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Would you pay $2,300 for a NES controller?


Alright, so that question is a little bit unfair since the NES controller in question is actually a full-fledged coffee table. It’s made completely out of wood, but it’s a faithful recreation of that famous controller that many of us grew to love when it was released in 1985. It also costs a whopping $2,300 and around 4 to 6 weeks to make, as the craftsman creates them all by hand. It’s a neat piece of nostalgia that any Nintendo fan would probably love to have in their game room.

What do you think? Would you use this coffee table?

[via Etsy]

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  • Adrian

    Maybe for a couple hundred. Although I’d consider paying more if it was actually funtional! Haha!

    • ZakAttack7

      Yep, that would be damn awesome. I still remember having a discussion with a friend who thought Apple would release an iTable… I’ll leave you to ponder the horrors of something like that ๐Ÿ˜›

    • CaesarGood

      it is functional as a controller, look it up…

      • Adrian

        Article here says it is “made completely out of wood”.

        • CaesarGood

          ok I said look it up, guess u didn’t want to believe me, so I did it for u…

          • Berndad

            Right, because that’s the same coffee table in the video…

          • Cerus98

            Not the same table. Besides, do you know how easy that would be to fake?

      • Sven Buschhรผter

        I’d like to see the electronics in it which are “completely out of wood”

  • if i was rich and had ma own house i wud buy this

    • Dakota List

      Maybe if you were “rich” you would lern bedder enlish?

      • AkaLink77


  • ZakAttack7

    Shut up and take my money!

    • howling_wolf1334:[

      I got your wallet!!! Hahahaha…

  • Derty

    I would totally consider it if it actually works. Then it would b a great addition to my home decor ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sdudyoy

    No, The simple answer is no.

  • Mr. Nick


  • Guest

    i saw this controller on youtube a couple built it and painted it and made it functional. they were playing super mario 3. it was freakin sweet

  • Ducked

    If I was a wealthy lad then heck yeah. But no, couldn’t afford it. But it sure does look amazing.

    • Squid

      I can’t stop agreeing with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ducked

        I guess great minds can’t disagree ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Idiotic, ugly and old fashioned.

    • Mr. Nick

      Just like your comments

    • Cerus98

      Pot, meet kettle.

    • howling_wolf1334:[

      You’re describing yourself!!!

  • ChiwawaBoi

    I dont know if I would pay 2300 for it………. although, its very tempting to buy.. argh! take my money damnit!

  • Tecpedz94

    It all depends…. Are the buttons clickable…. Lol ya i would totally buy that.

  • MetroidZero

    Question is: Can it play games?


  • Linskarmo

    I’d rather buy 38 games with that money, but it looks wonderfully done.

  • Desend

    I think when I get my next house and set up my game room I might purchase one of these.