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New Sonic Lost World screenshots show off Casino Night and Silent Forest » sonic-lost-world-egypt


  • Elem187

    I’m not really impressed with the visuals of this game. It looks like it was originally designed to run on the PS360. All of the textures look flat and lifeless….

    Mario vs Sonic at Sochi looks like it was made specifically to run on the Wii U, because the PS360 wouldn’t be able to handle it. But Lost World just doesn’t have that same high quality assets that Sochi/MK8/SM3DW have.

    But visuals are not as important, as long as the game is fun (Sega, please include a demo so I can try before I buy, i was burned by previous Sonic games)

    • Jay

      Well, it’s designed to look more along the lines of the Genesis style games, especially Sonic 1&2.. bright, primary colors without having overly complex graphics. The levels in say Sonic 06 were more “photo realistic” but I wouldn’t even say the graphics were better. Sonic just looks better in this type of environment, than walking around in a city with humans, like the Adventure games and later.

      Which games were you burned by if I may ask? Half of Sonic Unleashed was good, Colors and Generations were great modern Sonic games except a couple flaws…

    • Saleh Sbeiti

      Are you joking? This game is far superior in terms of graphics when put in comparison to 3D World.

  • Mario

    I really want this game.