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Nintendo teases Wii U games with E3 website » 8906389271_9493c574fd_o


  • Justis Bistawros


  • Jeffery02

    Does it look like the image is moving slightly to anyone else?

  • Ace J

    wind waker HD

  • Guhtere

    If you can’t get this one you’re not a true Nintendo fan…

  • Madmagican

    Wind Waker 🙂

  • bjwanlund

    Too easy, it’s Wind Waker HD

  • wober2


    • Gauru Shiro

      knew it

  • xBoneR

    Wind Waker HD!!!

  • Jason Wilkins

    Because after all, everyone loved Windwaker the most…No one wanted to see a Majora’s remake…I’m just going to go to bed…