet car, a Bat Cave, and cool action of how he takes down bad guys. Batman has great TV shows, Movies, and now Video Games.

  • Cap9

    I’m all for Batman because he gets the job done without killing anybody!

  • Ryn Ntvdd

    LOBO is my fave anti-hero villain. He had run-ins against supes, wonder woman, batamn and even Santa. LOL! Even Stan Lee from Marvel digs his character!!!

  • Ian Symington

    Deadpool will always have a special place in my heart. The Merc with a Mouth owns his personality and I’m a sucker for Anti-Heroes. And I also love his DC counterpart DeathStroke (And yes, I know DeathStroke was made first)

  • Ryan Carrillo

    Batman is my favorite superhero and the one that fits me best. Batmans main goal was to be gothams last chance before it fell into complete darkness. In my life Ive gone through some horrid times and I did what I could to keep myself and those around me from falling into a dark path. Did I succeed 100% of the time? not at all, because just like batman even though I try and try In the end when im on my own there will be times when I fail but thats when the people around me will do there part to help.

  • Raif

    Aqua man, cause he leaves woman wet and salty.

    • tooby77

      Ohh right on the needle. :)

  • Only a few are true gamers

    My is darksied

  • Devin Dahl

    Batman….Cause He’s Batman..

  • Eldon

    well i love die hard and lex luthor looks alot like bruce willis in this game. also i bought DC Universe Online on day one and want to wash the taste out of my mouth with that purchase .

  • Jay Jay

    Deathstroke because he is so badass

  • TonyTrinnyBoy89

    I love Joker cause hes just too evil and his makeup and wardrobe is genius!

  • Chris Flores

    The Flash, I mean i’m as fast as him. And i like red :P

  • Jake Barnett

    The Green Arrow! Because trick arrows are pretty awesome!

  • Rick van der Linde

    Batman, because I’m a golddig.. 19 year old hot and dumb girl with a fake tan and boobs that loves Bruce for his personalty <3

  • Mike Wostbrock

    Got to be the Flash for me. I love fast characters, and he is one of my favorite heroes in the D.C. universe!

  • savisn

    Shazam. Lesser known, but powers like Superman; a.k.a Captain Marvel creating confusion since he’s DC; and I get to hear Gomer Pyle in my head saying Shazam Shazam Shazam!

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Darksied…The one who claims he would kill ka-el

  • Adrian Brown

    Harley Quinn. Behind every great man there is a great woman.

    • Adrian

      Haha, you have my full name. Funny.

      • Adrian Brown

        And you have my first name! Cool.

        • Adrian

          No, I have your full name! Adrian M. Brown here.

          • Adrian Brown

            Oh that’s great! Adrian A. Brown haha

  • John Andalora

    I’d prefer the joker. Quick but fairly effective attacks with a spin on them seem awesome to me!

  • Angel Mendoza

    Is this contest worldwide?

  • Robin Lundin

    Flash ofcourse, if it would be real he should kick ass like the joker and batman would get, Flash is to fast for them :P

  • Goken

    I haven’t played the game, so i wouldn’t know.

  • usama notkani

    Batman! Ofcourse he’s the best and better than the rest

  • Chris Bingham

    Bane, because he is unlike any other villain I have ever seen before because he has both intelligence and strength on his side and the fact that he is the only sane villain in the Batman Universe.

  • sharlo galmo

    The flash, cause i like that he is so fast.

  • Huzefa Javed


  • Jamal Augustine

    Ares Looks really epic he looks like he’s read to kick some DC hero but.

  • Aoi (Juan Cortez)

    Deathstroke by far. His huge arsenal of weapons creates an obstacle course for the opponent, essentially forcing them to play mario, jumping and crouching in hopes of dodging the projectiles. His persona is awesome, his design is flawless in this game, and let’s not forget, he was the coolest villain in Teen Titans

  • Jamal Augustine

    Superman he looks like he isn’t gonna take no for an answer and joker has finally made him crack.

  • TheKnutMan

    I like Green Arrow! The cockyness, the motivation to train to be a true super hero and he uses a bow, I like bows.

  • Scorpion[MG]

    Who doesnt love joker! :D That’s why he’s my favorite

  • HillKrowns

    i want this game so bad BIG DC fan but i just lost my job :( send this to me and you would be my hero

    • tooby77

      Ok if i send my pal version? I told myself i dont like fighting games, went to the store, bought it and played now for a few hours. Still dont like fighting games. :(

  • Daniel Quinones

    Green Arrow, he is coordinated, smart, and has the occasional burst of wittiness.

  • ACSL8R

    Batman, have you seen the Batman movies? If you haven’t then go watch them. The games? Don’t get me started on how Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are AMAZING! Plus the comic books! And how he defeated the whole Justice League, simply the best super hero for me, he’s smart, he makes gadgets to help himself, protects citizens, and Batman’s #1 rule is, not to kill anybody meaning, he is VERY mercyful

  • RockieOllie

    My favorite Super Hero would be Beast Boy, because:

    Beast Boy + Honey Badger = Ultimate Destruction!
    That’s why he would be the perfect fit.
    I think he also may have been Mojo-Jojo in the Powerpuff Girls

  • guest

    batman. he always has the coolest gadgets.

  • Stephen Furlong

    Batman – because he doesnt overdo it when it comes to super power. Its believable it can be real, and he kicks ass with what he has.

  • Nicholas Perkins

    my favorte villian is lex luthor why he has his own exosuits and finds kryptonite every time to beat superman

  • lonewolf88

    death stroke because hes a boss…

  • tooby77

    Just bought it. Never win anyway. Hero, Bamse. Villian, Tyson in punch out

  • Troy Currier

    My favorite character is night wing. He is because of his quick attacks like me which I am fast along with night wings sidekick of batman which I am more of a sidekick as well!

  • Linskarmo

    Lex Luthor. His suit’s awesome and I like robot suits.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    Gotta go with Superman. He’s a classic, he’s awesome, and he’s ridiculously strong.

  • Zizo47

    Hands down Superman. Come on guys, he charges in front of the Sun! Oh, and the lazer eye thingy Daaayyyyyyyyyyyiiimmn!

  • CleanerTax

    Is this contest worldwide?

  • Daniel Rumsey

    Superman for 2 reasons he is the villan and he is the saviour, the fact that superman almost controls the entire world and nobody can match his power only another superman not ever has the hero been the villain and the villain been the hero

  • Ryan Mickley

    Nightwing because he’s not the sidekick underneath Batman anymore

  • Jeff Jensen

    No question it has to be Batman, I’d like to think if I had that much money I would become a super hero!

  • mylasthope

    Batman without a doubt because who doesn’t love his growl-like voice? ;)

  • brian

    flash because i love to run and im fast and i like the color red and i think flash is my idol so i like flash

  • Torrence Perry

    Super Man….because he’s SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian Brown

    Wonder Woman! She has two different fighting styles which allows her to adjust to whoever she is up against.

  • Dmitry Dratver

    There are more than enough of good and not so characters in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Each of them has powers and abilities for achieving the goal. But in spite of superhuman strength of Superman, cunning of Catwoman and madness of Joker ultimately the winner will be Batman. As for me, he is the best hero in this game. I really like him. And here is why.
    He has no skills acquired mutation. He did not come from another planet. A radioactive spider did not bite him. In other words, Batman did not receive superforce for free like someone. All what he is able to do and knows acquired through hard work.
    Despite the fact that he is just a man, he has a terrific response. He can surprise even Superman, disappearing in the middle of a conversation.
    He is smart, a pretty damn smart guy. Thanks to sharp mind, ingenuity, shrewdness and knowledge from various areas Batman is ready for any eventuality, complicacy or Riddler’s puzzle.
    The hero developed numerous equipment for his hobby. Different Bat-things are very realistic. The special suit of Batman and his various modes of transport are cool. You know about that. :)
    Batman is not afraid of pain. He feels it, but stands by the tremendous force of will. Willpower helps him get up on his feet after numerous crushing blows. Lose the battle, yet win the war.
    He is Black Knight, not Tony Stark. Batman does not expect praise or looking for fame.
    The killer who never kills. This, of course, the controversial point, but if you follow the public morality, it certainly makes Batman as more than a hero.
    The most dangerous weapon in the world is a man with nothing to lose. Batman can do thing that he would not do normal man because he has no ideals, dreams, or anything what can hold him back. He became nightmare to those who are in his way.
    Bruce Wayne / Batman. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist by day, and at night he is nightmare for criminals.
    «Why so serious?» (The Dark Knight). Wicked clown, a smile that does not bode well. «Actually… this is all just a bad dream» (Batman Returns).Villain, who was raised by penguins and lives for the sake of revenge. «I’m necessary evil» (The Dark Knight Rises). Monster who managed to not only overcome the bat, but also break his spine. On his way, Batman meets one of the most dangerous opponents in the universe of comics. Batman is ready not only to look in their eyes, but hit between their eyes.
    And in the end it he has own butler and Batcave for playing Wii U ^__^

    I want to apologize for my English. My original language is Ukrainian. I live in Ukraine. But console is NTSC :Р

  • Jared Z

    My main is Batman, but I think the best character that suits me is Bane. He’s just so BIG. And that super amor just destroys Deathstroke zoners. His suits are awesome, and the only thing that would be better would be if he actually stabbed the opponent at the end :(
    @Darklurkr23 FB – Jared Zimmermann

  • Vincent St Jean

    the joker, because his laugh is pure evil and he is super creepy. who puts lipstick on like a crazy person.

  • Timothy J Wolfe

    Batman because he always has he coolest toys and gadgets!

  • jay


  • Agustín Pérez Cuatepotzo

    My favorite super hero is BATMAN cause of he doesn´t have any super power

  • Daniel Ayvar

    My favorite superhero is batman, because he is rich, a stud, and HE HAS A FREAKIN BUTLER!!!!!

  • Brendan Iz Uninteresting

    My favorite superhero is Static Shock, the coolest superhero I ever saw AND he flew around on a trash can lid HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? Anyways, Sadly Static is not on the roster, if I was designing the game I’d for sure put him in! So since he’s not on the roster, I’d have to go with Killer Frost for three reasons, 1: those attacks like freezing someone alive then breaking them, or impaling them with ice spears, pretty friggin cool. 2: theres this bad ass and sassyness to her personality maybe not as much as other supervillians but it’s pretty sassy. 3: the sex appeal…. Yeah I know… But what else did you expect?she’s VERY HOT… That was obviously my last and final reason. And with that I rest my case. Static Shock Forever

    • Brendan Iz Uninteresting

      Close seconds would be either Raven (teen titans FTW) or green arrow (you know him you love him). Really hope I get this game!!!

  • Marcel L’Heureux Piché

    batman because he fly

  • Austin Troth

    batman, as he is virtuous and crafty

  • Alexandre Lefrancois

    Superman: blindly helping others whomever they might be.

  • IntrepidEmu

    Wonder Woman! No one beats her!

  • LilShiro

    Probably Batman. I’m a fan of fast characters that use utilities or opponent’s misfortunes against them, and the Dark Knight looks perfect for just that.

  • MicroByte

    I’d say Batman because he is all about the gadgets and so am I.

  • Seth S. Scott

    Shazam is my favorite, although I wish he had a alternate costume that was Shaq from the movie Shazam. #injusticeforme

  • Nintendo Nation

    BATMAN. because he is a billionaire playboy. millionaires are so last week

  • The Libyan

    Ares, he’s has tons of weapons, just looks awesome, and when he transports you to his dimension, he launches thousands of arrows at you and then grows big to squish you. He’s just awesome!!!!

  • The Libyan

    Cyborg…just because he says BOOYAH!!

  • link2nintendo

    I don’t have the game yet, but my favorite character from the trailer was Wonder Woman, I’m guessing my favorite once I pick it up will be Nightwing or Flash though, as I tend to like fast characters.

  • Mvasd

    Batman- no matter how much corruption he see, the deaths that occur around him, and the challenges he must overcome , he no matter what, he see the light and keeps true to his beliefs and wont kill. and sir thats how he does it. thats why his my favorite hero

  • Jeff Henry


  • Mookymuke

    My fave is nightwing! I think he puts spark into the game he’s best matched with me because I love the fx of his moves don’t have the game but in trailers he looks awesome! Love him dc as well great character in both comics and the game, underrated character in my opinion!

  • Andrew Hagan

    Hawkgirl cause dat mace and she can fly.

  • Andre’ D’Arcy

    Nightwing because he’s like an awesome ninja and has the awesomeness of Batman (and was Batman)

    • Gecko Altair

      Nightwing used to be robin but he broke away from batman because he wanted to be on his own.

  • Guest

    Doomsday, cuz he is the only one wearing nothing but a pair of short pants… much easier to relieve your bowls when your not all suited up.

    Who the fuck wants to be a suited superhero, if u got diarrhrea smeared all your stomach and legs. Not easy playing tough, when you reek of assjuices, now is it?

    I win! just gimme the game now!

  • Nintendofan

    Doomsday, cuz he is the only one wearing nothing but a pair of short pants… much easier to relieve your bowls when your not all suited up.

    Who the fuck wants to be a suited superhero, when u got diarrhrea smeared all over your stomach and legs because there wasn’t time enough to get it off. Not easy playing tough, when you reek of assjuices, now is it?

    I win! just gimme the game now! Nobody can come up with a advantage greater than that!

  • Guest

    I like Nightwing because he’s so determined to do something to prove himself like me.

  • Luke Denly

    Please enter me in the contest; the game looks amazing!

  • Chris

    Superman is the best because he can fly and shoot lasers and has super strength

  • calway1000 .

    Batman is a great hero and vigilante. Good match for me as he fights fair.

  • Matt

    Superman, Because Who Doesn’t Want To Be Him?

  • CleanerTax


  • Whos That

    my favorite super hero is batman. pretty cliché but he’s just a badass and really smart… he’s not a bland superhero like green lantern or superman.

  • Emilio Diamante

    My favorite superhero is Batman, and he’s the perfect match well cuz HE’S BATMAN.

  • Marcus Garrett

    Flash is the hero for me. He’s quick but not quite a lightweight. I like him for the same reasons I like Toon Link in Brawl.

  • HillKrowns

    i NEED this!! i hopes theys picks mes

  • Chris Michael

    Aquaman is the my favorite character to use due to his vast array of trident moves and his never back down from anyonne attitude that has me pumped to kick other super heroes asses. Aquaman’s speed and strength help me destroy the competition.

  • eboy26

    jesus isnt real, dummies

    • Nintendofan

      except that he is…
      Records indicate that 205,123 boys in the United States have been named Jesus since 1880. How would you feel like If I told you, you weren’t real?

  • Chris


  • bizzy gie

    That was childish and extremely disrespectful.

  • Adrian

    Perfect response.

  • kevin nun—-

    My take on it? Jesus was, is, and forever will be real. God made himself human and flesh to come down on earth and reach his people, Israel, and his creation and followers, us. All Jesus wanted to accomplish was to give us the gift of salvation (which he did) for we had lost it after the Adam and Eva event. The Holy Bible is a library inspired by God, books within books full of facts, that’s why scientists haven’t been able to prove it wrong. For example, there were ancient wheels found under the Red Sea and if one would scrutinize the book of revelations, one would find that everything written in that book and all the other prophecies in the bible as a whole had been and are being fulfilled such as when it prophesied “war on skies” when jets and planes obviously did not exist back then. Furthermore it is also mentioned that the 2nd coming of Jesus will be near when people of the same gender are given the rights to get married as they had in Sodom, when the whole world is conscious of the word of God, etc. Many things, I could keep going. If you have taken your time to read this long yet brief explanation in why I believe so much in Jesus, I congratulate you. because it’s such a hard topic to explain. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, all in one, can do the impossible, yet they sometimes chose to abstain themselves form acting when certain decisions interfere with their plans. You may ask God , others, or yourselves many questions about your life or life in general, but sometimes God chooses not to respond simply because he dislikes revealing certain things. However, remember that if you lift a petition towards God, and if he finds it convenient , he will answer you. God is never late on answering, but sometimes waits for the last millisecond to act -just as a way to test your faith. Is following God hard? Extremely, but don’t let that stop you, try him out. God knows nobody is or will ever be perfect, what matters is that you try. Like Jesus said “with God, all things are possible.”

  • wober2

    I am pretty sure Jesus in Marvel…

  • Adrian

    Well, Kevin opened up the door for that one unfortunately. That would be like saying Obama was my hero. All of a sudden There’d be this big political debate about how horrible Obama is and how he’s secrely Muslim.

  • Nintendofan

    my father sais that um, like, that jesus is a big balloon… and then if u pop it with a pointy metalthingy… then loads icecream would pour out – assflavoured… he is so mean my father:(

  • bizzy gie

    That doesn’t make it the ‘perfect response’. He’s obviously trying hard to insult this person who was bothering nobody. No maturity whatsoever.

    Politics aren’t quite as personal.

  • Adrian

    Haha, nice Ronald. Actually me and a Coworker were talking about exactly this about a year ago. It’d be funny.

  • Adrian

    I don’t know if he’s so much trying to insult him as he is just voicing his opinion. Young males who are into technology tend to be agnostic atheists from my experience, so talking about religion in a group like this is just asking to get comments like that thrown about. Plus, every notion should be up for criticism. If I said Santa Clause or Thor was my super hero (and I insisted they were real) then I imagine I’d get alot of people making fun of me haha.

  • bizzy gie

    But other people here who make random posts (i.e. my favorite villain is me!, my favorite hero is Goku, etc.) get left alone in entire peace or upvoted out of support.

  • david jarman

    I’m not and I believe in Jesus. I’m all about tech, science even paleontology(I love me some dinosaurs). However, I have faith.

  • Adrian

    All he did was point out that Jesus was fictional. If somebody claimed Goku was real, they would have the same thing happen.

  • david jarman

    He’s not fictional and lets please keep this video games! 1,2,3-WILLIAM HUNG!

  • bizzy gie

    That’s still disrespectful. I can’t believe you’d defend such immaturity (probably an atheist as well). I know atheists don’t have any morals and no reason NOT to do bad stuff (such as insulting someone’s religion), but this guy needs to grow up. Religion isn’t a television show (and still hasn’t been successfully disproven). It’s the basis for millions of lives and 46% of America.

    And F.Y.I I’m an avid follower of everything in the technology world.

  • Adrian

    I said tendency, not absolutely.

  • Adrian

    Well, he’s not fictional in the sense that he likely did historically exist approximately 2000 years ago as a cult leader. He’s only fictional if you insist he still exists today.

  • david jarman

    Please don’t respond in poor taste.

  • Adrian

    Hah Well, I’d recommend not responding to this little mini thread if you don’t want to hear people’s opinions on the subject.

  • david jarman

    There’s a you huge difference between stating your opinion and purposely structuring your comment to sound insulting about my God and savior who didn’t lead any cult but came here to show us a better way to live then what we were doing in the past and then to die for my sins. How about being a little more mature about your responses and have a little respect. I didn’t insult you and neither did he. Neither one of you had to respond to him at all so if you don’t want to hear from me on this subject I suggest moving a long cause I pray for open doors.

  • Adrian

    *sigh* not so good at taking advice I see. I could care less if you believe in magic, dragons, unicorns, deities, or demons. But I’m not going to withhold my opinions just because you are overly sensitive and insecure about your unfounded beliefs. Look, I’m not mad at you for believing in something different than me. You can declare exactly how you feel and what you believe. Similarly I can respond and tell you that I believe your beliefs are false. See how that works? We both think the other is wrong The difference is I don’t care that you are wrong, and I don’t care if you think I’m wrong. So just chill man. No need to turn this into a debate. Now you know one more person in this world thinks that you are worshiping a figment of your imagination. Big deal?

  • Adrian

    haha “I know atheists don’t have any morals”. Just shows a huge lack of education. Please go to college, or take some anthropology or sociology classes and learn what the basis of morality actually is.

  • Tom Brandow

    ” I can’t believe you’d defend such immaturity (probably an atheist as well). I know atheists don’t have any morals and no reason NOT to do bad stuff ”

    So far this is the only thing I’ve found offensive about your little argument. If you’re going to purposely insult someones beliefs it at least needs to be funny.

    You might enjoy my web-comic series though.

  • Josh Hudson

    As an Atheist with what I believe are pretty strong morals, I take a little offence. Maybe that’s why christians are so often child molesters…Their book didn’t tell them not to?

  • bizzy gie

    No doubt atheists can create their own, individual morals, but none that are imperative. Seriously if you had a whole bunch of sex with different women, smoked a lot of drugs, and stole some expensive objects from a retailer, what guilt would you feel? If you would feel guilty, why? Actually don’t answer. I’m done entertaining this.

  • david jarman

    I feel sorry for you. You try to make insults sound like logic. Only a fool thinks he’s smart. I’m just going to turn my cheek and ignore you.

  • Adrian

    Haha, Bizzy, what is scarier is that you feel you need a magical superpower to keep you in check from doing hurtful or damaging things. I really do hope you don’t lose faith one day and start cheating on your wife, doing drugs, or stealing. Because if it takes a god to keep you in check, then you really need to evaluate how good of a person you are.

  • Adrian

    Fantastic, finally taking my advice I see. I actually never said anything about logic, or about me being smart. If you think I’m smart, then I suppose thanks for the compliment? I don’t have any such illusion that I have more or less intelligence than the next person. Anyways, I don’t know your age, but it is likely you will come across many people throughout your life who have different opinions than you. I suggest you learn to coexist without needing to assert your opinion is correct and getting offended by anybody who doesn’t agree with you.

  • david jarman

    I take back what I said earlier. Are you like fighting you’re own battle in your head or something. I don’t know what age you are but you’re failing to understand simple English. I never said who was correct or who wasn’t. You want to talk about social skills and coexisting yet you fail to understand simple English of me just saying respect others. No where in this conversation did I ever say or force my opinion on you. I basically said to stop insulting my beliefs. Maybe you need take your own advice.
    Ps. I never said you were smart either, but you just proved my point with your remark about it.

  • david jarman

    Nobodies good or good enough. It’s about being forgiven. Shows how much you don’t know of the faith you attack. Why don’t you pick a up bible and study it. Not saying you have to believe it, but at least educate yourself about it and our faith before saying something about it.

  • bizzy gie

    And this is coming from the guy who said I have a “lack of education.” Ha! What a joke.
    I’ll repeat myself. I’m DONE entertaining this. I’d like to get back to discussing VIDEO GAMES here.

    Our little religious banter pushed all the important, RELEVANT comments to the bottom. This needs to debacle.

  • Adrian

    You seem to be drawing your own conclusions, but whatevs. And yes you are trying to force your opinion on others.

    Person A: “Jesus is fictional”

    You: “No, Jesus is real!”

    Me: “Ok, he may have been real in the past, but he doesn’t exist now”

    You: “Don’t insult my beliefs.”

    Me: “I’m just stating what I believe”

    You: “I feel sorry for you”
    Me: “Grow up”

  • david jarman

    That’s forcing you? Did you notice any where in that quick run down of yours of me saying you were wrong? I didn’t think so. I was just reasoning like a mature adult would not about faith, but respect. Yet, the person who illustrated with insults tells me to grow up.

  • Adrian

    Maybe not so much forcing as showing an inability to tolerate an opposing point of view.

  • bizzy gie

    Since when was atheism a belief?

  • Adrian

    I really don’t even understand your response. I’m sorry. But anyways. I don’t really care if we continue this convo or not. You and I both just have a tendency to want to have the last word it seems.

  • Nintendofan

    I once had a deep spiritual conversation with God because I was feeling down alot. Then all of sudden he asked if I wanted to be touched by his mighty hand. “No fucking way you pedophile douchebag!” I scream at him. Havent heard from him since, although, I do tend step in a whole lot more dogshit these days. Guess he’s still a bit angry with me, but I really don’t care. If he wants us to be connected again, he should act more mature and take the first step. For now he’s just fucking annoying me.

    I also once had an encounter with Jesus in Mexico… fucking hated that guy.

  • Adrian

    Hi Kevin,
    As a note to your long comment. You may be interested to know that certain things in the bible can likely be disproven. I’ll admit that I’m no expert on it, as I don’t especially care to look into it. But, I’ve heard many biblical scholars say you cannot look at the text literally, because historically it does not hold water.

    Edit: One example is the exodus. But that’s up to you whether or not you want to actually study it and its validity.

  • bizzy gie

    Comprehension failure must be on your part as I’m able to completely understand the text.

    Having the last word is of no concern to me, but trying to allow someone to understand my point of view is the utmost important priority.

  • bizzy gie

    Sorry to hear that.

  • Nintendofan

    my mamma is no better:'(
    she sais God is a big titted shemale wolfman that likes selfproduced milk from the wee wee… I hate my parents so much:(

  • Adrian

    Haha, I could say the same to you. But I suppose if you don’t see why your previous message made no sense then I won’t go through the trouble of explaining it to you.

  • kevin nun—-

    well, that was the most immature and unnecessary comment I have seen in my whole life. So much hatred in just one paragraph and one sentence, but hey guess what, Jesus still loves you :)

  • Nintendofan

    Yeah, about that… Met Jesus at a nightclub. We had a nice talk about life, and then alluva sudden he wants to go down on me. ” I love you so much, my little sheep!” he said, as he got down on he knees while trying to unzip my pants. ” Fuck you!” I yelled at him, and then I punched him in the mouth. “Nobody love me no more!” he cried, as the tears was pouring out. He was downright pathetic. Haven’t heard from him since… and I hope we’ll never met again.

    Being denied access to the exclusive club, also known as heaven is not a threat. Do you really think I would go anywhere near God or Jesus, when they behave like self-absorbed jerkoffs? “Uh, you can’t come in if you don’t love us and think we are supa cool!”… I don’t care!!! Your exclusive club is super lame! No boose and too damn crowded for my taste. Is it even possible to play videogames in heaven? I think not, so far no developers has been confirmed to port any of their games into the beyond. LAAAAAME!!!!

    That’s how I feel, please respect that, sir.

  • bizzy gie

    You claimed I have a lack of education when I made the very true statement that atheists have no morals. Then you made a very ignorant statement regarding religion. That’s hypocritical. You understand now?

  • Adrian

    Ahh ok, I see. You are ignorant. And my statement made perfect sense. All I did was take your premise (“atheists have no morals”… which is a ridiculous, misinformed, and childish premise btw). And apply it to a situation where you hypothetically lost your faith. If the faithless version of you cannot stop yourself from doing immoral acts, then yes, you should re-evaluate how good of a person you are.

    I understand that you are told this nonsense at your places of worship, and that’s unfortunate. But you do still have a mind, so I hope you start to think for yourself one day.

    And again, you do need some basic education on morality. I’m not saying you have a lack of education in general, just on that topic. You are under the false impression that morality originates from religion. Morality is built into being a social creature. Morality is how we survive in groups. Morality is how we build societies. Morality is a result of our emotions, instincts, and social behavaior. It does not come from any book. It does change, as the societies and social structures that people live in change. I’m guessing in your mind you believe that an atheist or polytheist tribe in Africa has no morals? Or perhaps the Native Americans had no morals before the Europeans came and raped and killed them and took their land? I don’t know how much you know about your faith, but you should do some research on its history. If you can justify the murders and other atrocities that happen both in the bible, and historically by believers of the bible (in the name of the bible). Well, then I’m sorry Bizzy, you are the one who has no morals.

  • Adrian

    Hi – mi – tsu

  • bizzy gie

    Hehe. You just did it again. :D

  • Adrian

    In one ear and out the other eh? (or is it eyes in this case?) *sigh* unfortunately my opinion of you is going downwards pretty fast. I’m sure you feel the same about me. I really hope you talk to more sensible Christians who don’t have the ridiculous mindset that you do. Since you seem like you can only respect a Christian’s point of view. There are plenty of decent Christians out there, but you have proven yourself to not be one of them.

    Edit: I apologize, you may not be indecent. You may just be unable to comprehend certain things, and I shouldn’t hold it against you if you just can’t understand. I’m sorry.

  • bizzy gie

    I’m sorry you couldn’t understand the end part of the conversation and that you think it’s okay to insult somebody’s beliefs. I hope you speak to more sensible atheists as you’ve proven not to be one of them.

    Okay. We’ve got our apologies out. Stop replying. The contest is over.

  • Adrian

    Oh Bizzy. I love how hypocriticial you are. Anyways, there is no way for me to understand your position if you do not explain it. You say things like “you made an ignorant comment about religion” or “you did it again” but you don’t specify at all what you are talking about. I didn’t think I needed to point out how vague you were being, but apparently you think you actually communicated something, when you didn’t.

    Although, I can guess. Given that you have been convinced that atheists aren’t as human as others (especially Christians) i.e. you believe atheists have no morals.
    I’m going to guess you have been force fed this little lie: Once you truly have faith, it is impossible to lose it. That’s the only way your little retorts make even an ounce of sense. That notion, by the way, is false. If you are sheltered enough to believe people cannot lose faith, then I suppose the brainwashing might be pretty close to being complete.

    Buut, like I said earlier, I don’t really care if we continue this convo. You just keep coming back. It still seems we both have some stupid need to have the last word. Answer or not, that’s up to you. But since I know you will read this. Let me just say that I hope 10 or 20 years down the road you do get a bit of sense. I know it’s nearly impossible because your religion is particularly good at trapping people into a thought process that makes it almost impossible to break out. If you do break out one day…or at least if you start to really think about life, your position in it, existence, and reality then I will be very happy for you :).

  • bizzy gie

    Ha! You wasted so much time. I didn’t read one lick of that. I’m not entertaining the subject anymore. I’m done. You better stop before these comments get closed off. Bye-bye.

  • Adrian

    Haha, it doesn’t bother me (and 2 or 3 minutes typing isn’t much of a waste of time). I don’t imagine I can broaden your narrow mind. But you still keep coming back little Bizzy. Although, I’m fairly certain you read more of that than you are leading on ;). Matters very little to me though. :)

  • bizzy gie

    I read nothing. I’m trying to end the conversation, but keep replying. I don’t imagine I can mature your childish mind. But you still keep coming back little Adrian. Here’s an idea: DON’T REPLY TO THIS.

  • Adrian

    Hahaha. You brought a smile to my face so early in the morning. There’s an easy way to end this conversation, that would be for you to stop replying. But like I said, you and me both seem to have a need to have the last word.