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The new Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer trailer has been revealed

The new Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer trailer shows off what to expect from the next Call of Duty game.

Today in Los Angeles, Infinity Ward finally revealed the new Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer component of the game, showing off several new features including soldier customization, the ability to play as a female, more than 30 new guns from rifles to rocket launchers, a new Marksman class, as well as how dogs will work with your squads in the game.

It’s an interesting reveal and the customization aspect is certainly a welcome one, since before players simply played as a specific class instead of feeling like they were personalizing a soldier to call their own.

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  • JBeauregard

    Looked great to me! I worry about the lack of players on the Wii U when the game first comes out, though :(

    • Jared Garcia

      With some months of good games, by holiday there should be stronger numbers than with Black Ops 2. Though Xbox One and PS4 will suffer from low numbers as well. It’s just the market that a full online generation has done.

      • Derk

        Low numbers are always going to exist on the Wii. Why would you buy your favorite game with worse graphics and less content?

    • Jon

      maybe the fact that Wii U is free online may help :P

  • jlsniper

    Alright, I’m definitely pre ordering this for Wii U now. It’s awesome.

  • Morits Lian

    Next generation and new engine, guys!
    No sorry, looks the same as always.

    • dad da

      how long do you think it takes to develop a new engine a lot of developers make it look easy when really theyve been working on it for years

      • Morits Lian

        Ey, it’s just the same engine with tweaks. That does not equal a brand new engine as they said by word it was.
        Also downvoting doesn’t make anyone’s day better <3

        • dad da

          its a upgraded engine

          • Morits Lian

            Still, if it looks the same they did a terrible job, and that IS truth.

  • bizzy gie

    Is this it?

    There was this huge unveil for 3 minutes?

    There has to be more.

    • Morits Lian

      I guess not

      • bizzy gie

        I edited my comment. You might want to change your comment so it doesn’t look out of place.

    • LunarNinja

      It was an hour press conference on XBOX.

    • Ace J

      the actual reveal was longer then 3 min.

      • bizzy gie

        But how much of that hour was actual in-game video?

        • Ace J

          idk..like 4 hours maybe???

    • Shong

      Behind the Scenes video

  • tooby77

    Looked good. My impression was that it looks a little bit like bf series.

  • bizzy gie

    New Eminem song (Survival)! The king of rap comes back this Fall!

    So excited!

    • Ace J

      i know!!! when i first heard the beat drop i was like wtf?? which Em song was this? then they showed a vid message of Em saying that it was from his new album. and that it was the first time being heard by the world

  • Rémi

    look good but no revolution here. I’ll probably get it, since i like playing with my friend. Oh and the online is free :)

  • sdmac200600

    The fish move out your way when you are swimming guys. Something that didn’t totally didn’t happen 17 years ago in Mario 64 :D. This is totally next gen guys :D

    • Rukiafan Rukiachan


      • Nintedward

        lol! I’m still probably going to buy the Wiiu version…. I’m a sucka for games these days I have a chronic addiction.

        W101 , Splinter cell BL, GTA , Pokemon , Sonic lost world , Windwaker HD , Link between worlds , Tropical freeze , Watchdogs , Mario 3D world , a bunch of indie games and maybe even more :/

        about £400 gone…

        Why is gaming so fun!

        • NintendoNoob

          I only buy it to play Multiplayer with my friends and troll the little squeakers

        • NintendoNoob

          The campaign usually sucks

        • thedeciderU

          nice list! i may do the exact same thing this fall! including rayman legends and beyond: two souls (maybe on this one). i don’t have a 3DS though.

      • Aleksander

        dont forget this time the fishes goes away when you swim near them and this time we have a dog :P

    • Derk

      Come on man, don’t hate on one of the only online multiplayer games the Wii U will ever get.

      • sdmac200600

        I’m not hating on it…I’m just pointing out what they said in the past and making fun of it. That does not mean I’m hating on it…Kevin Hart…actually any comedian for that matter make fun of specific people. Does that mean they hate them?

        • Derk

          You’re splitting hairs…. Let me change my comment then…..

          Come on man, stop making fun of the developers that make one of the only online multiplayer games that we will ever see on the Wii U.

          • Andreas Sunde

            Why? They deserve it.

          • Derk

            Because this actually looks like a really great game and the online is more than just miiverse. We don’t scold people for doing a good job.

          • Andreas Sunde

            Doesn’t change the fact that they made a big deal out of 17 years old technology.

          • Srpg2ishere

            Are you talking about FPS’s? Because I have like 5 Wii U games that have online multiplayer…

          • Derk

            All of the online multiplayer games for Wii U are third party just like this one.

            Again I ask, Why would we make fun of one of the only companies that gives us online multiplayer?

          • lonewolf88

            lol and theres alot of online indie games… plus cod is 3rd party too…. lol your comment made no sense.

          • Ty J Sides

            derk it made sense to me, activation and ubisoft for that mater,

            deserve our thanks

          • sdmac200600

            If they weren’t hyping up moving fish because of their “new” engine and just said something that actually was something that we haven’t seen within the past 2 decades, then my comment would have been unnecessary.

          • NintenFan2013

            OH burnnnnnn…

  • Ace J

    Leave a message… I counted a total of 7 new game modes. about damn time they added more then 2 new game modes. i can now justify purchasing this game now

  • http://www.youtube.com/azhood321 AZHood

    All of this won’t amount to anything if Wii U support for COD: Ghosts is the same as Black Ops II, which is abysmal. No DLC, late patches, missing features, etc. Heck, the collector’s edition have been revealed for all platforms EXCEPT Wii U:


    • Decker Shado

      Crud.. I want the camera..

    • TCar

      I don’t get why people sorry about the DLC. What ever happened to buying a complete game? RE4 for the Wii was awesome, you kept playing though and collecting money so that you could afford the rocket launcher with unlimited ammo. Now a days, you don’t get that, you have to pay $5 for that gun after you paid $60 for the game. Don’t get it!

    • Andreas Sunde

      So much for supporting the Wii U…

      • The Clockwork Being

        I’ll believe them on supporting the Wii U fully once Destiny is on the platform.

        • Petri

          Unless Bungie says, its up to publisher, I wouldnt hold them accountable.
          Even though publishers decide these kind of things, if dev’s has no interest on the platform, publisher isn’t alone to blame.

    • jay

      What pisses me off is devs treat Nintendo fans like shit then complain that Nintendo consoles don’t push sales and use that lame excuse to cut support.

      This gen there is NO excuse for multiplats not hitting the Wii U this upcoming gen.

  • Nintendude

    Well, looks like COD is becoming a little bit more like Battlefield.

    • Ty J Sides

      Have you ever actually played Battlefield? because the two are (aside from the fact that they are both FPS) they are NOTHING alike

      • Nintendude

        I never said they were similar. I said that CoD is becoming a little bit more like Battlefield, with being able to destroy the environments and such.

    • Petri

      I would still prefer Battlefield.
      Though 3 was such a F up, that I’m not sold on 4, before I try beta, and even then I might buy it when it hits 50% off.

  • Christopher Acuna

    Looks like Call Of Duty.

  • Johny

    Hmm looks more and more like Battlefield LOL.. haha
    but i gotta say.. it never came to mind before, but i find it kinda neat you can play as a woman… but yeah.. those 14 year olds are gonna abuse the **** out of it -.-

    • Decker Shado

      That’s why I’m getting it on Wii U – no army of 7 – 14 year olds waiting to call me all manner of derogatory terminology.

      • Guest

      • Johny

        a wise decision :) a wise one indeed

    • rhinodude

      yep those pervs. im a guy i should know

  • Smurfman256

    …was this Xbone footage? Because it didn’t look much better than most top-of-the-line current-gen games.

    • sdmac200600

      You can’t expect COD to have good graphics silly lol

    • SuperNardful

      I think it was 360 footage.

  • ezquimacore

    I wouldn’t touch this with a laser pointer…i

    • Ace J

      lol yeah you would

  • Robert Butters

    Call of Doo Doo will never touch my Wii U!

    • OhBoy

      Before this video, this comment would’ve had the opposite effect.
      All Aboard the Hype Train!

  • kevin nun—-

    Mm, who knows, I might buy this for the Holiday since Wii U isn’t getting Battlefield 4, unless, of course, a Metroid FPS next-gen game is announced :P

  • Brandon Betlej

    Haha haters are hilarious. This game looks freakin amazing

  • MetroidZero

    The music SUCKS!

    • Deadpool U

      Don’t know what you’re talking about it was awesome!
      Could’ve had it on my game which would’ve been on Wii U if the guys at Activision listened to me but noo!
      Now I can’t play my own game on my favorite game system bet Spider-Man and Batman are having a great time playing their games on Wii U!

    • sdmac200600

      You aren’t an Eminem and Skylar Grey fan are you?

      • MetroidZero

        You want music? The ’70s &’80s. But I digress.

        • sdmac200600

          I’ll give you that but this is Eminem. He NEVER disappoints which is why I think you aren’t a fan of his at all. Eminem is arguably the the best rapper out right now and we will be treated to another album from him this fall. Plus you can’t really judge the song with all the COD gunshots going on in the background.

    • bizzy gie

      What are you talking about?! Eminem is awesome!

    • Joyous Killer

      Eminem Sucks, but I enjoyed his screaming. It went good with the Video Except for that nasty Girls voice every now and then.

      • bizzy gie

        How does he suck?

        • OhBoy

          Because he’s mainstream.
          If any of you were fans of rap (the real deal) you would be listening to the underground rap, not this pop shit.
          Yes, even Slim Shady is pop compared to the underground standards. He was comedic for a reason, can’t be taken seriously on “eh” movies and roles.

          • bizzy gie

            Mainstream? Drop that hipster BS.

            You’re talking about Recovery and Recovery fans NOT Eminem fans in general.
            You probably think he’s pop because of Not Afraid and Love The Way You Lie

            He’s not pop and his lyrics are unmatched by any rapper and any of the crappy swagfags (Lil Wayne, Waka Flaka, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, T.I., Whiz Kalifa, etc.) you probably listen to.

            Since when does rap have to be “underground” (whatever the f*ck that means) to be good?

            These are the Eminem songs I listen to:

            Like Toy Soldiers

            Yellow Brick Road

            8 Mile

            Cleanin’ Out My Closet

            Going through Changes


            Cinderella Man

            When I’m Gone

            Despicable (Freestyle)



          • OhBoy

            You’re comparing a mediocre rapper, with other shit.
            That’s like comparing a lump of shit to diarrhea covered in blood.

            Rap has been underground since Lil’ Wayne killed rap and so forth. It being underground is where it’s at, and here you are being lectured by a fucken’ metalhead clown about rap.

            Seriously, he’s nothing special, he’s typical at best. I hate those “rappers” you mentioned, since they can’t write and rap. I also love that you accuse me of enjoying those artists, just to prove your pointless cynicism on something that shouldn’t be.

            Calling me a hipster then accusing me of listening to the most popular crap is a contradiction in itself. I listen to old school and underground, because hardship doesn’t come with the concept of pointless wealth and bickering of a middle-class white boy.

            Come back when you know music, and quit saying crap to others who don’t enjoy what you don’t, grow up.

          • bizzy gie

            You stated that Eminem sucks because he’s mainstream.

            That makes you a hipster or a wannabe.

            Clearly you don’t listen to his music.

            In fact, most people who hate Eminem haven’t even heard 5 of his songs.

            He’s an incredible lyricist and has amazing flow.

            I can tell you don’t know anything about Eminem because you think he grew up middle class because he’s white.

            He grew up in a mobile home with a very bad mother. He was poor as dirt.

            It’s in a lot of his songs, but you don’t know that because you hate his songs that you’ve never listened to.

            So I’ll ask again.

            A rapper has to be unknown to be good?

          • OhBoy

            I said he sucks and is mainstream. Are you that much of a Slim Anus bigot that you misread things to prove a point?

            You don’t even know what hipster even is if you don’t know how to probably use the term.

            Do you know the concept of context? You should practice literature before you start talking like a stupid fanboy. Seriously, you are no better than every Sony and Microsoft fanboy when it comes down to your favorite artist (who sucks).

            A story is a story, Who knows? Since we only know his side (also, Tupac grew up educated) and others can create so much. Honestly, his lyrics are meaningless on hardship since it’s over and has had nothing but luxuries once his name was once mentioned.

            A rapper needs to be good, to be good. Eminem just sucks and is popular and which is why he gets titles he doesn’t deserve. He’s average, at best.

            Many underground rappers suck, I’m not making any exceptions.

            Again, grow up, and come back when you know your music rather than know your shit known as M&Ms

          • bizzy gie

            You have blind hate for this artist.

            Listen to Lose Yourself, 8 Mile, Cinderella Man, Til I Collapse, and When I’m Gone.

            If you still don’t like him as an artist, then so be it, but you have to hear a musician’s songs before you can determine you hate them.

        • Joyous Killer

          Personally, I Hate Vile Language. And Basically, his songs are littered with them.

          • bizzy gie

            As every rapper’s is today.

          • Joyous Killer

            Exactly. Long live Rock!

      • sdmac200600

        Evidence? Explanation?

        • Joyous Killer

          If it where just him Rapping, I would be more interesting. The Chick Singing Sucked and took away from the color of the song.

      • Clel


      • OhBoy

        You fans of Eminem are exactly like the fanboys who attack Nintendo.
        He has an opinion, and somehow it doesn’t agree with yours, grow the fuck up.

        • Joyous Killer


  • Skunk

    The game looks fun and I’ll definitely be buying Ghosts, but not for my Wii U.

  • Stephen Davis

    Still doesn’t replace what should have been BF4 on WIIU…nevertheless I will pick it up cause its call of duty. But to be quite honest I have been a battlfield fan since the very first came out on PC. Played every one up till now. Its quite a shame EA is still holding grudge against Nintendo for something so stupid. Argh EA. If we can’t have that, I know Dean Hall is looking at putting DayZ standalone on consoles, perhaps Nintendos WIIU could be one of those.

    • Wolfgem

      What you mean they hold a grudge with Nintendo? o.o

  • Nintendofreak

    i have to admit i’m impressed with the new COD, i actually saw the hour presentation, not just the fish ai thing but its more like a battlefield crossed with COD so its pretty cool might get it down the line

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    The idea of destructible, tangible multiplayer maps is a brilliant feature. Collapsing elevators, buses falling off cliff edges. This feature alone sets it apart from it’s predecessors considerably. BOOBY TRAP TIME!!!

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    I guess the wii u gets crappy support as always with the new call of duty title

  • Clel

    Wow, this game is really innovative and different from its previous installments!

    • Clel

      ~Said no one ever

      • Zombie Boy

        Got to be honest though, if I were to buy a COD for my Wii U it’d be this one. I didn’t bother with BO2 because it was a sequel and I never played the first. But I might buy ONE just to have one!

        • Andreas Sunde

          Honestly, you don’t miss too much by not having played the first. But you could always get the Wii version of the original, since the Wii U is backwards compatible. :3

          • Zombie Boy

            But I want a doggy :O

          • Joyous Killer

            Doggies are so Next-Gen

          • Deadpool U

            The Wii U is next gen.

          • Arthur Jarret

            My old DS is next gen! Woot!… Does that mean my 3DS is future next gen??? It has cats too!

          • Joyous Killer

            Mind Blown

        • Clel

          Agreed! I’m not criticizing the game itself. In fact, it looks pretty good. Heck, I think I might even get it. What I’m saying here is that the gameplay is very, very similar to the previous annual installments.

          • Zombie Boy

            Agreed 100%. That dog is literally the ONLY thing that separates this from every other COD. All other changes are purely cosmetic. But like I said, if I was to get one COD – and really, there’s no point in owning more than one – then I’d get this over BO2.

    • Zombie Boy

      Yes, it has a dog!

  • Petri

    I might get this.
    Though I like slow pace shooters with large maps more, gives more room for tactical approach, though those tend to turn “camp with my sniper” fest.
    Arma 3 has been fine so far (though “hackers” tried to ruin others fun), havent played since beginning of the beta though.
    I like playing as a sniper for time to time, but when its just playing as it for kills, it kinda gets lame.
    My approach has usually been, team first, objective second, kills third.
    But been loving Black Ops 2 with wiimote, so that might just sell this to me.

  • greengecko007

    - More than 30 new guns
    - New marksman class
    - New responsive maps
    - New character customization
    - MORE class customization and creativity
    - New game modes
    - New story

    This game isn’t rehash any more than Mario or Pokemon is, and we know those games aren’t rehash.

    • Andreas Sunde

      Let’s hope the story is more memorable than MW2 and 3, though. Although I doubt it.

      • greengecko007

        Treyarch has always pushed story harder than Infinity Ward. But Inf. comes up with nice additions to gameplay like new game modes.

  • thedeciderU

    looks like cod to me… not that that’s bad.

    • thedeciderU

      have really only played treyarch games. how do infinity ward’s compare? what do you like more about one than the other? i’m actually playing blops 2 mp right now…

      • Andreas Sunde

        The two latest IW games have the best multiplayer modes, co-op missions. Except for that, the story is worse, the split screen multiplayer (I never play online) is fun for a few minutes, but there are no bots, and the game takes itself way too seriously.
        And Treyarch are the ones porting IWs games to Nintendo platforms, for some reason.

        • Andrew Chambers

          Treyarch has a lot of experience on the Wii and Wii U, so it would make sense that Activision would let them port it.

      • Elem187

        Infinity Ward’s support for Nintendo consoles is lacking usually. Treyarch bless their hearts really put in some serious effort patching BLOPS2 on Wii U constantly.

  • SonicLucario

    They actually made it look different! It looks really promising

  • palomino blue

    Nice touch blowing the A off the PAWN sign. Clever.

  • david jarman

    You know what? I’m gonna play it! Along with the wonderful 101,blacklist, wind waker, mario 3ds, donkey kong, batman and sonic!
    I’ll be busy for awhile!!!

    • JBeauregard

      Good idea, I’m with you!

    • NintendoNoob

      We will destroy (And troll) together!!

      • david jarman

        That we will!!! I have my trolling claymores ready!!!

        • NintendoNoob

          and our trolling riot shields!

          • david jarman

            Riot shield+dude in a corner=Not going anywhere for awhile.

  • Martijn Plasmans

    Looks great! Infinity wards Call of Duty’s are better!

    • That_one_guy99

      I personally have always like Treyarch’s games due to the maps and ZOMBIES. Add me my NNID is That_one_guy99.

    • [CMD] DEATH

      It’s a real hard choice for me, so many things I love in both.

    • Elem187

      Treyarch actually spends time on the NIntendo version…. they are very diligent in patching and supporting the various peripherials.
      I can’t say Infinity Ward will work on the Wii Remote Plus aiming at all… Treyarch on the other hand put out at least 5 patches trying to get it just right.

      • Martijn Plasmans

        It’s Infinity Ward who makes the game. Treyarch just customises it to work on the Wii U.

        The same goes for Splinter Cell, Assassins Creed & Watch Dogs. One central Ubisoft studio makes the game. Other Ubisoft studio gets the pieces of developed game and makes it work on Wii U.

        I think they let Treyarch do it because they have experience with making Black ops 2 work on the Wii U (Off-tv etc. )

  • Rugmouse

    I actually don’t envy FPS developers at all. We are all quick to bash FPS because of their lack of innovation, but when you think about it, what can really be done to enhance them?

    To be quite honest, I think Infinity Ward gave it a commendable attempt this time around. From the looks of it, many of the environment elements are destructible, and can be used as ways to defeating your foes. Character customization sounds semi-cool, and it seems the arsenal is quite robust.

    I’ve heard that Black Ops for Wii U was actually rather good apart from the wildly unacceptable lack of DLC support. Looking back on the good old Goldeneye days, I would have LOVED playing against my brother with a dedicated screen – that little bastard screen watched so bad it was ridiculous!

    • Arthur Jarret

      They can innovate… did anyone ever play Geist? Or even Jericho? Not a very good game, but innovative ideas were certainly there. It would also tie in with the title…

      Borderlands was also pretty innovative – so there is still plenty of room to grow.

      EA’s mirrors edge was a shooter that didn’t focus on shooting… it was pretty innovative as well.

      So, they could innovate – but if they did, they wouldn’t gain the gamers that are complaining abou the games (as these fine folk would find something else to complain about), but they would lose part of their existing fanbase.

      • Andrew Chambers

        I’ve been playing the crap out of Mirror’s Edge since it became part of the humble bundle.

  • only god can judge me

    A day one pickup for my Wii u.I’ll be going at it online for free.Can’t complain about no third party support if you are not going to buy the games when it arrives to the Wii u

    • Andrew Chambers

      To think, the only other way to play online for free is get the PS3 or PC version.

  • Lusunup

    I kinda liked it…… Dx put me out of my misery!

  • Erik

    Anybody expect 14 year olds guys play as a girl just for trolling? I bet my life on it that it will happen..

    • Petri

      What trolling would that be?
      Unless “girl” characters are running around in bikinis, or has a enormous rack, most of the time you wont know what you killed.
      Would be pretty dumb, if they dropped helmets to show ponytails.

      But its good female players can finally express themselves, though I know some females still play as male avatars even when they have the choice.

      So in the end, it doesn’t matter, unless you’re trying to find a date on CoD.

      • Erik

        Well.. like a guy will say OH YOU GOT BEAT BY A GIRL!!” but its the matter of time maybe something like that will happen on a few occasions or could be entirely different from what you said. And true.. i would doubt if people will find a date the moment they find a girl playing. I think it would be best in general for girls to play as guy avatars just to play it safe in some ways..

        • Petri

          Does it really matter who beats you?
          I would just reply, “my wife can kick my ass, your ass and most likely anyone’s ass I or you know.”
          But that kind of behavior is pretty retarded, so I would only feel sorry for him/her.

          Yes, that (girls as girls) would be fine for me, Ragnarok Online (kinda) did that.

          But in the end, I’d rather play Bayonetta, than God of War.

          One sad example I heard of (though that was a girl playing as default male avatar) was on DayZ, this guy mugged her (think killed too since wouldn’t cooperate?) and this genius went on her way to find them, and call them sexist and misogynists.

          But in a run and gun FPS game like CoD, you really cant abuse that like in open world and mmo games.

          • Erik

            Eh it doesnt matter to me. I seen that a few times on occasion and i have no clue of whats their goal. Ooooh ill be getting Bayonetta 2 :) Yikes.. that is what we DONT wont in game sometime soon..

    • [CMD] DEATH

      What they should do is if you put Male on your Activision CoD account it only allows you to be a guy or same with a girl, so it makes people not wanna be a girl as muuch unless they are intent on being a girl if they are a guy, I hope kids don’t do that but bet they will, hate that.

      It’s just a thought, of cores they may not make you have a CoD account like most of us CoD players have.

      • Erik

        I would agree on it but i would like it for the game to detect what gender you are based on what you put in the system during the registration process.

    • Elem187

      Well nobody older than 18 will be playing COD, so yeah its a given.

      • Erik

        Well given the fact that 10 year olds will whine so much for it. Wish there some kind of rule or regulation of selling a mature game to younger than 18 if they show grades and reports from teachers and such.

      • sup3rnoah

        I know plenty of people 18 and older who play call of duty. COD sells millions. I agree it’s very similar every year and a lot of young annoying brats. But it’s always fun for me the first few months.

      • Erik

        True but given the fact that 10 year olds will whine and cry about not having it.

  • dad da

    just how i like it where all us nintendo fans can relax and talk to each other with out saying which console is better

    • Andrew Chambers

      You must be new here.

  • Ryushi

    Y’know… Despite the shitty looking campaign, the multiplayer actually looks awesome, the visuals really remind me of Battlefield.

  • Antar Rodríguez

    same old COD just with Dogs and character customization, this wont trick me into buying it again till full support and DLC are comfired for wii u

  • Chris Heskin

    Go Activison! Make EA regret NOT supporting the Wii U!!

    • Petri

      Because of EA’s marvelous unprecedented partnership with Nintendo, Activision will be getting more of my money, EA gets the scraps when their games are at least 50% off on Origin.

      • Clel

        As for me, I’ll be buying their games if they make good games.
        I really don’t care what company makes a game, so long as I can play it and so long as it’s good. If Nintendo makes a crappy game I will not be buying it, and if EA makes another Mass Effect with the same quality as the 2nd one, then I will get it.

        • Petri

          Its not for me either, but for PC, I mostly buy games at discounted price, whether its from origin or steam.

      • Adrian Collins

        I logged on to upvote you

  • Random12multi

    So is this how its going to look like on wiiu? or a littled nurfed for last gen consoles

    • Elem187

      The Wii U is a few times stronger than the previous generation, if they nerf it to look like the ps3/x360 version then thats the limited resources for expect return.
      the Wii U version if it was made for this hardware would at least feature dynamic lighting…. So we will find out when it releases I suppose.

  • Buizy Strudel

    This may be the only cod i will ever buy for a system…

  • Noah Hood

    Finally! The ability to play as a girl in Call of Duty. It sure took them long enough.

    • Elem187

      Yes, all the feminist can rejoice, they can now frag each other!



    I will for sure be getting this one. I thought BOII was good! This makes it look like one of the older ones sadly lol. It’s okay, I still like BOII but maybe now not as much. PLEASE SUPPORT US WII U OWNERS IW!

    • Andrew Chambers

      Treyarch is doing the port. IW never has and never will care about Nintendo game systems.

  • OhBoy

    “This game looks great”
    “OH MG! Best music ever by the best artist ever!”
    “He doesn’t like the game, let’s unlike his comment.”
    Did this page suddenly get filled by Twelve Year olds?

    • springer85

      Says the guy with a goth avatar!!

      • OhBoy

        It’s not goth and kids that age don’t even know what goth is.
        You could’ve honestly done so much better, try to be a bit “edgier” next time.

        • Clel

          What is it actually? Looks somewhat like a Joker cosplay (I’m saying somewhat because I can’t tell to well, due to the lighting)

          • OhBoy

            So anything that slightly resembles a clown is somehow a joker?
            If anything, the Joker is more of a Jester than a clown (White powder, red lining on the lips).

          • Clel

            Forgive me for being uncultured then, but what is it? Sorry if I offended you.

          • OhBoy

            Eh, if the Dark Knight was a failure, no one would bother to make the comparison.

          • Clel

            That’s most likely true. But it wasn’t a failure. But what is it then?

        • Derk

          Actually, 12-15 is when kids start going through the Goth stage. Don’t worry, you’ll grow out of it.

          • OhBoy

            Yeah, in the 90′s.
            Do you even know what goth looks like? Or does the image come out your ass, like everything else?

      • Clel


  • Baum 「ツリー」

    Don’t understand why People are hating THAT much on CoD…of course: they advertise things, that were in other games for years, but – other than that – those games are really fun if you’re playing with the right People ^^

    We should know best, that if something’s good at what it’s doing it needn’t be changed too much, Mario proves that almost every year with just minor changes, and CoD IS an excellent multiplayer game.

    I’ll buy it and I’ll like it, that’s sure. And although many People think the campaigns in CoD games suck I also really enjoyed Blops 2′s Story. :P

    • OhBoy

      BlOps 2 story was pretty racist and based on “Everyone is jealous of our rich whiteness and are a threat due to that jealousy.”
      The one with a good story was CoD 4, the rest is just mediocre writing.

  • Ross Brocklesby

    People who rip COD are stupid. How can you rip a game that sells in millions? Your clearly in a minority! It sells because its great to play with friends. Without it I don’t believe even the ps3 and Xbox would have been as big as they are. It’s a system seller and the wii u is short on these at the min. I think it looks great, I’ve been playing CoD since CoD3 on Xbox.

    • Elem187

      Because it requires zero skill. Auto-assist aiming and spamming machine guns isn’t exactly skill.
      You actually have to dig through the menus to even disable the auto assist aiming…. Thats what makes the game so terrible, it gives a false sense of hope to some really terrible first person shooter players thinking they might be good at the genre, when the computer is doing the majority of the work in the aiming department. You only need to point a gun in the general direction and the bullets find their target.
      That’s pretty lousy. I’ll stick to shooters on PC.

  • WellWisher

    Looks like fun to me. If the reviews are good I’ll pick it up fo sho.

  • springer85

    Eminem’e new song Survival fits this game so awesome!!!
    Had no idea em was a huge COD fan!!!

    • Elem187

      He also makes terrible “music”, so there is that.

  • dbzforwiiu

    am i the only one who wanted this to have more of a bo 2 kindda feal? i would love it if the maps were brighter like express,hijacked,standoff etc. it seems like mw3 all over

  • dbzforwiiu

    am i the only one who wanted this to have a more bo 2 feel? i would love it if in ghosts we had brighter maps like hijacked,express,standoff etc. it seems like mw3 all over

    • sup3rnoah

      That’s because it’s infinity ward. Infinity ward tries for the more realistic war terrain, as treyarch, who makes black ops, make the more brighter and different maps.

  • Hassan

    I’ll be getting this one on the PS4. I got burned last time with no DLC on the WiiU. Thanks but no thanks. Plus I want to play more than TDM and kill confirmed because there’s never enough people in the other lobbies to play anything else.

  • Archiq09

    no free-map pre-order again for wiiu -_-

  • wober2

    How is the wiiu call of duty online community?

    I rented and played through the blops2 campaign with a bit of online mp. I am not much of an online mp guy but every once in a while i get a hankering to play something competitive. The wiiu community entices me because it seems like it is filled with less douches… maybe un-true. I really wish wiiu had battlefield though.

    • Petri

      Well, its smaller, so you’re bound to meet that one douche who bought the Wii U and CoD.
      But most of the people have no microphones.

      Haven’t met any screaming kids yet, so I guess that’s a plus.

      Usually only team deathmatch is the only mode you’re guaranteed to get a match.
      For other modes, I would not hold my breath waiting.

  • Sora Morp

    dogs? female soilders? what is this madness

  • SickPhantom

    LOL I just looked at xboxdaily site and it has a bunch of CoD Ghosts articles… This is probably the only game that will sell xBone, maybe Titanfall since its a great exclusive. They’re getting outsold by Wii U and PS4 this year unless they start to care about making good games.

    I was about to buy PS4 to be my second console (Wii U is the primary of course) but when I saw online subscription I changed my mind, but I still like the console though.

    • Elem187

      I can’t believe people still play the game… It looks identical to the thirty billion previous entries.
      I appreciate trying to change the series, but dogs? Come on… why not give these soldiers a cat suit and they can follow Mario to a flag pole

  • tomtank91

    Is there a website where I can pre order COD that’s not Amazon UK because there price is £55 which is just ridiculous.

  • Elem187

    Never said they did a good job, I said they supported it.
    I had it since launch and they are the only third party developer that actually releases patches for their games… EA, Ubisoft and WB are MIA when it comes to patching their shotty work.

  • Andrew Chambers

    Oh really? So Treyarch ported all the other CoD games to the Wii (look it up if you don’t believe me) but they wouldn’t port this one? I guess that means that the PR at Treyarch were lying.