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Nintendo teases Wii U games with E3 website » 8907009288_86f2f1332d_o


  • Michael Legault

    my brain wants to say Golden Sun….?

    • Madmagican

      Damn, I wish it was; a console Golden Sun would be amazing
      but it’s that Wonderful 101 guy who looks like viewtiful joe

  • Justis Bistawros

    The guy from wonderful 101.

  • Jake Mulready

    Viewtiful Joe?

  • Bastion?

    • Someone1516

      First thing I thought also. I was like “OOOOOhhhhh!” then I read that it was prob wonderful 101 and I was kinda disapointed.

  • Ace J

    wonderful 101

  • wimpykid456

    Project P-100