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Here’s a livestream of the Japanese Pikmin 3

If you’re excited about Pikmin 3 and want to see some gameplay ahead of the release dates for Europe and North America, you can check out the live stream above. Noted Nintendo fanatic Cheesemeister3k is playing the game and showing off many of the new features of the game. There’s no details on how long this will last, so check it out while you still have time!

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  • Benjamin Moberly

    I want to watch it… but I don’t want to spoil anything for myself… Oh the inhumanity!

  • NinjaFart

    It won’t work :/

    • NinjaFart

      Neevermind, it’s working now. It just took a few minutes.

  • Clel

    I say we start a petition to execute Ustream. It’s the humane thing to do.

    • Ducked

      Finally, and I thought I was the only one.

    • bizzy gie

      What’s wrong with Ustream? I’ve never had any problems with it before?

      • Clel

        A lot of people experience a lot of lag and technical problems with Ustream. For example, at E3 when Nintendo streamed its Nintendo Direct, it was using Ustream. A LOT of people had lag issues with it.

        • incoherent1

          I’ve had other bad UStream experiences, but that E3 Nintendo Direct was the worst. I gave up after 20 minutes and just waited for it to be posted to YouTube an hour later.

        • bizzy gie

          I thought that fault was on Nintendo’s part. Guess I thought wrong.

          That was the only live Ustream video I’d watched.

          Ustream works GREAT when it’s not live.

        • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

  • Luna Moonfang

    I don’t want to spoil this game D:

    • kenny Johnson

      Some Pikmin drown.

      • Mario

        Just the red, yellow and rock pikmin. The blue and flying pink pikmin are the only ones who can’t drown.

    • Pikachief

      Captain(s) land on a planet.
      Captain(s) discover pikmin.
      Captain(s) help pikmin survive.
      Captain(s) fail and many pikmin die.
      Captain(s) use pikmin to obtain their goal.

      The End.

    • Banjobug

      I know that feel.

  • companyoflosers

    i think the proper thing to do to show proper respect to the developers is not watch this. as soon as i realized this was someone playing the final game from the beginning i stopped watching. im sure nintendo would like this to be a surprise for gamers and would not condone this dude spoiling it for people. support game developers so they can keep making good games! do not watch this!

  • gamesplayswill

    I don’t want to watch, I’ve waited YEARS for this game and I’m not spoiling the cut-scenes or any other features we haven’t come across yet.

  • That_one_guy99

    you guys are welcome….. if you go mad it’s not my fault

  • Beau

    I really wish we had this game right now…

  • Michael Jurado

    okay so let me get this straight GTA V gets called game of the year for using 3 characters simultaneously within the story. While Pikmin 3 does the exact same thing and need I mention it did it FIRST yet people treat it like it’s not important or claim that “this looks like pure shit lmao” ~Christopher Johnson yet from my point of view pikmin 3’s graphics are > GTA V graphics

  • ICHI

    Although they are a bit free and easy with the high marks these days famitsu have given pikmin 3, 37/40. Stating the extra characters and the gamepad open the scope of the levels, puzzles and the micromanagement of your team to heights the series has not seen before.

  • rafter

    what is this? who wants to play this…

    • ICHI

      All of us probably

  • Squirrel09

    I know who you are, I know what you do, I figure this is sarcasm with referencing your previous post the past couple of weeks, but thats not to say this statement is wrong. No single game with move systems in the masses. Yes, people will buy the wii u for pikmin, Yes, people will buy the U for 3D World. But in order to move a large number of systems there needs to be a game library, Which is shaping up amazingly! With pikmin, Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong, 3D World, Raymond, Watchdogs, Arkym Origins, Disney Infinity, ACIV, Splinter Cell, and Numerous Eshop downloads and practically weekly releases on Virtual Console… that will move systems. *drops microphone*

  • Clel

    HEY GUESS WHAT? YOU CAN’T TROLL ON IGN ANYMORE! Now I hope Wii U daily applies this to their site as well, before it gets TOO out of hand.

  • FungalSpawn

    Lol. This thing isn’t going to move it’s own box.

  • Ducked

    Don’t worry him, he’s been here on Wii U daily since day one. Hating on every article. I hate Xbox One, but at least I give it some compliments here and then.

  • Pikachief

    Those and Deux Ex, Wind Waker HD, Monster Hunter, NSMBU, Zombi U, and Resident Evil Revelations will also be out with those games by the end of the year! Come this Christmas “Wii U has no games” would be impossible to say without lying 😛

  • Clel

    Well, at least it’s pure.

  • FungalSpawn

    Well, certainly not worth any amount of hype.

  • Zorpix

    then say something positive

  • Ace J

    nah bro you do troll

  • Jon

    key word here “When”

  • alex

    am with you pikmin 3 is goo game but will not move consoles the big games ae for 2014 by that time the xbone and ps4 will be out so it will be hard for Nintendo am a Nintendo fan since 1985 I own all Nintendo consoles but I cant block reality.. the wii u lunch in the wrong year Nintendo was not ready for HD so thi Christmas was the right time to realese the wii u bundle with Mario 3d world and few month later the realese of Mario kart

  • incoherent1

    And, even if you do hate it, you don’t spend hours of your life everyday trolling XBox One sites.

    It bothered me at first, but now I just think it’s a combination of sad and funny, plus if he really thinks his time is best spent trolling a videogame website, who I am to try to stand in the way of his dreams?

  • Jon

    Are you one of those people that are spoiled and think that rushed games are great?

  • Nintendofan

    I agree…

    Besides, it’s funny how nintendrones think inferior versions of crossplatform games with gamepad features slapped on top of them will move anything.
    Games like ACIV and Watchdog won’t mean shit for the Wii U once Ps4 and XB1 arrive, unless you have a thing for Mario or Zelda and little money in your pocket.
    In short. It all comes down to Mario and Zelda. Pikmen matters not… nor does the gamepad features, at least not for now. Zombie U and parts of nintendo land did ok with the gamepad, but other than that it’s not that big a deal.
    The whole gamepad thing was a big fucking mistake. even though nintendrones think its the biggest selling point. ” But I can has my inventory, maps and offscreen play on ze gamepad”… yes… wow… Gamepad is only good for internet and surfing porn… thats about it.

  • Jon

    lol, you should know by now that 90% of companies don’t know what their doing. lol A lot of stuff would be trial and error, see what works and what doesn’t work.

    The other thing, Nintendo does in a way show that they knew what they are doing when they delay their games. It shows that they realize that the games are not ready and therefore need more work and then they will release a high quality game like what they strive for. Also the fact that they have a good string of games lined up into the new year. I am pretty sure they have learned a lot of what they needed to know which is good, because the learning needs to happen before the doing and everyone is like that, even you.