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Precursor Games shows off the sanity system in Shadow of the Eternals

In a new trailer released by Precursor Games, Shawn Jackson discusses how the sanity systems will work in Shadow of the Eternals. The game is currently in the process of crowdfunding through Kickstarter, with $258,000 of the necessary $750,000 raised. The project only has nine more days to go, so meeting that goal will be a lofty challenge.

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  • Linskarmo

    I doubt SotE will make the goal, but I hope it will. I remember Rawbot’s Kickstarter. That didn’t go too well, but hopefully that team will still be able to make it a fully-fledged game.

  • I don’t think the Kickstarter will reach their $750,000 goal. The gap seems too big to overcome and people aren’t fond of Denis Dyack.

  • Levi Johansen

    Still not excited for this game…. but I’d buy it!

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      That made total sense.

    • Mykdee

      Still not excited for this game…. and wouldn’t buy it!
      Besides it sounds like they are expecting sanity to be THE main factor in gameplay, rather than just A main factor. Atleast for me thats not gonna cut it. I don’t think this game will ever happen, and am extremely doubtful Nintendo will step in. There is a fine line between gutsy and desperate, they would have to be both of those and stupid.

      Sales as of Aug 2013, Eternal Darkness:
      NA: 340,000
      EU: 90,000
      Rest of world: 10,000

      And the GC had a larger base the the WiiU has right now. The GC had sold nearly 10 Million consoles when Eternal Darkness was Released. That is a lot more than the Wii U at 3.6 Million.

      • Stephen Macneil

        That’s not true. The sanity video was one of the last they talked about after combat and other things. It was a cool thing in ED but now they want it to have more purpose.

      • Levi Johansen

        I agree, the game will probably not sell to well. But I like the efford and I like the way the game looks.

        I’d certianly wait for gameplay footage after release to make my final decision.

        I didn’t have the first game on the GC though, but I’ve heard it’s great!

        • Stephen Macneil

          Problem is there won’t be a game if people won’t pledge and wait for it to come out. The entire game rests on this kickstarter. If you go to their kickstarter page they outline many of the systems in the game. They are doing some live demos and talking about the system as well. At the very least of you pledge only $5 you can have real input that affects the gameplay and talk to devs on a regular basis. $25 will get you the game with items that only kickstarter pledgers will get. The team there is super open to ideas, in fact, I think it was myself and a few others who talked them into making this sanity video as they initially felt they couldn’t do it in time. It’s been amazing do far, they even have artists like myself helping non artists design their enemies.

  • Baum 「ツリー」

    Wasn’t “Sanity Event” a term, that belongs to Nintendo?

    I doubt it’ll reach the Goal unless Nintendo or some 3rd Party Publisher decides to invest in the game…I’d like to see it happen, but neither would I care if it was never done…

    EDIT: I’ve got an amazing idea for a Sanity Event on the Wii U Version though: The Wii U Home menu Shows up immidiately pointing on “return to main menu” (I don’t know if it’s this in english or not so correct me if you want) and letting it look like you lost your Progress to that Point. It would be similar to the “Savedata succesfully deleted” in Eternal Darkness, a pretty big scare for People new to the series and a nice Little “easteregg” for veterans 😉

    • Clel

      What’s your native language, if I may ask? And yeah, it’s usually something like return to main menu.

      • Baum 「ツリー」

        I often like to refer to things like these Messages on Buttons ‘n shit with a more or less proper Translation, but there’re way too often complete different words/sentences 😀

    • jay

      This idea was discussed in 2006 when people wanted an Eternal Darkness 2 for Wii. The idea was that the Wii home button would seem to be pressed then the onscreen hand would click “Menu”.

      Another weird idea was you enter the room as your Mii. LOL
      It’s not scary, but would be so psychologically wrong it might scare some people!

      • Baum 「ツリー」

        Wow I didn’t know about that, but interesting to know, that there are other People thinking like me (although they were WAAAAY ahead of me ^^)

    • Stephen Macneil

      If I were you I would pledge and add your idea to the game. Denis is using a lot of ideas like this and will talk
      Directly to you. A lot of people are pledging and this game will be close to funding in the final days.

  • Keyser

    I honestly don’t believe we will see this game unless Nintendo steps in and publishes it, which would be ideal. I really don’t trust Precursor alone with this project.

    • jay

      Nintendo won’t publish a game unless they see amazing potential.

      Don’t think Nintendo is unaware of this project, they were probably the first to know, but rest assured IF Nintendo does decide to publish it then it’ll be a kick-ass game!

      • dad da

        right now nintendo might publish any game

        • QuizmasterBos

          What do you mean? You make it sound like Nintendo is in a bind. Considering Pikmin 3 is selling well in Japan and the Pokemon X and Y 3DS bundles are selling like hotcakes, I daresay Nintendo is doing quite well.

      • Keyser

        I remember reading somewhere (precursors website?) that Nintendo is actually interested in this project…so who knows, maybe they will publish it

    • Zombie Boy

      The game itself does look good, but there’s no way they’d reach that target in time. I think they’ve just messed around too many people with their promises of exclusivity and things like that, so everyone has lost interest. This is a perfect demonstration of why greed is never a good thing!

      And if Sony or Microsoft buy it, then they will have to change a few things because the “Sanity Events” and several other elements in this game are copyrighted by Nintendo.

      • Keyser

        Yeah, I also found it suspicious that they added a ps4 stretch goal, but didn’t specify exactly how much they wanted… I just don’t really like how they do business

        • Zombie Boy

          Well first it was supposed to be a Wii U and PC “exclusive”. Then when we all got excited about it, they revealed that Microsoft were also interested (and we suddenly weren’t sure whether we’d even get it, because of Microsoft’s rules about multiplat games, so stopped contributing) and then they added the PS4 stretch goal… If nobody knows whether they will even get to play this game then nobody will contribute. They shot themselves in the foot over and over again on this one!

      • thedeciderU

        hopefully nintendo will publish and release the gc on vc. if not, they will have to remake parts of the game, right? what a mess that could be, and it wouldn’t ring true to the original. also, if not put on a nintendo system, are there a lot of people still interested?

        • Zombie Boy

          It’s one of those things… The real question should be ‘Would Microsoft buy it just so the Wii U doesn’t get it?’ If they do then, yes, several parts will have to be remade and it’ll probably just end up as another standard adventure game, which will soon be forgotten.

          Hopefully Nintendo will pick it up, but I think the developer’s actions might have even put them off!

          • thedeciderU

            yeah, i definitely was more interested months ago than i am now.

      • Stephen Macneil

        Greed has absolutely nothing to do with. They are one new company trying to get a game funded. They are doing their best to support a system with a very tiny base. Look at the wii u owners here, none want a survival horror game and won’t pledge. I can’t blame precursor for trying to find a wider audience with other systems. They said all along that they believe this belongs on a Nintendo system but all the analysts are telling them Wii U is a mistake. Nintendo owners typically aren’t going to go out of their way to pledge for a $25 cryengine3 game when they typically want pikmin and Mario. I prefer to play this on wii u too with the wii U specific gameplay elements but I think nintendo users are too hard to get on board. I disagree with you saying there is no way to do it. Most kickstarters end big. This will be a close race to the finish.

        • Zombie Boy

          ??? When this game was first announced as a PC / Wii U “exclusive”, a few months ago, many people pledged, including myself and others on this site. It has only been since they started announcing it for other systems that people have lost interest. We all know that Microsoft, for example, has certain rules when it comes to multiplat titles. Then Precursor apparently became an official Sony dev. Long story short – Would you make a donation for a game that you might not get to play on your system but others get to play on theirs? Probably not, and neither would we.

          “Look at the wii u owners here, none want a survival horror game and won’t pledge”. I think you should take a better look yourself. Everyone here seems excited for this game, or at least make it clear that they were before all of this messing about.

          “Nintendo owners typically aren’t going to go out of their way to pledge for a $25 cryengine3 game when they typically want pikmin and Mario”. Are you actually joking with that comment? It’s the kind of asinine statement that someone like ‘Opinionteller’ would come out with – untrue, unfounded and somewhat offensive. You give the impression that we only want the same games again and again and don’t care about anything else. May I remind you that the first Eternal Darkness game was a (very popular) Nintendo exclusive? The truth is, Wii U owners are crying out for new ips on the system. Look at the reception to The Wonderful 101 if you need evidence of that.

          At the end of the day, people want(ed) this game. It is the actions of the developers that have put us all off a bit.

          • Stephen Macneil

            Lol of course I would make a donation for a game if someone else could play it on another system. This is the same elitist bullshit i always hear here. What do you care who else plays it. Everyone says publishers aren’t bringing games to Wii U yet people get upset when one of the very few developers wants to make a game for the system and wants to bring it to other systems for more profit. I hate to tell you this but it’s nearly impossible to make money bringing games to Wii U unless you’re nintendo. I think it’s ridiculous people won’t support a game in the off chance they port to another system because Nintendo doesn’t want to do what other publishers do and pay for exclusivity. I can’t believe the people here who have a system with no games dont want more games unless they are exclusive. Hate to tell you but most huge games aren’t exclusives. I have a wii u and 360, and preordered ps4. I really could care less who else plays a game I own on another system.

          • sd

            Agreed . People should pledge, I will later today. You get a copy of the game when released for making a low price pledge. That’s pretty good in my opinion.

            Also caring about exclusivity is pretty stupid. I just want to play the game on my system, I don’t care if another platform also gets to play it.

          • TheroniousMonk

            I think it’s important to point out that Precursor Games doesn’t have an over abundance of experience when it comes to Kickstarter campaigns or crowdfunding. What they do have is a wealth of talent and creativity on board, wanting very much to make a game that we’ll love regardless of the platform it is released on. They have been WiiU and PC since the beginning, the PS4 and other platforms were attempts to reach a wider audience, nothing more nothing less. I recall you from the forums Zombie Boy (god damn it your avatar picture is scary!), and surely you remember all of the community contributions there were? I think we’re all shooting ourselves in the foot if we aren’t pledging at least some support and spreading the word about this project.

    • Wayne Beck


    • Ducked

      I’m sure Nintendo will, a horror game like this with its potienal would be a big win if Nintendo gets it exclusively

    • Graeme Lynch

      This is the 2nd time they have tried to crowd fund the game. I would seriously doubt The possibility of Nintendo publishing it. It would be absolutely amazing if they did as I’ve been aching for an ED sequel of anything related. I thought it was the best game on the GC and still do.

      • TheroniousMonk

        I’ve heard that the cure to this ache of yours is to pledge some money to the Kickstarter. And if the campaign doesn’t fund, you keep your money. How do you lose in this scenario?

        • sd

          I have never pledged anything to kickstarter. Is that what happens, I pledge my money and then then if the project is unsuccessful they refund me my pledge?
          Thinking I might be interested in a pledge, everyone here keeps talking about the game, why not show the money. For $25 we get this game if it is successful. That’s not a bad price for the game at launch.
          Plus at worst it is $25.

          • TheroniousMonk

            That is exactly what happens in fact. If they don’t make the funding goal, your credit card isn’t charged. Plus you can change your pledge at anytime up until the last 24 hours of the campaign I believe. Not a bad deal if you think about it. I started with an Early bird of $20 and have since moved up (mainly because of income tax return heh). Plus the access to the Order of the Unseen (special part of the forums) is available to you as well, where decisions are made about which community created content could be included in the game. Just sayin’

          • sd

            Ok done, I pledged $25 for a digital download of the game. You know I am surprised I never looked at kickstarter before. Part of it was that I always assumed you pledged money and got nothing in return. But essentially I am just pre-ordering a game with extra content.

          • Stephen Macneil

            Yeah it’s a no lose situation. Another this is you get access to special items by being a kickstarter supporter. It’s a pretty cutting edge game for wii u as well. If you’re interested in designing stuff they really do accept ideas and if you have questions get back to you ASAP.

    • TheroniousMonk

      Pledges are needed for this game to happen in the time frame that Precursor Games has laid out. They are a new company, so I can understand your misgivings about what they can accomplish. However, I also invite you to pledge the $5 that it takes to get into the members only area of the forums and take a look at all of the amazing art and ideas being generated by gamers like you and I. You will only be charged if the game actually funds (fingers crossed) and until then you can see the potential of this project for free. Look forward to what you have to say when you’re there, I have the same handle on the forums. Take care!

    • mikel334u2

      I’ll get this game no matter if it’s released on either PC or Wii U. I hate when people don’t get a game if it doesn’t come out to the system they want even though they have the system that the game is being released on. A game is a game, and you buy it if you want it.

      • Stephen Macneil

        The most backwards thing is by pledging for this kickstarter people would actually be supporting nintendo. Instead they chose not to support the game because they’re afraid some ps4 fan will get to enjoy it too. Nintendo will never succeed if we don’t support the few companies who want to make games for the system.

  • Sdudyoy

    Nintendo should just publish this game, I think it would help everybody, the original game was a Nintendo exclusive so this game should also be.

  • Clel

    This is INSANE!

  • starwars360

    Come on publishers to buy this developer and bring this game for release on Wii U, PS4 and PC. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on!!!!

    • Stephen Macneil

      They don’t need publishers, they need pledgers. I wish people would just pledge on kickstarter instead of hoping it happens anyway. The game is better without a publisher because it will be community built. I’ve already designed several enemies for the game.

  • gtosheex


    • Baum 「ツリー」

      That was actually quite a good idea to put a sanity Event into their Video about sanity Events xDD

  • Lusunup

    Sharknado are they joking?

    • Johny

      you haven’t played the game on the gamecube have you 🙂

      • Lusunup

        I haven’t but what does that have too do with sharknado? o_o

        • Johny

          well, if you had played the game on gamecube, you’d probably recognise those effects and sounds after that “sharknado” thing 🙂 they made this video for “sharknado” thing to look like a sanity effect itself!, and they did a very good job ! 😀 its just too bad for people who dont get this inside joke, that only those who played the game will get …. they’ll just get alittle creeped out and be alittle bit “wtf” ??

          • Lusunup

            oh i see… thanks for the info!

  • Robert Butters

    Did they just talk about Sharknado the game or is my sanity low?

  • thedeciderU

    i didn’t play the gc game, so i’m not really sold on this yet. that is a ton of money to raise. i wish them luck!

    • TheroniousMonk

      If you don’t want to check out the Kickstarter, check out the forums Lots going on in terms of creative input from the community. And if that tickles your fancy, pledge a little to the Kickstarter, if it doesn’t reach it’s goal, you don’t get charged!

      • thedeciderU

        thanks, will check it out!

  • Kevin Sepulveda

    Lmao at sharknado

  • DragonSilths

    Screw Shadows Of The Eternals, we all want that Sharknado game…(Sarcasm)

  • ETeach

    I must be the only person in the world who doesn’t know the answer to this, but is this game related to Eternal Darkness? It’s gotta be, right?

    • Stephen Macneil

      Yes, it’s the spiritual successor, so not a direct sequel but based on the same gameplay and elements. It’s really cool because they are accepting people’s ideas for enemies and sanity events. It’s only $25 for wii u if you pledge.

  • palomino blue

    I really hope his sanity meter was running low when he started talking about Sharnado the game…

  • Joel Lopezz

    Nintendo wont publish this, entirely anyways… but it might help with their own version. I hope they buy Atlas. Nintendo isn’t greedy or stupid, so they don’t bite off more than they can chew as the other 2 love to do, and end up being buggy as hell. That’s why Im glad I got my WiiU. The “Rough” 1st year some people claim they wasted is Ludacris. They have their services up, console is running beautifully fast, Eshop is building, the Game drought is over, killer games are coming so we good.
    Thing that makes me go psycho, (Even though I understand in war, loose lips sink ships) is that they leave fans salivating sometimes for too long waiting for games. Everyone brags about Ninty’s Cash Vault is the size of Wisconsin, but shit man use it! Nintendo makes magic, but they miss out on too many opportunities. Like EA with BF and Fifa. I know how dirty EA could get I remember the DreamCast(Another “Unprecedented Partnership”) that happened because EA wanted exclusive rights on Sega, to make their sports games. They were like “Bitch we just bought a $10,000,000 Sports DEV company!” How about them? EA as always the asshurt bully of The Block, has to help sink you.
    Will Nintendo buy Atlas? I don’t think so in my opinion, but I sure hope they do. Sega would be cool too because they will support the WiiU, remembering that Nintendo didn’t bail on them… even if it was Nintendo themselves that put out a good old fashioned Ass-whoopin’! lol. I hope though it’s one of them two.

  • Max Roivas


  • I just backed this project. If it gets funded, I receive a good game for 25$, if it fails, I get refunded. Win-Win situation.