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Nintendo teases Wii U games with E3 website » 8907009380_3747f56f8e_o


  • Justis Bistawros

    Luigi and yoshi oh this ones easy to guess.

    • Firebro17

      You’re wrong it’s actually Half Life 3 for Wii U

      • Guest

        Wtf is half life 3.

        • Justis Bistawros

          Its a first person shooter the first game was made in 1998..

      • Justis Bistawros

        No you’re wrong how the fuck is this half life 3. Only a dumb ass would think this is half life 3 have you done drugs today sir.

        • Bob

          Are you retarded?

          • Justis Bistawros

            Am i retarded why don’t you shut the fuck up and stay out of the fucking conversation you fucking piece of shit. .

  • RJSaud

    Are you guys sure it’s Luigi? it looks like Michael from GTA V riding a Bike

    • Justis Bistawros

      You’re hilarious.

  • xBoneR

    Luigi and Yoshi!