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Here’s a look at the new arenas featured in Super Smash Bros. » SmashWily’sCastle610


  • jonen

    looks good

  • Magnus Eriksson

    With the power of greyskull!

  • beerkin

    I’m sure it will be fun the graphics look like a flash game.?.

  • TheLordOfDarkness

    So far I’m a bit underwhelmed. Why have so many regular, boring flat stage (with a floating flat platform above it)? Like this!
    Why don’t Nintendo make levels INSIDE a background, like Hyrule Castle or New Pork City? Hyrule was great and you fought inside the level/background, not in front of it like this screenshot (although New Pork looked too busy/noisy in my opinion).

  • Jason Edokpa

    I just hate just how low res the pictures are for being on a console that is hd. If they’re gonna show screenshots of the next ssb games, it should not be recorded at 610×343.